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Lion Kills Heron In Front Of Crowd At Zoo [Video]

lion kills heron

Well, this isn’t something you see everyday. A lion family caught and killed a heron in front of a crowd of people at a zoo in Amsterdam.

According to Most Watched Today, the video was taken at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

The video shows a blue heron landing for a drink of water in a small pool. Turns out, it wasn’t a good place to land. One of the lions snatches the bird out of the air, and the other lions are quick to move in and share in the kill.

A description on YouTube reads: “This Dutch family was visiting the zoo on a quiet Sunday afternoon when things got a bit more exciting than seeing bored animals lying around their enclosures. A lion spots a heron near the water. Following her instincts she sneaks up on it and manages to grab it. The whole family wants in on the prize, but a sneaky cub gets away with it.”

HyperVocal reports that the video was actually taken last year but was reposted to YouTube today. But just because it’s already made one trip around the internet doesn’t mean that people weren’t excited to see it again today.

You can watch the original video, which has more than a million views, below. (Of course, if you don’t want to see a heron getting ripped apart by a bunch of lions, you should probably skip this one.)

And just in case that video gets taken down, here’s another look.

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18 Responses to “Lion Kills Heron In Front Of Crowd At Zoo [Video]”

  1. Daniel Fleischer

    Given the clear joy this brought the cats, they should be offered live chickens on a regular basis. Be a better end for them than a factory farm.

  2. Tony Styles

    people say, "that LION went crazy"……no, I say……"THAT LION WENT LION" :().

  3. Marilyn Shie

    Why was this bird flying loose? I don't think he is native to the area. Mama lion got a chance to teach her cub how to hunt and, at the same time, have a treat.

  4. Heather Johnson

    Survival of the fittest. Heron was too slow (and quite dumb for landing next to a pride of lions). Nature at its finest.

  5. Bernardino R. Villorente Jr.

    I'm shocked… shocked that the mother didn't want to share her lunch with her offspring. Selfish bastard!

  6. Sael Marie Ocasio

    The Circle of Life.. Not sad, just survival, it was amazing to watch. Mama lion taught her cub how its done.

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