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Jim Carrey Vs. Fox News: Network Dares Actor To File Lawsuit

Jim Carrey and Fox News have been in a bitter battle of words over the last week and it could end in a lawsuit. Are you ready for Jim Carrey Vs. Fox News Round Three?

The feud started after Carrey made a video for Funny Or Die that criticized gun advocates. That didn’t sit well with some of the people at Fox News.

Fox News‘ Greg Gutfeld went on a tirade against Carrey calling him “pathetic,” a “coward,” a “biggot” and saying that he hopes that the actor ends up sleeping in his car.

Carrey fired back with a press release saying that he would sue the network but that he didn’t want to give them the attention.

Carrey said: “I would take them to task legally if I felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually fall for such irresponsible buffoonery. That would gain them far too much attention which is all they really care about.”

Now, are you ready for Jim Carrey vs. Fox News round three?

Gutfeld challenged Carry to come onto Fox News to defend his video while Bob Beckel dared Carrey to file a lawsuit.

Beckel said: “You talked talked out of your arse… Come sue us. Bring your arse and we’ll bring what little brains we have and see what happens.”

Gutfeld also took a few more shots at Carrey. On The Five, Gutfeld criticized Carrey for attacking a man who can’t fight back, Heston, and said that Dumb and Dumber actor was washed up and looking for attention.

Gutfeld said: “Our country is great because washed-up comics have the right to suck. Based on that, Jason (Biggs) and Carrey are civil-rights pioneers. They’re the Jackie Robinsons of sucking … I guess Jimmy thought he couldn’t lose to a debate to a dead man. That’s what’s really funny. He did. And now Charlton Heston has a brighter future in films than Jim Carrey.”

Here’s a video of Fox News’ response to Jim Carrey’s response.

Whose side do you take on the Jim Carrey vs. Fox News feud?