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GMail ‘Compose’ Complaints Rife After Big Changes

Gmail compose complaints

If you’ve got complaints about GMail’s “compose” function changes, get in line — the popular email service’s new facelift is giving users across the web pause as they struggle to ingratiate the functionality with their familiar messaging habits.

GMail compose complaints are easy to see on the web given our myriad ways of telegraphing mild dissatisfaction with one another, and as the new way is rolled out to all users, grumbling is rife.

The new GMail compose function does radically change how we GMail, as instead of the old method of a separate page to write emails, composing now pops up over the Inbox page. Not a catastrophically confusing way of doing things, but in an era where so much communication is carried out over email, jarring nonetheless.

In a blog post, Google explained that GMail compose complaints and feedback have been examined since its optional release in October, but now all users are being defaulted to the pop-up GMail compose feature.

Product manager Phil Sharp said:

“In addition to telling us what you love about the new compose experience (like how much easier it is to multitask!) you’ve also been sending us helpful suggestions for what features you’d like to see added. As a result of your input, we’re now ready to introduce the new compose experience as the default for everyone. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!”

But on Twitter, not all the feedback is positive, given the number of GMail compose complaints logged there alone.

Users say:

Are you among those dissatisfied with the GMail compose changes, or do you feel overall it’s not a detriment to your GMail experience?

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14 Responses to “GMail ‘Compose’ Complaints Rife After Big Changes”

  1. Jon Olkowski

    It's terrible. It's a little bit of same-window multi-tasking functionality at the expense of just about everything else. Power users already knew to just open a separate tab because the browser already provided plenty of multitasking functionality. The only advantage of gmail at this point is its conversation-style organization. But since I plan to be sending a lot less email via google going forward, that diminishes in value as well.

  2. Brit Columbia

    I believe a better word would be integrate. Ingratiate means to try to get into someone's good graces, to brown-nose, or suck up to.

  3. Melvin Ah Ching

    The new compose stinks. It is a good thing I also have Yahoo mail as a backup which improved its interface last year and also the newer Outlook online mail from Microsoft. Bottom line is that I HATE the new Gmail Compose. Why can't web companies just leave things the way they are if it is not broken?

  4. Payal Barbour

    I have issues with the attachment. It does not allow you to select a whol range of pictures to attach. You have to do it one by one which is really time consuming!

  5. Bob Hathaway

    I'm now looking for an alternative to gmail. Don't like the new "Compose" mandatory change! Google should learn from Coca-Cola's "New Coke" debacle a few years ago and simply change back or provide opportunity for users to continue with the old system.

  6. Paul Wright

    This looks like a beta-1 implementation. Google, what are you doing? Is composing on a tiny window in the bottom corner some 15 year old's grand idea of progress; to make Gmail look like a messaging app? In Google Apps which is pitched at business users, this is a killer. Please fix this deeply unpopular anomaly immediately.


    Hi Jon… I'll think you'll like the full screen mode we add to the new Gmail Compose. It let's you really focus on what you are doing.

  8. Amol Khedkar

    Can Phil Sharp & Jason Cornwell read? There are myriad threads on Google groups complaining about the stupid new compose. Phil Sharp, listen carefully. There are MANY Gmail users who can't stand the stupid new compose. They don't like ANYTHING about the new compose.
    The new look of Gmail (shoved down the users' throats a few months ago) is sheer garbage. If it wasn't for the tremendous amount of work involved to switch email providers, I would have switched then. The new compose is the last straw.
    So Jason Cornwell is giving us "permission" to write shorter emails? What an arrogant, stupid statement. Jason Cornwell, we the users, have NEVER needed & won't EVER need your "permission" to write emails of any length we choose.
    Bottom line: the new compose degrades the Gmail UX to the point where it's unusable. If Phil Sharp, Jason Cornwell & co. are arrogant enough to try & shove this garbage down our throats, it's "Bye bye, Gmail."

  9. Panagiotis Sidiropoulos

    The real problem with gmail's new Compose isn't the popup part but the number of clicks it needs to do things. For example, while in message body area, in order to add CC you have to clcik 3 times (1 click was enough) and of course remember where exactly to click (on "To" field).

    I have a challenge for the designer: Click Reply and tell us how to change the message subject!
    I'm sure even he/she will need his/her time!

    Things should be obvious for user, even for novice, without the need to discover it!

  10. Manasi Kashyap

    The new changes to gmail make it VERY time consuming to use. I preferred the text formatting bar on top where I could have access to it right away & not have to click to access it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't normally stop to complain but I am NOT able to get used to this garbage. It's stressing me out & I'm going to migrate to my other email completely if the rubbish gmail has going for an interface doesn't change back to the simpler version.

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