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Man Sues Cat Owner Who May Also Be His Wife For $100K

man sues cat owner 2013

A man is suing a cat owner in the Chicago suburbs after a house cat attack, seeking $100,000 in the suit — but the complainant may very likely also be married to the woman he is suing, or was at one point.

The man is suing cat owner Christine Bobak Baxter, of Homer Glen. Complainant William Baxter was allegedly cat sitting or housesitting when he was “viciously” attacked by the cat in question, a cat allegedly known to have attacked before.

William Baxter allegedly sustained a bite to his ring finger as well as scratches to his arm when the feline “viciously attacked, bit and clawed” him in April of 2011, prompting him to file the six-figure lawsuit.

But local news sources spotted an interesting connection between the man suing the cat owner and the woman being sued on Facebook — the Chicago Sun-Times writes:

“A Facebook profile for a Billy Baxter, of Homer Glen, indicates he is married to a Christine ‘Bobak’ Baxter, of Homer Glen. But it was uncertain whether the Baxter and Bobak involved in the lawsuit are that couple or whether they are married.”

Michael Shammas, an attorney for the man suing the cat owner to whom he may also be married, dodged questions about the pair’s possible matrimonial connection when asked about the finding. Shammas said:

“That’s not something I really want to get into and talk about … I’d rather keep it in the courthouse.”

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Neither Bobak nor Baxter would comment on the case or their relationship with one another prior to the vicious cat attack when contacted by press late last week.

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22 Responses to “Man Sues Cat Owner Who May Also Be His Wife For $100K”

  1. Jo DeJournette

    Doesn't surprise me. He may be forced to sue her to access the homeowneer's insurance coverage. Not an uncommon fact in auto accidents.

  2. Cher Fazio

    He also has something posted about someone else they know killing a cat. The whole thing is very strang and yes…probably a scam.

  3. Frank Klepeiss

    $100.000.00 for a nip on the finger and a scratch………WOW………How would you like to have this guy working for you?

  4. Mary Finn

    He sued his own wife? That's some cat. Not only did it viciously attack, it cut him off in the bedroom too. No P-$$y for you.

  5. Thomas Kavenaugh

    My old cat chases medium sized dogs. Totally freaks them out. Couple weeks ago I Told a guy walking his dog to watch out for the cat who was in the grass near the sidewalk. He just laughed until "Mouse" scrunched down and started walking towards his dog. He grew up with a big dog in the house.

  6. Baron Von Poogle

    what did he do to the cat to make it attack him?

  7. Janice Knapp Pielert

    Maybe the cat didn't like him. Maybe he didn't like cats and the cat could sense it. In any event, sounds like Mr. Baxter came out on the losing end of that brawl. The judge will probably laugh his case right out of the courtroom.

  8. Tango E Green

    I am sure he will also file a long term disability claim as he suffered emotionally and can no longer work. This is a scam all the way around. I want to see a photo of this pussy, I mean the plaintiff.

  9. Anita D. Cruz

    i dont think u can sue ur homeowner's insurance, i think that HOI is for other people who get injured in ur own home,and not the homeowner's itself-otherwise there will be lots of frauds.

  10. Cheri Miller

    Trust me, I've had cats for many years and if he had been "viciously attacked, bit(sic) and clawed", he would have had more than a bite on his ring finger and scratches on his arm. If he was viciously attacked like he claimed, he'd be in a hospital somewhere.

  11. Shawon Mamun

    I just saw this sick video on YouTube and it's received already 1,539,922 views in the last 5 days. Did you see this site,

  12. Linda Hall

    It makes more sense if they are in fact married or in a relationship……..question: is he in suing her personally OR is he actually suing her homeowners insurance and they both hope to profit?

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