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Man Tattoos Pet Pit Bull

Man Tattoos His Pet Pit Bull

A man tattooed his pet pit bull and is facing stark criticism from animal lovers across the nation. Ernesto Rodriguez, a North Carolina tattoo artist, posted pictures of his pet pit bull on his Facebook page, sparking outrage and controversy about animal cruelty.

Rodriguez tattooed his five-month-old pit bull on the stomach. He states that he tattooed Dutchess in the tattoo parlor that he operates in the basement of his home.

As reported by WXII 12, the design includes her name and a crest that Rodriguez states is related to her bloodline. He contends that the tattoo can be used for identification purposes, and was not cruel. Rodriguez references branding of farm animals as a comparative example. He also points out that tattooing pets is a somewhat common practice.

Indeed, features several pictures of tattooed pets. In addition to dogs, the website features cats, pigs, and a rat. The website mentions that small tattoos can help with pet identification However, numerous pets are being tattooed in what appears to be a fashion statement.

Tattoos are applied to humans and animals using a solid needle which injects ink under the skin. The tattoo “gun” operates at a high rate of speed piercing the skin repeatedly. As reported by Discovery, the needle pierces the “skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute.”

Tattoos can be quite painful. However, for many, the process is worth the opportunity to display artwork on their body. Many designs are custom made or symbolic to the recipient. Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision, and it should never be forced.

Facebook Criticism Of Rodriguez

Critics of Rodriguez contend that his dog was not given a choice and furthermore does not have the capacity to make that choice. After posting a picture of Dutchess’s new belly tattoo, Rodriguez’s Facebook page became a virtual battle ground.

Man Who Tattoed His Dog Responds

The health department has reportedly issued a cease and desist order against Rodriguez for applying tattoos in his basement as he does not have the proper zoning permits.

Rodriguez views the outrage about his choice to tattoo his pit bull as good publicity for his tattoo shop. No criminal charges have been filed as tattooing a dog is not against the law.

Tattoo On Dog's Belly

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212 Responses to “Man Tattoos Pet Pit Bull”

  1. Tiny Lewis

    What a fucking moron. He needs to be shot. If he wants to do this to himself, fine…but the animal had no choice in the matter. This is animal cruelty. He should have the dog taken away from him.

  2. Jay Doherty

    before you guys speak, keep this in mind: If your typing "tattooing a dog is wrong" with one hand and holding a burger in the other, your point is void.

  3. Stephanie Iaboni

    LOL, there are so many reasons why this guy seems like a tool, tattooing his dog is like 10th on the list.

  4. Stanley Youngblood


  5. Jan Green

    What a moron! Shoot him I say! The dog should absolutely be taken from him. I'd like to shoot him myself…idiot.

  6. Allan Jenkins

    So let me get this straight,…it's perfectly ok to inject a dog with a tracking device,..but it's not ok to inject them with ink? hmmmm

  7. Candi Chin Stockdale

    Since when does a pet dog fall into the same category as cattle? Dogs aren't farmed for feeding people. If you idiots call it identification…..there is microchipping to identify your pets. Tattooing your dog is for identifying fighting dogs.

  8. Gina Gehricke

    Nick Charles, no animal should be branded. It is cruel and inhumane. I am complaining about it, as do all animal rights advocates.

  9. Molly Hutchison

    Your logic is that people who are not vegetarians cannot have valid opinions on animal cruelty? =/

  10. Linda Murray

    I kinda feel sorry for this guy. Take a look at his Facebook page. Motorcycles, tattoos, pit bulls. He's compensating in every way possible. He must have the tiniest penis EVER!

  11. Molly Hutchison

    One is a shot for their protection. The other is piercing the skin thousands and thousands of time for aesthetics.

  12. Randy Pritchett Behymer

    Douchebag idiot thinks a shitty tat done on a puppy is good publicity for his homegrown tat shop? His work (and his lack of ethics) tell me he is what is known as a scratcher, someone with no talent or artistic skill. I have had tats done in many different shops, and idiots like him give tattoo artists a bad name. Poor pup.

  13. Brooke McAlister

    Lets remove his tats slowly. Lets put him under enough that he cant speak out or tell you he is in pain. However, not enough that he cant feel every second of the pain of the removal. Then lets see if he ever tats an animal or someone who cannot speak out. I hope he faces charges.

  14. Judy Jarrell

    H'e a cruel idiot and the dog should be rescued from his cruel hands.

  15. Judy Jarrell

    they use micro chips not invasive it doesnt hurt the animal and its quick and painless, so this is just a crock of crap this guy is throwing. he is cruel jerk.

  16. Tina Braun

    that's a sensitive area..ok than what happens when he does it to a dog that bites the hell out of him? blame the dog of course.

  17. Randy Pritchett Behymer

    Yeah, publicity for a crappy artist who can't even spell the dog's name –Duches, seriously? I have multiple tats and know shitty work when I see it. If he is this irresponsible, do you think he bothers to sterilize his shit properly?

  18. Robert Zambrana

    So ear and tail cropping for aesthetics is cool but a tattoo for identification and aesthetics is not okay?

  19. Kat Deville

    Cattle have very thick hide. This fuckstick tattooed his dog's stomach. Of course it hurts cattle, but this was done on a dog's belly. HUGE difference in skin thickness and location of pain receptors. You are one dumb motherfucker to not see that.

  20. Kiki Doglover Gritsch

    Well, I don't agree with what he did to his pet with an elaborate tattoo, but in 1996 when we got our dog, they didn't have microchips or any other ID that would stay with the dog if the collar came off, so we had one letter tattooed on our dog's groin when he went to get neutered. That way, if he was found, we could positively identify him, in case the person that found him didn't believe he was really ours for some reason.

  21. Carol Sue Galloway

    Dogs have different skin you moron. It is called hide. What he did to that pitbull is painful. I wish someone would tie him down and tattoo his privates. What an idiot.

  22. Anonymous

    Having a tattoo is apparently today's idea of personal accomplishment. Never impresses me even from an artistic standpoint and the idiot that did this to a dog (a pit bull of course–I'm beginning to believe there's no other kind lately) should have his face strapped to the exhaust fan of a seafood restaurant for 48 consecutive hours.

  23. Amy Keys

    This "man" is abusing his puppy to promote his business so he says-THAT SAYS IT ALLl! It was not for the welfare of the dog! He does not care how his puppy felt under that severe pain and in such a delicate area! He deliiberately caused his own dog to suffer and it was NOT quick! That is torture! This dog was forced to undergo this inhumane act! Everyone knows how long it takes to do a tatoo! If it was about identification purposes in case of his dog getting lost – a microchip would have sufficed. Big difference in the motive here! Microchipping is like a quick shot FOR THE DOG'S WELFARE… not extended shooting of ink under a dogs skin with such intensity over such a long period of time FOR THE OWNER'S STATUS! If he would do this to his own puppy, he would also abuse this puppy and others in other ways! This dog should be rescued and be protected from this guy and be given placement in a truly loving, compassionate caring home!

  24. Micheal Melton

    It's his fucking dog, deal with it. He owns her and it's no worse than branding cattle. Animals are individuals and I agree that they have a right to choose but who else is going to get that dog and go "oh someone tattoo'd it's name on it's stomach, it's ugly mommy let's get that older dying dog in the corner because it's vanilla, jesus loves him obviously if he's already so old". Also tattoos don't really hurt, it's about the same as another dog digging nails into them and that builds trust.

  25. John Logan

    You fucking crazy ass women talking about "we should remove his tats slowly","I bet he has the tiniest penis ever" are seriously out of the realm of reality. Going from altering the a small area on a DOGS skin to basically torturing a MAN because of a simple act of pet/owner bonding, is insane. Way off the deep end thinking hes mutilating an animal. I suggest everyone of you trend following hipster douchebags thinking your all high and mighty all perfect and shit take a look at the real world. Have you even seen how your food is produced? animals that cant even walk on their own getting piled into slaughterhouses up to their necks in their own shit. But tattooing A FUCKING DOG is somehow reason for such ridicule? get your heads out of your asses and remember that YOU ARE A HUMAN NOT A DOG. More power to the guy for being comfortable enough with his pet and skill to do something a little more out of the box. Animal Control confirmed nothing against any law had taken place, so you all completely dismiss what authority says and wish him harm because hes different. Yet some of you assholes act as if you ACTUALLY support gay marriage, HA! I guarantee you will STILL mock them. Hypocrites.

  26. Teshanna Stephens

    WTH so it okay a vet puts a tattoo on animal for surgery but it not for someone loves there animal and the best id them if they get lost.My lil kitten got a tattoo on his belly so am I fucking moron for allowing that hell no.My god u people morons u can get animals tattoo by vet all day long and they don't bitched at for it.Leave the guy alone I just may get my other tattooed just pissed all the morons out there.Oh wait my almost male cat has tattoo and wait a vet did it.It not animal abuse and not all tattoo fucking hurt the reason I know that so fucking well is I have over 20 tat's and only 4 them hurt like mother fucker but that was choice like it was this man choice to tattoo his dog.People need grow the hell up.

  27. Laura Tichnell

    There is a big difference in marking an animal with a less painful quick brand or chip for their safety and a long painful artistic endeavor for the owner's stupid fetish. Animal cruelty.

  28. Connie Sellers Hofstetter

    Are you really that damn stupid Allen !!!

  29. Connie Sellers Hofstetter

    Are you really that damn stupid jay!!!!!!

  30. Jay Doherty

    So? Your burger is made out of a living creature. animal cruelty is animal cruelty, people need to stop overlooking that. I guess cruelty of dogs and cats is more important then cruelty of cows, chickens and pigs.

  31. Connie Sellers Hofstetter

    hey stanley,why don't you let someone tattoo your nuts and and then run your damn mouth

  32. Dan Held

    Well, you see, Nick, the majority of usall don't believe in tattooing pets including dogs, cats, birds, etc. Although I'm in my 70's and so far, have lived a full life, I've yet to see one of my neighbors walking their pet bull or cow outside of their home.

  33. Cherie Desnoyers Fitzherbert

    I don't know if it was posted or not, but how on Earth did he get that PUPPY to stay still long enough? There is no way possible he stayed there on his own :( I think it's sad that he did that. I have tattoos myself, so I know how it feels and it would NOT be a pleasant experience for that poor dog! I can understand microchipping and even a tattoo for ID purposes, but this one just went too far….

  34. Kristin Lane

    Often, actual reputable breeders use tattoos in the dog's ear as a means for identification in the event that a microchip can't be found (whether there isn't one or it simply no longer picks up on a scan). I admit what this guy did is a little excessive, but at the same time – tattoos are done on dogs for different (legitimate) reasons.

  35. Jenn Prisco

    Same here. When I adopted my dog from a humane society in Florida back in 2000, all of their dogs were tattooed with an ID number in case they got out of their collar and were found. As with your dog, this did this under anesthesia too. My concern is how this was done to the dog. I cant see how the dog would have stayed still so how was he restrained? The guy couldnt have given him anesthesia either….thats the problem I have with it.

  36. Jenn Prisco

    Judy Jarrell, While I dont agree with what this guy did, Darija is right. Before microchipping became commonplace, animal shelters used to tattoo their animals with ID numbers. When I adopted my dog back in 2000, the animal shelter tattooed all their animals with ID numbers in case the they ever got lost and out of their collar. My dog's tattoo is on his belly just like this guy did. The big difference here is that the shelter animals were tattooed by a vet under anesthesia while they were being spayed or neutered. It was not done by some guy in his basement. This guy is a jerk.

  37. Kimberly Pettit

    And actually, to be fair, why don't we tie you up or hold you down while you get your nuts tattooed against your will and see how you like it. Because that is exactly what this jackass had to have done to his pit bull, because I don't see him having access to anesthesia.

  38. Lauren Spaniel

    As the proud owner of 5 tattoos, I can say that they don't hurt! The worst is the next day but that just feels like a sunburn. The trust this animal obviously has for his owner to sit still enough during this 'procedure' clearly shows he is not in an abusive situation. Please someone explain to me how this is any less cruel than removing body parts from a pet to either change their behavior or prevent them from reproducing.

  39. Dustin Figueroa

    for id purposes yes, for fashion statements no. it is no worse than having electronic devices implanted in your pet. heck the tattoo probably heals faster.

  40. John D. Modgling

    I don't care for tattoos or pit bulls, but I think this is awesome!

  41. Nicky Moody

    Kat Deville name calling to get point across makes you sound super smart.

  42. Nicky Moody

    Kat Deville name calling to get point across makes you sound super smart.

  43. Nicky Moody

    Carol Sue Galloway does he have to be a moron? Really?? It's that serious to you?

  44. Nicky Moody

    Connie Sellers Hofstetter Allen has a point, are you really that blind???

  45. Benjamin J Bieker

    Oh give me a break Tiny. Dogs have their tails and ears cropped all the time! You're telling me a tattoo is worse than that? Get over it!

  46. Benjamin J Bieker

    Yeah they also crop dogs ears and tails. Dogs are a lot tougher than people give them credit for – tougher than most people! I would have a problem if he covered his dog in tattoos but just this one? Don't see a big deal really.

  47. Murphys Perez

    Kiki Doglover Gritsch – there is nothing wrong with small tat for ID purposes . .

    @Benjamin J Bieker – just because tails and ears are cropped doesn't make it right moron

  48. David Chernikov

    First of all I just want to state I am against tattooing animals..but the outrage of this is just so stupid this is nothing new they have doing this for years they do allot of tattooing to Sphinx cats the hairless cats they tattoo them up allot quite sad but this major outrage is really unnecessary and need to shut it.

  49. Lisa Salazar-Johnson

    What an asshole,, How they hell did he get the dog to stay still? DRUG HIM?

  50. James Lewis

    Dude can't even spell "Dutchess" correctly…. new rule, tattoo artists have to be able to spell.

  51. David Chernikov

    Connie shut the hell up I rather be inked up with stupid shit then have the Mark of the beast put into me and be tracked 24/7 by Big Brother Government people like you are the dumbest kind of people on this planet now shut it.

  52. Mark Majerle

    Maybe you have the biggest vagina ever? Hey moron, Jesse James does the same thing and he's known as the "Vanilla Gorilla" due to his large dink.

  53. David Chernikov

    Totally Judy I rather have the Mark of the Beast and be under 24/7 surveillance under Big Brother being monitored all the time im not saying the tattooing is right(im against it) but my opinion or your opinion doesnt matter its up to him the owner of the pet if he isn't torturing the animal and being some crazy mental guy who hurts animals or people he should be allowed if he wants and if the dog reacts or hesitates then thats a sign of hey dont tattoo me ..

  54. David Chernikov

    Id like to shoot you for being absolutely restarted honestly how could someone say that why are you putting violence and murder into this situation you probably dont think before what you say.

  55. Amanda Brakebill

    do u have any tattoos? cause they dnt hurt all that much.. ive got 11 right now and bout feel alseep during last one. so get over it

  56. David Chernikov

    So you would rather be chipped and be monitored 24/7 wherever you go..Go get the RFID chip and see how its like having the Mark of the Beast within you and under surveillance 24/7 yeah doesnt sound good allot of these modern technological advancements that people think are great oh lets get Chipped and be under big brother 24/7 goodness women(Im against the tatto btw not trying to be rude)

  57. Laura Lg

    You are an ignorant fool. If you have ever seen a dog whose tail or ears has been cut -cropped- you would know the pain they experience. Done at home would be true torture for them. I think we can find many volunteers to tattoo your groin and the owner's.

  58. Molly Hutchison

    Jay Doherty Humanely raising and slaughtering a pig is not cruelty. We're omnivores, get used to it. And do I really need to explain the evolutionary difference between a cow and a dog to you?

  59. Joey Salter

    I have 2 Pit Bulls and would KILL anyone who thought they could do this to my dogs! as a human, we know there is going to be pain associated with getting a tattoo. As a dog they have no clue what or why this pain is being inflicted on them, and by the person that they trust. What a douche bag!

  60. Joey Salter

    I think that was a great idea, and you clearly understood there was going to be some pain involved, and had it done under anesthesia where the dog would have no memory.

  61. Joey Salter

    Linda, dumb statement. My fiance has two pits, tattos, 4 motorcycles, not compensating for anything – trust me. His dick is HUGE!

  62. LorieAnn Rosario-Granados

    Kiki Doglover Gritsch at least he was still under anesthesia.

  63. Sherri Kowalski

    That nasty scumbag needs to be arrested and charged, and those animals should be removed from that abusive environment like yesterday.

  64. Jeannine Evans

    Puppies bounce back quicker. I am a dog lover. I don't think I would tattoo my own dog, but I don't think what he did was wrong. Now if he covered his dog in tattoos, then that would be a different story.

  65. Sherri Kowalski

    Benjamin J Bieker Actually, I didn't see where Tiny WAS telling you that. Maybe he/she thinks the exact same thing about cropping. Again, I didn't see where they stated that they thought cropping WAS OK. Stop assuming

  66. Stephen Klem

    They brand calves, bulls and heifers. I've done it, they are only a few months old, they have to be small enough for two guys to wrestle and hold down. I won't even go into the process of castrating them.

  67. Janice Johnstone

    Actually, Benjamin, ear cropping is becoming obsolete. The breeds that used to require it don't anymore, with the exception of Boxers and Great Danes that are shown. As for tail docking, that's usually done when the pup is two days old. I've asked a couple of veterinarians about these procedures and they said, though brief, the tail docking is painful. As for ear cropping, that's done under anesthesia but there is significant pain afterwards. Plus, the process is done in 2-3 steps, so the dog undergoes surgery about 3 times to get the final result. I say leave the dog as is. I don't see a problem with tatooing a dog if it's done under anesthesia. But I doubt that this dog was anesthetized before being tatooed.

  68. Jeannine Evans

    Sorry, but an animal is an animal. Just because we choose to have dogs as pets and raise cattle, pigs, etc for food does not make them any less worthy of feelings. They still have a soul. Do I eat meat? yes. Would I eat a dog? no. But that doesn't mean I don't think about what those animals go through so I can eat my meat. Also, are you gonna have a fit about Deer hunter? Deer aren't bred and raised for food, but people still hunt, kill and eat them too

  69. Kim Auriemma

    anyone who would cut a dogs tail is a fing moron.dogs are born with a tail for a reason….

  70. Janice Johnstone

    Stanley, trying to be macho just shows your ignorance. Dogs shouldn't have to endure pain just to appease their owners. Microchips are inserted under the skin, after the area has been numbed. Tatoos can be done on a dog's lower stomach while they are anesthetized. There's no need for the dog to suffer. I say Rodriguez is affiliated with a gang or into dog fighting — both of which I abhor.

  71. Margaret Bee

    Animal shelters have used tattoos for id, but they do so while the animal is under anesthesia. And, they don't do some stupid elaborate crest. This guy is a dumb jerk paving the way for all other dumb jerks just like him.

  72. Retta Judy

    Until there are stricter animal cruelty laws (that are enforced) stupid people will keep doing stupid stuff!

  73. Trish Johnson

    What is even more disgusting is that he didn't even tattoo the spelling of her name correctly. Where is the other "s" and if this guy is a professional he does really crappy work.

  74. Jeni Moore

    Is everyone forgetting about the guy who tattooed his dog's ear with I LOVE YOU, PLUS HIS NAME IN HALF A HEART With the other half on his arm with the dog's name on his shoulder

  75. Cherie Tripp

    While I am fully aware of how painful a tattoo can be and I am also an avid protester of animal cruelty I believe you are all over reacting. Yes there were better ways this gentleman could have gone about having his Pitt tattooed, but how do you all know how it was done? Were you in his basement while he tattooed her? Who are you to say he doesn't care for her? Thousands of dogs are tattooed, all 3 of mine are, and I know a topical numbing agent was used so that tells me they were fully awake and comfortable while it happened. You don't know if he had a topical numbing agent, I mean hell it isn't that hard to get ahold of, I have tons in my dog's first aide and care kit. I also know for a fact that when my Rotti was a few month old puppy he had his tail cropped and he didn't receive any kind of anesthesia or numbing for that at all and he is perfectly fine, you guys going to tell them to take my dog away from me because that happened to him?
    With all of the sick freaks out there stealing animals for an array of disgusting and horrific reasons, we loving and devout pet owners need to protect our beloved best friends (you know our pets) any way we can. We get them chipped, but chips can slip out of place so easily, and for dogs who are extra rowdy and love to play wrestle with other dogs in the house how do you know the chip is still safely in place? That's right you can't! Now dog tags, there is an archaic from of security, tags can be removed and tossed easily…. trust me my dogs do it whenever they get too hot or uncomfortable during the summer. Tattoos are an easy way of telling your dog apart from the rest, or telling that there is little doubt on weather it is your animal or not.

  76. Cherie Tripp

    How can you use a picture of a generation that want nothing more that freedom from hatred and hate crimes, and equality to love and live how they feel happiest. Then you turn around and talk like a hateful bitch to someone making an observation. Only people who call people dumb or try to belittle them are ones who find nothing but unhappiness on the inside of themselves.

  77. Cherie Tripp

    How can you use a picture of a generation that want nothing more that freedom from hatred and hate crimes, and equality to love and live how they feel happiest. Then you turn around and talk like a hateful bitch to someone making an observation. Only people who call people dumb or try to belittle them are ones who find nothing but unhappiness on the inside of themselves.

  78. Sherri Kowalski

    @Mark….wth cares? He's also seriously nasty looking with all of those tattoos. I'd pass in half a heartbeat.

  79. Sherri Kowalski

    @Mark….wth cares? He's also seriously nasty looking with all of those tattoos. I'd pass in half a heartbeat.

  80. Teri Kantor

    I understand id purposes but this idiot is doing this for his own selfish purpose…shame on you!!!

  81. Nora Baca

    I don't like animal cruelty at all, but honestly, I'm not really sure I find this to be a TERRIBLE thing he did. I see people are making comments about consent, but we do things like that to HUMANS all the time i.e. CIRCUMCISION! Those babies don't consent to that! We also don't ask animals consent when we brand them, or tag them, or put them in zoo's. Just because this guy puts a tattoo on his dog doesn't mean he doesn't care about his dog…I would never do it, but I don't think it's a criminal act.

  82. Tara Weisser

    Just wondering how he did this…… Was the animal put under general anesthesia? I can't imagine any dog sitting still for a tattoo. Also did he mean to leave off the last 's' on Dutchess' name? He spelled it Dutches…… And I had to squint to make that out! MORON!

  83. Timo Miranda

    At least he ain't fighting his pit…who cares really? Tats don't kill people….nd they don't hurt that much…pits have a high pain tolerance anyway….I'd give my pit a tattoo if I could…a sleeve even lol

  84. Ashley Castillo

    I have tattoos. They can take some time to get done and some of them hurt like hell. I can't imagine what that puppy had to go through by the hands of his dumb-ass owner. The tattoo looks like shit anyways.

  85. Susie Noonan

    Janice Johnstone I had my Doberman's ears done. One surgery, a very caring doctor with two Dobermans of his own. The anesthesia was harder on her than the surgery. Can't compare the two events. I have tattoos, they hurt long time.

  86. Kathie Wilson

    You're right, Ed. Thanks for making me feel like a dope. I knew there was a reason that red line was under there….. :(

  87. Susie Noonan

    They brand calves. They cut their balls off, tails, and they might cut their horns off, too. I saw a man cut the baby horns off of his prize calf. The blood shot several feet- he went too deep. It's disgusting even when done correctly.

  88. David Allan Plyer Junior

    Janice Johnstone

    He said in his post that the dog was put under for the tattoo.

  89. David Allan Plyer Junior

    Yea, ok Candi. I'm fairly certain you're just paranoid.

  90. Travis Franzen

    Please stop your bitching people, this is not nearly as bad as some of the procedures some people get for their pets, it couldn't have hurt any more than Crops, Tags, or Surgery for Microchips and other planted tracking devices, he obviously takes care of his dog if he gave it a tattoo since he will be the one putting solution on it and all the necessary steps for a healthy Tatt, its not like he's beating the thing half to death and leaving it somewhere to die now is it?

  91. Pam Lawrence

    Sorry people but he is not the first to do this! The Greyhounds that race get a tattoo in their ear to identify them. It is a year. day, and number of the litter they were born in. Something else too but I forget what it is. They are born on a farm, trained, and transferred to race track to race track. Handled by many people at each track. No one would know each dog if it weren't for those tattoos. He is only one of millions you have just never heard of it before now.

  92. Matt Harrison

    wow, at least he could have given the dog a decent tattoo. this guy is a scratcher. sad this guy is part of the NC tattoo community. id be embarassed to sport work like that.

  93. Pam Lawrence

    BTW Vets that do surgeries on dogs leave an ink mark like a tattoo so they know if they did the surgery. I had a jack Russell It was insanely visible. All of the animal activist need to get busy educating yourself because it happens everywhere and often!

  94. Leah M. Hatch

    Animals that are pure bred from professionals are tattooed for identification purposes. vvolunteer

  95. Theresa Kjær

    i am not sure you actually KNOW what a chip to a dog is… its a tiny piece that is ejected under the skin containing information about the dog. owner etc… its not a gps …..

  96. Julie Turgeon

    The guys a freak anyways.. In Kiki's case that's different altogether,Dog was put to sleep so no suffering and being scared.. Torturing the poor dog is animal abuse.Or did you get the dog drunk first.. But if you can live with yourself that's good because I can't imagine anyone else wanting to live with you.. I hope there are no children involved to have you setting an example for them..

  97. Julie Turgeon

    How long does it take to do a tattoo compared to a chip. I was there with my dog when she got her chip and a split second and no yelping and it was over..She acted as if nothing happened..

  98. Candi Chin Stockdale

    So Allan……how many microchips do you believe dogs receive???? 1000s???? They inject under the skin ONCE!!!!! And the animal does NOT have to be restrained to be microchipped. It takes a fraction of a second for a microchip. How many seconds do you think it took him to tattoo his dog's belly??

  99. Teena Pitts Rairden

    As far as taking my cat or my dog to be tattooed is absolutely ridiculous. Farm animals have been tattooed for owner ship. This is so crazy for a domestic animal to be put through such thing. Instead you and everyone should make sure their animals are spayed one neutered. No it is far less dramatic but the results would be less our 4 legged friends euthanized. Check your priorities oh vain one.

  100. John King

    I have three pit bulls they are all tattoo'd so if some dumb fuck steals them they have identifiable marks. MY name and a clover. dogs have differant skin!?!?! Who is the fucking MORON here? Do you even think before you open your mouth? And fyi Donita my grandparents have a dairy farm out in Petaluma and i personaly have branded MANY calves you stupid twat! God people are getting stupider and stupider. And it seems to be the women. I bet everyone of you dumb asses have no problem with abortion do you? Shut Your Stupid Mouths!

  101. Amanda Levinson

    Thank you, Nick Charles. I am glad I wasn't the only one thinking this. Yes, they have different skin, but no matter what kind of skin you have branding would be pretty awful.

  102. Lily Darcey

    Donita, maybe so, but it doesn't hurt any less getting branded as an adult bull, or any animal. I am not condemning the branding of bulls as it is done for a purpose, I am only saying if people are going to complain about this guy tattooing his dog, I can think of many things done to dogs and other animals in the name of aesthetics. I have had many Great Danes, but I refuse to crop their ears, and yet I see many people who still do this with their pitbulls, Great Danes, Dobies, and other dogs in the name of aesthetics, and this is always done when they are under the age of one.

  103. Dave Dobbs

    no,they brand calves,soon after birth to keep track of them;also circumsize baby boys!

  104. Kenny Ambiance

    I don't think it's remotely to tattoo any animal and make it stand still. Any animal would follow their instincts and do anything to get a way. Otherwise I'd think the tattoo would've gotten a little messy

  105. Sandy Prine Rasberry

    This could not have been done successfullly if it was so painful to the dog! Ever try to do something to an animal that was uncomfortable and have them stay still? It is not as bad as cropping ears, or declawing a cat…these things are very uncomfortable for the animal after the procedure as well! Get a life and get worked up over something that is more important, like the national debt, healthcare reform, budget cuts, etc!

  106. Donna Taylor

    Tattoos are common on animals, usually not as elaborate as this one. Dogs, horses, etc have had this done for many years to identify them.One of my rescue horses was retired harness racer, with a tattoo inside her lip, and ear. My rescue Yorkie, has one in her ear. I don't particularly care for the one this guy did, but canines have been cropped, docked for centuries. I agree this particular one was more than necessary for identification, but people are blowing this way out of proportion. Many vets are putting small tattoos on females they spay.

  107. Donna Taylor

    Having worked on a ranch, and been around these animals, I know that calves, bulls, cows, steers, horses, are all branded. It isn't that they have less nerves, it's that Bovine hide is thick, about a quarter inch when grown. It is painful for them as well. All rescue horses are branded. Some traditional, some freeze branded. No, this doesn't compare to a dog, and this guy was a little extreme with the amount he tattoo'd.

  108. Chuck Sweeney

    This is a little overkill but Vets will do this for iD purposes. I had a tattooed dog

  109. Barto Brown

    "Yall" people know how to speak English and know right from wrong Mc'd Moron!

  110. En Von

    The biggest problem isn't that he tattooed his dog its that he did a shitty friggin job of tattooing his dog.

  111. Eva Cullison

    Really?? Chips are painless? Tell that to my dog, she SCREAMED in pain….and if it was painful how the heck he get her to stay still?

  112. Monica Robinson

    I HATE tattoos, I don't care if on human or animal. I think they are hideos, ugly, gross, and mark up what could otherwise be a beautiful body. On a wedding show, no matter what this lady tried on for a wedding dress she did not nor could not look femine in a wedding dress with these big ole tattoos on her arms. It is even in the bible NOT to put them on your body! I don't care if you want to call it "art" art fart, rap crap, see how they rhyme with words that tell it all like it is? They both suck…

  113. H Clark LLoyd

    Carol Sue Galloway you shouldn't call someone a moron if you don't know what your talking about. I have branded many "cattle" and they do feel it. Its not done for fun there is a reason…and its done a quick as possible.

  114. Cindy Fernandez Bertematti

    First of all he's a terrible artist….but he has a shop in a zone where it is not permited: so they should shut him down, Second, he is going to continue to tatoo his dogs…Animal Abuse, he doesn't know how much pain that PUPPY (5 month old) sustained. He didn't say he sedated him and he's not licsened to sedate. Remove the Puppy from him and give it to a loving home that's going to inflict such pain on an innocent, unknowing puppy. This guy is a low life scumbag, who just lower the status of the art of tatooing! FU

  115. Judas Priestess

    First off..if some of you havnt noticed..humans and puppies are just a weeeee bit different….just because YOU didnt feel any pain doesnt mean the ANIMAL didnt..(ever step on a puppies tail????)….and yes…only a moron would say such an ignorant thing. Second….how long does branding take? anyone? ten SECONDS @ most? Tats take a bit longer…quite a bit LONGER……..and on puppy belly skin????? How about having your 5 month old infant (human) tatooed under its arm? THINK…people!

  116. Judas Priestess

    Yes cats and dogs get sm symbols, numbers tatooed on them to be identified….BUTTTTTTT they are "put under" for it….AND the tatoo takes a mater of minutes……like 3, @ most. The tat…that brainiac tatooed….probably took about 25 +min. and the puppy was more than likely in lotttssss of pain. (all for his personal EGO) Puppies and cows are VERY different!

  117. Cindy Fernandez Bertematti

    Darija Lamb did you actually see the tatoo, it's thick and next to it you can see like a RED Mark where it may have cut the puppy. Also we are talking about the STOMACH OF A 5 MONTH OLD PUPPY, A PUPPY'S SKIN IS VERY SENSITIVE AT 5 MONTH! WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A BULL OR COW WITH SKIN THAT IS THICK!

  118. Marlin Bressi

    Pitbulls, an unlicensed tattoo shop in the basement, and North Carolina. Wow, I feel like white trash just for having read this story.

  119. Jessica Evans

    To the one's who are complaining: This guy tattooed his dog for publicity for his tattoo parlor….you all should be outraged about that cause it wasn't to ID the dog. Dogs including Cattle are either branded, micro chipped, or have a tiny ID tattoo to show who they belong to when a collar can be taken off when a dog is stolen. Back when ranching was really big ranchers would brand their cattle and they would be able to tell them apart when rustlers would steal them and take them to the auction. Dogs are also ID'd by microchip, tiny tattoo's to be able to tell who they belong to when they get lost or stolen. That's not inhumane but tattooing your dog just to get publicity for your basement tattoo parlor is. Get your facts straight people.

  120. Joseph Miller

    A guy who "owns" a tattoo parlor out of his mommy's basement isn't operating on all cylinders. Take the dog away from this moron before he does any more harm to it. Problem with most sick people, like stoners and tattoo addicts, is that they think what they're doing is good.

  121. Joseph Miller

    @Benjamin J Bieker realize that you have the tails and ears cropped WHEN THEY'RE PUPPIES. Just like circumcision, which is done to humans minutes after birth, instead of as adults or teens. This wasn't some fresh-out-the-womb puppy. Tattoos are dumb as hell anyways.

  122. Krista Hines

    Anybody else notice that his work sucks? Ya know, besides the fact that he shouldn't be tattooing a crest on his puppy's stomach….it's really shitty looking.

  123. Gina Young

    I am a staunch, very opinionated animal-lover, animal-defender… but amazingly this is one thing I'm not going to get my panties in a bunch over. Lol. The reason, I had a friend years ago, who tattoed a sunflower on his dog(a boxer named Sunny). And I witnessed it happening, and Sunny simply gave him one funny look and then layed on the floor, not in any serious pain. If she would have really opposed it, he would never have finished it. And he also had tattoed her to make sure she had an extra identifying factor. I don't believe in harming animals, I would never tattoo one of my pets. But I don't see a case like this as cruel neccessarily. Lighten up…just a little!

  124. Gina Young

    I'm more concerned with the fact that he probably tattoed his dog…in his basement. Shame on you! Cross contamination?

  125. Monica Robinson

    lol David I told him and he cracked up lol. its all old testament for back then but I still hate them. now Riss will be 18 and is going to get a sleeve! I even tried to bribe her with money to not Get one she said no and told me to relax. I think she is crazy! I for one would never ever hire her for a job with a tattoo sleeve. she's so beautiful them to

  126. Sierra Arneman

    Not that I agree with what he did but I find it funny that everyone fusses about this. People also get their dogs ears clipped purely for vanity sake.

  127. William Taylor

    Hello? we have been branding animals for centuries with no ill effects. We spend more on pet food in this country than we do on cancer research. It's and animal not child abuse.

  128. Nabil Siddiqi

    Calm the fuck down everyone. You see two dozen kids get innocently killed by one man and stay quiet and you see a dog being tattooed and you start pissing your pants. This world is trashed because of idiots like you.

  129. Saralynn Picone Lessord

    2 of my 3 rescue animals have A HUGE UGLY "N" FOR neutered tattooed in their ear( the third has a microchip). I would much rather have something nice tattooed on them. it is all the same. and it is just semantics…

  130. Cody Miller

    people have the vet tattoo identification numbers on their dogs all the time, people are just pissed this guy did himself and said fuck it I'm gonna make it look good

  131. Ken Howard

    This is true, my dog has it , a small 1/4 inch tattoo on her belly – now lets think about that 1/4 inch which took all of a second compared to what this idiot did. That puppy had to sit through more than a few seconds it had to sit through at least 30 mins to an hour. I would know this , why because I have very large tattoos myself and if the puppy squirmed the dude had to stop , and then start again. That type of a marking is usually for marking a fight or bait dog. So before you idiots start ranting about cattle , since when is the last time you had a pit bull burger?

  132. Julie Campanella

    ok first..stop calling names….you are one uneducated person if the first thing out of your mouth is an insult….holy crap man…all I am reading is "Dogs have different skin you moron"…not everyone knows everything and not everyone knows nothing….so use your manners and stop calling names and making yourself look more like the idiot….

  133. Shelly Little

    Tried to go to his facebook page but everytime I do it brings me right back to my news feed. anyone else having this issue?

  134. Jay Doherty

    LOL!! Humanely raising and slaughtering of pigs? Show me the slaughter house that does that, Also if you're basing your opinion on an evolutionary scale, then that's moronic. Since cows are lower on the evolutionary ladder it makes it OK to eat them?

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