Elizabeth Edwards leaves philandering John

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of political horndog John Edwards, has left her husband and his wandering penis and is “moving on with her life.”

Edwards, who was suffering from a recurrence of cancer when her husband knocked up party favor Rielle Hunter, has seen her share of suffering. The Edwards lost a son, Wade, in a 1996 car accident. Elizabeth went on to have two more children following Wade’s death, but was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day John Kerry conceded defeat in the 2004 election. (John Edwards was Kerry’s running mate.) During John’s campaign in 2007, Elizabeth Edwards learned that her cancer had returned. While Elizabeth was battling cancer more than once, her husband denied an affair with Hunter to later admit it and then denied paternity of a child resulting from that affair, again to later concede he’d lied.

Friend of Mrs. Edwards, Andrea Purse, released a statement to the AP about Edwards’ decision to not stand by her man:

“Elizabeth is moving on with her life and wants to put this difficult chapter behind her.”

The couple are expected to divorce following the mandatory one year waiting period in North Carolina.