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Joan Rivers Blames NBC Executives For ‘Today’ Show Troubles [Video]

Joan Blames Discuss Today Show

Joan Rivers have pointed the finger of blame at NBC executives for the drama taking place behind-the-scenes at Today.

Although many people have taken issue with Matt Lauer over the past several months, the opinionated comedienne said the host isn’t to blame for the show’s recent troubles. Rivers believes NBC executives are the root of the problem.

“It’s run by a lot of white men that went to Ivy League school and didn’t keep up with the times. You can’t sit on your laurels,” Joan Rivers told the folks at HuffPost Live.

Although the Fashion Police host believes that NBC should accept the blame for troubles at Today, she also had a few choice words for Ann Curry. NBC executives might be sitting on their laurels, but Rivers feels Curry was just boring.

“First of all, Ann Curry, with all due respect [makes snoring sound],” Rivers joked.

She followed up her critique of Curry’s performance by doing an impersonation of her interviewing technique.

“Do you really like coffee? Really? That’s making me cry that you like coffee,” the comedienne said.

She added, “I used to scream at the set, ‘Shut up, b****!’ But she’s a very nice woman, and I’ve heard Matt Lauer is a toughie.”

Joan Rivers also said that she thought it was wrong that Matt Lauer was getting blamed for the drama behind-the-scenes at the morning show. She called recent criticism of the host “unfair.”

Matt Lauer had a pretty rough go of it last week. In addition to facing rumors that Anderson Cooper could replace him on Today at some point in the future, the host also had to address reports that he “wasn’t very nice” to an intern years ago.

The week rounded out with a rumor that Savannah Guthrie flipped off Matt Lauer during a segment about vacuums. When Lauer suggested that Guthrie didn’t know how to use one, she allegedly gave him the middle finger. However, it was later proved to be her index finger.

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22 Responses to “Joan Rivers Blames NBC Executives For ‘Today’ Show Troubles [Video]”

  1. Foster Glorch

    A woman with a messed up plastic surgery face like that should'nt say anything about anybody's looks.

  2. Michael Jones

    Who is the blame for her concrete face? She should be the last to talk about anyones looks.

  3. George Balthaser

    Would she have made the white man comment if she weren't talking to a black man? Doubt like hell.

  4. Charlotte Shirley

    I ued to watch today and it is not the people up front that need help it is whoever picks the news and stories that need help and I am tired of hearing geni wolfs being pregnant -how's did she get that way and I never could stand her.

  5. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    I am not a fan of Rivers at all. But, I have to agree with her here. First NBC put O'brien on the tonight show and it was a miserable failure. Now they are contemplating replacing Jay with Jimmy Fallon, who I happen to like. I would like to see Jimmy replace Jay when he retires of his own free will. NBC is a poorly run network. Their lesson should have been learned when O'Brien tried to take over the Tonight Show and was a dismal failure. Now it is a war of words between Jay and NBC. You would think they learned their lesson. If Jay is forced to retire early he will be picked up by Fox where he will beat all competition. I find it amusing that NBC is owned by GE whose's CEO is Jefffrey Immelt, one of Obama's right hand men who has all but destroyed GE by moving 90% of its jobs to China. Did you know there are no GE appliances made in the USA anymore?

  6. Ron Bartley

    Joan speaks her mind. There's nothing wrong with that. She pulled herself up out of the poor house.. where her deceased husband put her on her own with her comedy and jewelry line. Talking trash on people is her brand of humor. Don't like it? Don't watch her!

  7. Michael Jones

    Did you know comcast owns nbc not ge, ge sold ot to comcast

  8. Earl Van Winkle

    And everyone talks about bullying and try to teach our children better. And here an 80 year old woman with a plastic face is always bullying people on t.v. And Ithink it is one of the worse things I have ever seen or heard. And Adele is very beautiful in the face and born that way, and just had a baby too. And Melissa and Joan are very unattractive women and they are not fat. But Iam not making fun of them. Like Joan does everyone. But both women do not have pretty faces or figure. And the way Joan bullys everyone makes her more unattractive than she is.Beautiful people are not always good people , but good people are always Beautiful. And Beauty fades but a good heart last a lifetime. And that is not comedy to hurt people. And there is Melissa Mccarthy and she is a heavy girl with a beautiful face and talented in acting like Adele is in singing. And both have Husbands and children. And fantastic careers. That is more than Joan or Melissa have. And lots of men love heavy women. And Iam 70 year old white female and Iam not heavy. And do not judge people on their appearance. Don"t judge at all. Joan needs to get saved and find Jesus. FACT.

  9. Mike Adams

    Shouldn't Rivers be in the grave by now—-she's over 90, and her face looks at least a century year old!

  10. Nelson Escala

    Everyone should not take her seriously…come on she's 80 years old lady…its like having a Grandma that talks funny on her own way..but in the media…Those ladies in Golden Girl TV shows does not interest everyone…but Joan Rivers can crack up everyone or she get into someone's nerve..after all she's a veteran of HOLLYWOOD…just saying..

  11. Michael O'Neill

    Shut up Joan. We live in an era that points the finger at the old white man every time something goes wrong. I believe it was an old white man named Johnny Carson that put you on the map.

  12. George Carson

    Why the F**k does the Today show allow all those LOSERS wave their arms and religious and personal signs in the background behind many of their interviews. I have learned to turn the channel and have even started to watch ABC or CBS. Who the hell designed this atrocity and annoying scenario?

  13. Nancy Vojtek

    I think Joan rivers is a big Fake herself. She's alway's critisized other's. She should look at herself in a mirror.

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