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‘BioShock Infinite’ Ending Explained [Spoilers]

'BioShock Infinite' ending explained

Bioshock Infinite‘s ending has been explained, and to do so leads to spoilers. If you don’t want the game spoiled, do not read on.

Booker DeWitt may not realize it from the start, but he is actually part of BioShock Infinite‘s mind-bending plot twist, and Elizabeth is part of a decision he made.

BioShock Infinite is based on the theory of quantum mechanics. To truly understand quantum mechanics may take a bit of heavy thinking, but here’s a simple way of putting it: Every decision you make creates an alternate reality in which the opposite decision was made, so in theory, there are potentially millions of alternate realities based on little more than your own choices.

BioShock Infinite is based on what Rosalind Retuce and her “brother” Robert call a thought experiment. They bring Booker DeWitt to the lighthouse and thus the experiment begins. Booker DeWitt’s major decision was the baptism at the beginning, which he refused at first. He was supposed to accept it, and the game began its dimension-hopping consequences from there. The fact of the matter is that Rosalind and Robert are the same person from alternate realities.

Rosalind and Robert are actually walking plot devices, and as the game comes to a conclusion, you will notice that they are there to prove that you’re stuck in an alternate reality and chance is not an option. A key moment in the game is the coin toss. Booker DeWitt cannot flip the coin and make it land on “tails.”

In the end, you have a moment where Elizabeth confronts you from all of her alternate realities, as she is the only one, due to a pinky-severing incident, who can travel between realities. The goal is to eliminate Comstock by agreeing to the baptism. Comstock is the guy who kidnaps Booker DeWitt’s daughter Anna, and might actually be you in the future. As a result of the baptism, every instance of Elizabeth vanishes.

At the very end, we see what appears to be Elizabeth wandering the halls of Rapture, giving the ultimate impression that the first game was actually just a result of the ending of BioShock Infinite.

What do you think the ending of BioShock Infinite means?

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24 Responses to “‘BioShock Infinite’ Ending Explained [Spoilers]”

  1. Luciano Frias-Andrade

    TO AUTHOR: You have misunderstood the ending. In addition, your grammar is off. Thanks for the attempt, but I suggest you read other explanations.

  2. Marylee Jeria

    I thought accepting the baptism = comstock (religious fanatic) and not accepting leads to booker. in the end he didn't accept baptism, he drowned, no?

  3. Brandon Sweeney

    I reckon the very last scene shows the "perfect" scenario of Booker's choice. A scenario where not only is he "Booker" but he also still has his daughter, Anna.

  4. Damon Baker

    I took the ending to mean the same that you get throughout the game. That choice is an illusion. The choices you make in the game don't really effect the ending at all. Meaning that you can do anything you want to try and change the future, but in one of the universes, fate plays out to its true ending.

  5. Luciano Frias-Andrade

    That's right, Marylee. Baptism did lead to Comstock. However, the Elizabeths' drowned Booker BEFORE he made the decision to accept/ not accept. She had to kill Booker before any decision was made, because according to quantum physics, if she killed him after, there would always be a future where Comstock did exist. in effect, she destroyed all possible versions of Booker in all universes.
    Unfortunately, in destroying all Comstocks, she also destroyed any possibility of herself existing, as finger-cut-off Elizabeth was created by Comstock, when he kidnapped her through the portal. This is why Elizabeth disappears from existence at the end.
    The secret ending, after the credits, can be explained as coming from a universe where Booker never decided to go to the baptism in the first place and he stayed at home. Hence Booker kept Anna and Elizabeth never existed.
    it should also be noted that Elizabeth and Booker can use the genetic locks in Rapture, which means that Comstock, Elizabeth and Booker are all related to Andrew Ryan from the original Bioshock. As a result, the underwater city of Rapture is actually a parallel universe version of flying Columbia!!

  6. Cody Hull

    I take that last little glimpse of the game as hime either waking up from a nasty dream and that the whole bioshock universe was just a bad dream…(not likely) or a base line event that allows for a cray amount of alternate realties for DLC opportunity…….OR PERHAPS…that the last glimpse of the game is answered in the title of the game it self….The game is Bioshock infinite and that ast glimpse left an infinite amount of possible out comes for that last scene.

  7. Brad LeBlanc

    In the end Comstock is destroyed by Elizabeth drowning booker/Comstock. This loop closes but the normal booker Dewitt is very much alive. The only way to destroy that past is to kill booker at his birth. By killing Comstock/ Booker, Elizabeth ceases to exist but Anna is very much alive and so is pre baptism booker and that's what we see on the secret ending. A fresh more positive loop where booker has his little girl.

  8. Tyler Casey

    Isn't Elizabeth killing him a choice as well? So wouldn't there be alternate universes where she didn't kill him, meaning he still made a decision?

  9. Brad LeBlanc

    there would be! but they are only showing the ending of this loop otherwise it would never end. that why the game is called infinite.

  10. Austin Marks

    Don't know if anyone else noticed this but I thought this was a really neat tidbit, When you play Bioshock and you can't afford something from the Circus of Values, the machine says "Come back when you get some money, buddy!" and in Bioshock infinite, the machine says "Return when you aquire some currency, fellow!" or something close to it. Pretty sure the voices of the machines are the exact same too.

  11. Brian Allison Jr

    When did this "At the very end, we see what appears to be Elizabeth wandering the halls of Rapture, giving the ultimate impression that the first game was actually just a result of the ending of BioShock Infinite." Happen? the only time I saw her in rapture was when I was there with her.

  12. Bryan Ramos

    Very well explained, though she did not wipe away all possible versions of booker, just all of them stemming from that one decision, which includes the emergence of comstock and herself (w/ time travel ability). There are still infinite versions of booker branching out from all possible decisions made up until that point, some that may still yield similar comstock-like entities, for the potential is still within him, as it is in all of us. Some where Elizabeth is never born at all. You could also say that all of Elizabeths decisions, including drowning her father, also spawned alternate realities in which she chose not to, though you could argue that she is immune to this as she could move freely through time (travel linearly within an infinitely expansive construct). This also begs a question concerning the fate of other sentient minds within those "collapsed realities". Do they also cease to be? Does their existence hinge on the choice of one person, or perhaps they are merely temporal iterations that arise from a singular perception of time. This shows how truly powerful Elizabeths ability was, which is why the Luteces chose to attempt an erasure of her loop, via the transfer of booker to comstocks reality, in the first place. This brings to mind the discussion between the two copies (Doctors), where the brother wanted to resolve the anomaly, and the sister found it pointless, for it will simply manifest again for all eternity (albeit different circumstances). Sigh…I could go on forever haha. Such a deep and wonderful game.

  13. Simon Mc Dougall

    At the end the man ask what shall he be call and I thought please pick Andrew Ryan and that would be mind blowing. Who think they should made that ending. When I was back in rapture I was so happy. I really miss that place.

  14. Jag Anthony

    Remember that Elizabeth has the power to go through different dimensions. A choice is something you make on your own which might be the reason the other Elizabeths were there. to make sure she chose the same thing they chose and all elizabeths chose as one. Just like how they spoke as one at the end by saying "smother".

  15. Brad LeBlanc

    Theoretical physics is fun. So as a choice is made an equal and opposite choice is also being created. Does Elizabeth have the power to control that and persuade that other Elizabeth that fast?

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