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Kris Humphries And Lindsey Vonn Almost Dated

Lindsey Vonn Sochi Olympics and Injury

Lindsey Vonn recently announced that she was dating golfer Tiger Woods but the Olympic skier almost ended up in the arms of another man: Kris Humphries.

According to the NY Post, Woods and Humphries were pursuing Vonn at the same time. Vonn ultimately chose Tiger but she almost ended up dating Kim Kardashian’s former husband.

A source told Radar Online: “Woods wasn’t Vonn’s only suitor … Bachelor No. 2 was none other than Kim Kardashian ex Kris Humphries. They’re both from Minnesota, so they had a lot to talk about.”

And it appears that there is at least some truth to the source’s information. Back in June, Humphries and Vonn exchanged a couple of tweets about hanging out together at Lake Minnetonka.

Humphries wrote: “Hanging with a fellow Minnesotan @lindseyvonn. Gotta get her back on lake minnetonka soon!”

Vonn responded: “I know! Def need to get back!!”

Humphries ultimately lost his attempt to woo Vonn but that may have been a good thing. A rumor has been spreading that Vonn and Tiger’s relationship is just a PR stunt. Now, Humphries may have more experience at staged relationships but Vonn’s PR team was obviously looking to hook her name to a bigger star.

Or, you know, Vonn and Woods might actually like each other.

What do you think? Would Kris Humphries and Lindsey Vonn make a good couple? Did Vonn make the right choice by going with Tiger Woods?

According to Hollywood Life, Humphries and Vonn were never romantically involved. A source told the gossip site: “It’s not true. They hung out with a group of friends last summer in Los Angeles. They met at a club that once and that was it.”

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13 Responses to “Kris Humphries And Lindsey Vonn Almost Dated”

  1. Richard Viskil

    So what the morale of this story is Vonn got tiger by the tail and now Tiger will be getting some of her tail before its all said and done.

  2. Derek Dreizen

    A miss is as good as a mile Kris! Instead of "lickin' Lindsay" you'll be "chokin' the chicken," SUCKAAAAHHHH! Not only that, that's TWICE you've lost out to a fuggin' IIigger! If I were you, I'd get a damned gun and blow my brains out since this is how you stack up in life! WHAT? HUH? YEAH? Heh heh heh heh heh!

  3. Robert Tardo

    Are you fucking serious? is this what the world has come to? who fucking cares about who almost dated…..I almost dated Jessica Alba, did I brag about it? NO cause people don't care about this stuff! if they do then they have NO life…lol.

  4. Richard Daniels

    Sooooooooooooo we are so desperate for stories they are writing about well known people "Almost dating"? "Thinking about dating"? "Considering dating"? This story is like some airhead changing her mind from O.J Simpson to Rae Carruth.

  5. Mattchoo Tulien

    Can anyone say they lost, they're both rich and famous! Also Vonn isn't that hot in those pictures with Tiger, but don't let that fool you, there are many hot young rich woman on Lake Minnetonka. I've dated some before! Go Minnesota!

  6. Greg Smith

    When the put this on here, it had to have been a filler, for a really, really, really, exetremely slow newsday, seriously, smh.

  7. Marc Jojo Moses

    Does it mean that Vonn decided to go black after her divorce? I guess the choice was made by easy by the fact that Tiger has more dough or maybe Kris was too white.

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