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‘Black Gold’ Star Arrested For Alleged DWI, Hit-And-Run

Black Gold Star DWI Hit And Run

Midland, TX – Black Gold star Brandon Leigh Watson was arrested after allegedly driving under the influence.

The oil field worker and reality television star reportedly crashed his car into several vehicles on March 27. Authorities believe the 31-year-old driller was intoxicated at the time the accidents occurred. Officers said Watson was uncooperative with police.

The Black Gold star was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and failing to give notice after hitting a parked vehicle. He was later released on $1,500 bond.

In addition to being intoxicated while allegedly piloting his vehicle recklessly through Midland, Texas, Watson told officers at the scene that he had been taking the drug Xanax. He is believed to have caused around $200 in damages to several parked cars.

Unfortunately for Watson, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of driving while drunk. Reports indicate that he has been arrested for the driving while intoxicated in the past.

According to the truTV website for the reality series, the Black Gold star has attempted to get his life back in order after previously being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The driller’s biography reads:

“He does three things well in his life: roughnecking, drinking and fighting — but not always in that order. This year, Brandon has cut back on drinking and he’s trying to clear up his problems with the law. Brandon says that he must complete community service as part of his probation — but all those hours are hard to balance with his responsibilities on the rig.”

Black Gold Star Arrested For Hit-And-Run In Texas

If Brandon Leigh Watson is convicted of the charges, then he could spend some time in prison for the crimes. Although the AP reached out to the reality show star and oil field driller for comment, he has yet to respond to the charges as of this writing.

Black Gold is currently in its sixth season on truTV. New episodes are slated to begin airing later this year.

Are you a fan of Black Gold? What do you think about one of the show’s stars getting arrested for allegedly driving under the influence?

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5 Responses to “‘Black Gold’ Star Arrested For Alleged DWI, Hit-And-Run”

  1. Joel Johnson

    This is not a show I watch, but have had the occasion to tune in once or twice when nothing else was on. Nevertheless, this doesn't surprise me whatsoever. This guy has a real anger issue. He is a bomb waiting to explode. He was previously arrested for assault and battery stemming from an incident where he severely injured another cast member. I watched the episode where he had to attend court for that charge which was ultimately dropped with no explanation given to viewers as to why. Not if, but when this guy hurts someone else it very well may end up being a homicide in which he will at a minimum spend the rest of his life in prison. I caution him to consider the State in which he lives. While some States are abolishing the death penalty, Texas is installing an express lane…

  2. Candida Laney

    That dude is f—ing dipshit!!! All he knows how to do is run his mouth. I can tell you that he wouldn't of lasted as long as he did on our rig. The man belongs in prison with all tho other so-called tough guys, I would be embarrassed to be working next to him. Enjoy the good life behind bars Brandon. You and Cheston can continue your bromance thru love letters. DIPSHIT!

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