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Australian Government Censor Confirms Small Breast Ban…Sort Of

small breasts australia

The news yesterday that the Australian Government has banned small breasts in adult content on the basis that they might look underage has been confirmed…sort of.

In response to Somebody Think of the Children, the Australian Censorship Board (ACB) stated that “publications which contain offensive depictions or descriptions of persons who are or appear to be persons under the age of 18 (whether they are engaged in sexual activity or not) must be classified RC (Refused Classification.)

Some Australian sites with a pro-censorship bias are reporting that this does not amount to a ban on small breasts, but it is nothing of the sort. While the ACB claims that there is no blanket ban on small breasts as such, women over the age of 18 with small breasts who might look young ARE banned. The problem is that there is a societal norm that women with small breasts are believed to look young because they look underdeveloped, for lack of a better word, so the ban is still well and truly there.

We also know that small breasts are considered, even if it is written in stone. From Somebody Think of the Children:

Fiona Patten from the Australian Sex Party (ASP) said she attended a ACB training session late last year where they showed examples of publications that had been Refused Classification due to the size of the woman’s breasts.

Are the critics suggesting that Patten is lying?

The issue here is that the Australian Government is censoring content that features adults with small breasts because they might look underage, as opposed to them actually being under-age. If the crux of law enforcement of child pornography is to protect children (and rightly so) why is the Australian Government censoring consenting adults?

As commenters on Somebody Think of the Children wrote:

The only excuse you could cook up for banning this material, is to spite people we find distasteful. No one is protected. No positive outcome is achieved. No wrong is righted but by-jolly, it feels good!

In every normal country with a normal Constitution equally aged adults have equal rights. What you are saying is that if an adult woman aged 18 looks a little bit younger she shouldn’t take photos. This is a basic violation of human rights.

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13 Responses to “Australian Government Censor Confirms Small Breast Ban…Sort Of”

  1. Anonymous

    If the Australian government wants to ban sites that purposely take legal aged girls who look underage, then more power to them. These sites are capitalizing on what amounts to child pornography and doing it legally, thank god somebody is doing something.

  2. Magnus

    The implication seems to be that it would be ok to show images of underage girls as long as they exhibit all the sexual development of an adult. And it also implies tha men who prefer a petite woman with small breasts are pedophiles, even when that woman has gray hairs. While I understand the intent of this law, it just seems severely misguided in the current form.

  3. Mick 'mickowar' Simpson

    Wow.. so unexpected from the australian goernment, I guess this goes along with the other pile of nanny laws!

    Congrats, the spartans would look highly upon this!

  4. Tim Lim-Sands

    Absolutely, insanely, ridiculously pointless and stupid legislation. Even if you're part of the group pushing for these type of societal changes, you'd have to realise that it's merely treating symptoms, not the problem. This law is a knee-jerk vote seeking piece of garbage. And it discriminates against women more than it protects children.

  5. Krzysztof Blachewicz

    I'd add something constructive, but Tim already nailed it. If I'd be a woman and be personally affected by it, I'd protest the shit out of Australia. Maybe the officials should concentrate on all those priests raping kids that get away with this without a scratch instead of punishng innocent women with sorry excuse for a reason.

  6. Matt Broam

    What the F*CK? What kind of crack are they smoking? I wouldn't be surprised if the ACB is getting kickbacks from breast implant manufacturers since aspiring pornstars with small breasts would be more likely to get implants. Even if not, the question still remains: WHAT THE F*CK? I know this is hypocritical, being a man myself, but I partly blame the male fixation on large breasts… I, however, think all breasts are beautiful, especially when left as nature intended them to be. If more men were like that, maybe the ACB wouldn't have its head up its ass.

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