Judge Wade McCree admits to affair with litigant

‘Sexting’ Judge Wade McCree Admits To Sex With Litigant In Chambers

Detroit, MI — Judge Wade McCree apparently is a “bench player.”

The “sexting” judge has admitted to hooking up with a woman who had a child-support case in his courtroom, but not to worry; it was no harm, no foul, as he claims the relationship supposedly had no affect upon his ruling.

The hanky-panky even took place in the judge’s office (i.e., chambers) at the Detroit courthouse.

McCree was placed on administrative leave in December after it was revealed that he was allegedly having an affair with a woman who was a child-support plaintiff before him. Apparently the relationship came to the attention of the media after McCree, who is married, ironically complained to the Wayne County, Mich., prosecutors office that his alleged paramour, Geniene LaShay Mott, was stalking and extorting him.

In a written response to Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission which is investigating the judge’s alleged misconduct, McCree through his lawyer conceded that that “he became involved in a sexual relationship with Ms. Mott that began in mid-June 2012.” The judge acknowledged that that he got carried away: “Judge McCree admits that he made the unfortunate decision to engage in a sexual relationship with Ms. Mott and also admits that on a few occasions, the relationship took place in his chambers” The filing insisted, however, that “This relationship did not impact any of Judge McCree’s decisions…”

Judge McCree also admitted that the should have recused (i.e., disqualified) himself from the Mott case and turned it over to another judge that had no conflict of interest.

The woman’s ex-husband is apparently suing Judge McCree in federal court as a result of the ethical conflict in the child-support case.

McCree is also under fire for allegedly texting Mott about her case, and for another text message in particular in which he claims he was just trying to flatter Mott: “C’mon, U’r talking about the ‘docket from hell,’ filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes… and then you walk in.”

A hearing on the complaint against Judge McCree is scheduled for May, and his job could hang in the balance, i.e., he could be “stripped” of his judicial robe.

McCree was reprimanded last October by the Michigan Supreme Court for sending a shirtless photo of himself to a court bailiff.

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