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Vegan Flips Out Over Restaurant Bill After Bringing His Own Pasta

Vegan Flips Out Over Bill After Bringing His Own Pasta

Marlboro, NJ – A vegan flipped out after he and his partner were charged the full price in a restaruant – despite bringing their own pasta.

This tale of middle-class woe truly began last year, when Jack and Toby Litsky both turned 50. The couple decided to go vegan, cutting out meat, dairy, and fat in a bid to cut their cholesterol and lose weight.

This worked well, though eating out proved tricky, with Jack noticing that some restaurants (despite their menus saying otherwise) didn’t actually use vegan-friendly, wholegrain pasta. To overcome this, Jack would take his own dried pasta to restaurants and receive a discount in return. Thus, Litsky says their meals would typically cost $12.

One of the couple’s favorite haunts was Monticello restaurant in NJ, an establishment that was happy to offer the aforementioned discount. Yet when Jack and Toby headed to Monticello with their 100% wholegrain pasta over the weekend, they were charged the full price of $24 and weren’t allowed to use a $50 coupon.

Cue vegan outrage. Jack immediately stormed to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, which promptly wrote a 1,300-word story about Litsky’s experience, complete with a solemn-looking Jack clutching his pasta. Speaking to Star-Ledger reporter Karin Price Mueller, the out-of-pocket vegan said:

“[The owner] said, ‘You come here on a Saturday night and order a custom meal. I have to charge you extra.’ I said, ‘But you’ve already set the precedent where you charged me a lot less than that on several occasions,’ and she said that was the old manager’s decision and this was the new price.”

The police were later called, and threatened to arrest Litsky for “theft of services,” prompting the disgruntled vegan to settle his bill. The restaurant has since refunded the $12.

While a precedent of giving discounts was set here (though this is also disputed by the Monticello management), it’s kind of difficult to feel sympathy with Litsky when you see the instruction card he handed the waitress. Littered with instructions for “Extra Extra Extra” ingredients, I’m not massively surprised the owner decided to charge the full price.

Do you think Jack deserved a discount in this situation?

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57 Responses to “Vegan Flips Out Over Restaurant Bill After Bringing His Own Pasta”

  1. Paula Lovell

    You go to a restaurant to eat professionally prepared food. The cost of the ingredients is nominal. No discount, no refund.

  2. Kristi MacLellan

    Exactly! He must of forgot about the expenses related to the services ( waitstaff, bartender, busboy, dishwasher, hostess, cooks) along with management, owner, rent, utilities

  3. Michael Butler

    I don't let customers bring their own ingredients to my restaurant. If something they brought was tainted, I would be liable for their sickness. A restaurant isn't your own private chef. Go where you want something the place makes, or don't go there.

  4. Wovoka Trudell

    Stay home and cook it yourself, if that's the issue. I wouldn't have given him any refund, whatsoever. In fact, I never would've allowed them to bring their own pasta/ingredients in the first place.

  5. Suruchi Bhatia

    dont go to places that dont cater to your diet. i dont eat beef so i dont go to steakhouses. brains people. brains.

  6. Suruchi Bhatia

    dont go to places that dont cater to your diet. i dont eat beef so i dont go to steakhouses. brains people. brains.

  7. Bryce Hutchens

    Yea….I wouldn't have given him shit, either. Fuck you, I already did you a HUGE favor and cooked your own stupid fucking vegan pasta.

  8. Brian Hard

    wow, just wow. I don't even know where to start… first, wholegrain has absolutely ZERO to do with "vegan". liike michael butler said, you cant bring, personal, outside products into a commercial kitchen, it has to come from a reputable distributor. if they had brought their own pasta, a bad batch or spiked with something, the chef that cooks it is liable. if youre going to be a pain in the ass eat at home.

  9. Luke J Samstad

    Nope don't expect to get more for less if you want something more or different then what they have or are doing then stay home! This is a showing of the spoiled! Would you walk in to a 4 or 5 star restaurant and tell the chief how to cook or what to use hell no. That's why you go to a restaurant so they make it for you! If I was to bring in things from my house to my job where to cook and anyone was to get sick or something happen for any reason. Someone getting sick or anything like that its my problem and that person could and I bet would try to sue me or get something from me! Hell no grow up person and eat at home or don't go out on a saturday night and expect more then what they are already doing! People like this are the reason that all these stupid and crazy laws that are getting passed I would tell that person if they walked in to my establishment to leave and quit insulting my cooking ability!

  10. Tamara Yeldell

    no, stay home and cook your own meals. when you go to a restaurant you eat what they offer…period. who comes to a restaurant with a list of wants and expects it to happen? who does he think he is?

  11. Josue Griego

    Cook your meal at home just the way you like it.Restaurant is not responsible for your eating choices. Work, time and effort goes into preparation of your meal. Be glad you were reimbursed this time.

  12. Joseph Querry

    If the pasta is made in house,then it probably has eggs,which isnt vegan.

  13. Joseph Querry

    How would asking you to cook wholewheat pasta,instead of white pasta be insulting your cooking ability???
    I agree he should not be asking,but thats not insulting your ability.

  14. Kimberly Greer-Nichols

    Why even bother going out to eat if you have to bring your own food? I don't feel sorry for these two, what idiots. I don't know of any restaurants that would allow "outside" food to be brought into a restaurant, (other than baby food), and it should be full price for anything ordered off the menu just to deal with your pain in the ass requests… idiots..

  15. Daniel Donaldson

    How can you tell if someone is a vegan?
    Just wait 3.2 seconds and they'll tell you.

  16. Daniel Donaldson

    How can you tell if someone is a vegan?
    Just wait 3.2 seconds and they'll tell you.

  17. William Johnson

    and he'd probably want something else up his arse too

  18. Lynn Filippone Littizzio

    I think you really hit the nail on the head by pointing out that this is "your eating CHOICES." We aren't talking about someone who has a nut allergy that can die if they accidentally ingest nuts. It's great to want to eat healthier, but people need to stop with this stupid sense of entitlement. Unless it's your mommy's restaurant, you can't expect to show up on the busiest night of the week and get special treatment. Eat an egg every now and then, it's probably healthier than all the gluten in the pasta anyhow.

  19. Tango E Green

    I too am a vegetarian and I do go restaurants with limited menus for me because of my non-vegetarian family and friends. I then scan the menu for something to eat, sometimes I am just left getting a salad. I also have an anaphylaxis reaction to sunflower oil, so I have to make sure it is not in my food. Family owned restaurants will work with me. I agree with Wovoka, it also sounded like they just didn't trust the restaurant with it's own vegan pasta. Don't go there if you don't trust them, and don't be so narrow minded that you don't see the issues and liability of bringing your own food in for preparation. Of course, the ran to the media. I hope they are banned from going back.

  20. Kapua Kahumoku

    No he didn't deserve a discount. I love how people feel that others need to accomodate their different diet needs. The fact that he thought it was "always" going to happen is presumptuious on his part. If you are going to be so picky about what you eat at a public facility then make it at home! Especially if you are going to add "EXTRA" everything and change things up. Give me a break! This guy brought food into a restuarant? I mean where's the health code violation in that?

  21. Sasha Washington

    Jack and Toby eh? Looks like they just wanted 15 seconds of attention. Life at home must be mighty boring. People spend so much time trying to "make" others conform and do what they want despite what's logical. I agree with Michael Butler. No one should be allowed to bring their own ingredients into a restaurant.

  22. Kathleen O'Donnell Grone

    If he wanted a vegan meal he should have gone to a vegan restaurant and as someone who has worked in food service I know what it's like when it is busy and customers ask for special services also if you want "extra, extra, extra" ingredients you should be expected to pay for them.

  23. Lorie Franklyn

    I agree with Michael Butler. These people are creeps, they bring their own food, expect restaurant staff to cook it per instructions with "extra" everything, have it served, and then demand a discount? Sorry – it costs money to cook the food, and they expect to be catered to. If you are that cheap, stay home.

  24. Lorie Franklyn

    Well, considering they chose veganism and it's not an allergy issue, they either need to face the fact that a little bit of egg won't kill them, and eat the house pasta. Or choose something from the menu that they can eat. But no – they got all righteous because a restaurant charged them full price, and the ran to the media. Newsflash – cheapskate vegans refused discount and forced to pay full price!

  25. Bill Pearn

    sounds like the guy is a cheap S.O.B I see shit like this all the time people wanting to buy their own material for jobs. I steer clear of that. if they are that cheap its not worth the head aches to work for them.

  26. Ann Armstrong-O'Donnell

    Love vegetable and they are expensive,

  27. Kathleen O'Donnell Grone

    I agree and to demand extra and expect not to pay is not right. But these guys were demanding "extra, extra, extra" of three of four then wanting their food prepped in a special way.

  28. Candace Wellman

    Huh? All restaurants here expect people to have some individual things they need taken care of. For me, it's no cheese on anything, as little fat as possible for omelets or grilled onions. Last night I had a hamburger, hold the fries, substitute salad w/o cheese, and no mayo on the burger. Chef came out to see if I wanted white or red onions grilled as a sub. We don't bring our own pasta though. A place here that tells you to eat everything as it is on the menu goes out of business fast.

  29. Betty Roberts

    hell discount. And who in their right mind takes unprepared food to a restaurant to be cooked? This guy is a fruitcake. MMM. maybe I should take my own steak next time. lol.. and I am shocked the last manager agreed to this.

  30. Ken Fine

    Does anybody smell a lawsuit coming? The restaurant is clearly anti-gay, anti-vegan, and anti-custom meals.

  31. Nic Rosenau

    I think the author of this article missed the point of the outrage in his/her shock over the very bizarre previously established arrangement. It seems they had a longstanding and established agreement with the restaurant management, and new management decided to change that — a right new management had BUT new management also had at least an ethical obligation and possibly a legal obligation to inform them of the price change when the custom order was placed. I think I would "flip out" if my restaurant bill was suddenly double what it used to be, especially if there was no way for me to know beforehand of the price change. I also think most everyone else would, too. We can question why old management agreed to the arrangement, and we can support new management in choosing to make some reasonable and long overdue changes to that arrangement, but new management definitely takes a big ethical and possibly legal hit for failing to make a significant price hike known to the customers before they placed their order.

  32. Steven Brandt

    If Jack Litsky is telling the truth, the following are also true:
    –The Litskys have successfully received a discount from bringing their own pasta to that restaurant on only two occasions.
    –They were given a discount spontaneously by the restaurant on those occasions, even though the Litskys themselves never requested a discount.
    –The discount usually amounts to about $3, though in this case the Litskys expeced a discount of $12.
    –There are 50 or 60 other restaurants in the area that also allow the Litskys to bring their own pasta and offer a sizeable discount when they do.
    –The owner lied when she claimed that she offered to discount the pasta dishes if the Litskys would agree not to use their coupon.
    –American Express received Jack Litsky's request to dispute $12 of the credit card charge, but mistakenly disputed the entire charge instead.

    I don't think I can expect the restaurant to honor whatever precedent Jack Litsky believes has been set, because Jack Litsky believes some crazy stuff.

  33. Nic Rosenau

    I think this article is an excellent example of the "scandalization" of news. If you read the original article from New Jersey Star Ledger, you'll see that it's more of a misunderstanding resulting from poor communication between otherwise reasonable and rational people. Nothing shocking happened. The couple rightly assumed that they would be charged as they had in the past and the restaurant right assumed they could charge extra for a custom meal. What the restaurant failed to do was inform their customers of that extra charge beforehand. That leaves them culpable and is undoubtably why management refunded the money once the credit card company got involved.

  34. Tamara Yeldell

    there is a difference Candace of asking to hold the cheese and bringing your own food into a restaurant for them to cook. that is dangerous. the chef doesnt know where the food has been, if it has chemical or anything…so yeah there is a difference.

  35. Barb Londerville

    I too am a vegetarian. It is difficult to eat in restaurants, but I do because I go with friends. I usually can find a salad. I do find that many restaurants are beginning to have more items for us vegetarians. I have no sympathy for someone who brings their own ingredients and the instructions on how to cook it. It must have been a nightmare for the kitchen staff. And the possible liability issues——.

  36. Christopher Patrick MacMillan

    #1 had this been the first time I could see where they may disagree regarding the price; however the Restaurant set precedence by offer the discount multiple times in the past. #2 when eating anywhere a dozen times I would still ask exactly that question discount still right? EVERYTIME I GO I WOULD ASK. NEVER ASSUME WITH ANYONE.

  37. Christopher Patrick MacMillan

    unfortunately Restaurants have or make it a habit of SAYING something is ok has no meat; no egg, this or that and when it does and someone has a reaction they don't want to be held accountable. I purchased salads for a friend who is allergic to eggs; We ordered Honey Mustard Dressing from Subway; We Asked does this have eggs or egg product THEY SAID NO; NO EGGS; NOW TYPICALLY HONEY MUSTARD DOES NOT HAVE EGGS; unless the dressing is made with mayonnaise; it was she nearly died; I personally drove her to the hospital; THEY DENIED SAYING THE DRESSING HAD EGGS AND TRIED TO BLAME ME. PLACES LIE EVERY SINGLE DAY INDEED STAYING HOME WOULD HAVE BEEN CHEAPER THEN DEALING WITH A SUBWAY FRANCHISE OWNER WHO ENGLISH IS NOT THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE

  38. Christopher Patrick MacMillan

    AS A VEGAN MYSELF; if I sued every restaurant that lied to me about what was in something; I would sue every single place THEY ALL LIE; NO JOKE OR GENERALIZATION AT ALL

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