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Omarosa Fired By Donald Trump [Video]


Omarosa, you’re fired.

The reality TV star got the axe from Donald Trump last night on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Omarosa was fired after her team, led by Lil’ Jon, only managed to earn $175,000 from selling artwork. That might sound like a lot by Lisa Rinna’s team made about $50,000 more.

Omarosa tried to place the blame on team leader Lil’ Jon but Trump, as well as Piers Morgan, weren’t buying it.

Morgan, fed up with the reality star’s excuses, said: “You’re not a celebrity and you don’t have star power.”

Trump was a bit more kind.

Trump, who has now fired Omarosa three times, said: “I adore you … We’ve had tremendous success together. You helped make The Apprentice. You helped to make me a star. But Omarosa, you’re fired.”

Dennis Rodman was also on the chopping block last night but the NBA star, and current BFF to Kim Jong Un, managed to live another day.

Claudia Jordan, Dee Snider, Bret Michaels and LaToya Jackson have already been fired this season. Lil Jon, Lisa Rinna, Dennis Rodman, Garey Busey, Trace Adkins, Penn Jillette, Brande Roderick, Marilu Henner and Stephen Baldwin are still on the show.

Here’s the video from The Celebrity Apprentice.

Are you glad that Omarosa got fired last night?

Omarosa rose to fame after she starred on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2004. She didn’t win that year but she did manage to turn her fifteen minutes of fame into a career. Since then, Omarosa has starred on several other reality shows and a couple of soap operas.

The reality show star said: “I went from being anonymous to being famous overnight. I did 10 reality shows in one year. I did a stint on soap operas, and I did a couple of scripted shows. I remember a lot of titles being put on me at the time, they called me the greatest reality TV villain of all time … It didn’t define who I was. I was always bigger than my reality TV character.”

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7 Responses to “Omarosa Fired By Donald Trump [Video]”

  1. Shannon Collier

    Omarosa is just a bad imitation of Star Jones, and Star Jones is a horrible excuse for a human. Why Trump keeps her around must mean she does a lot of her work on her knees. I'm sick of useless bimbos bytches being touted as strong women.

  2. Sean French

    "You are not a celebrity." Piers Morgan to the little o.

  3. Ken Hoffy

    Thanks yahoo news for making your title "Omarosa fired" as I had recorded it and not seen it till today….uhm it's called spoiler alert. I swear, they have the worst news reporters on yahoo, always getting details wrong, misspelling articles, spoil shows for ppl, facts never right….sigh.

  4. Maryann Felice

    I don't know how she is "in real life", but I wouldn't want to be her for anything if this is her typical behavior. She may be very intelligent and resourceful, but I wouldn't be proud of that behavior. Omarosa's bark IS as bad as her bite. I do feel badly for the loss in her personal life. No joke; this woman needs help.

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