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‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Demanding More Money, Could Hold Up Production On Season Four

'Duck Dynasty' Stars Demanding More Money

The stars of Duck Dynasty want to cash in off the show’s growing popularity, asking A&E for a big pay increase to match the show’s huge ratings.

Sources said that members of the Robertson family, including Si and his brother Phil and Phil’s sons, are looking to get more than $200,000 per episode from production company Gurney Productions in order to come back for the fourth season. The family has already seen their Duck Commander outdoor empire boom as a result of the show, and A&E has seen the benefits as well.

During season three Duck Dynasty drew 8.6 million viewers and a sterling 3.9 rating among the key 18-to-49 demographic, second only to AMC’s The Walking Dead of all cable shows. Duck Dynasty also consistently finished on top in the 10 pm Wednesday slot.

Duck Dynasty has even been able to take on a reality show juggernaut. In early March a study of social media hits found that the A&E show beat out American Idol, and in terms of ratings topped even many network shows.

In fact, Duck Dynasty‘s audience for its season three premiere was about 3 million more people than tuned in to ABC’s Good Morning America the previous week to watch the much-hyped return of co-host Robin Roberts, who had been on medical leave from the show for several months after undergoing a bone-marrow transplant.

The salary demand of the Robertson family, star of the reality show that features their duck call business, are reportedly holding up production on the show’s fourth season.

Salary disputes are not uncommon among reality shows. In 2010 the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore held out for a 200 percent salary increase, and the cast of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch quit in 2010 amid a pay dispute, returning once the matter was resolved.

Because of the popularity of Duck Dynasty and the audience it has brought to A&E, a source close to the negotiation said the dispute should be resolved in time to avoid missing shooting, noting, “It’ll all get worked out.”

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29 Responses to “‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Demanding More Money, Could Hold Up Production On Season Four”

  1. Wilma Harris

    If Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher get/got 2 million a show for 2 1/2 men then these guys deserve 200,000 a show. Thuis is MY opinion..

  2. Shelia Lee Dendy

    They are totally worth more than that! They bring untold numbers of viewers to the network and should be compensated. Love the ducks!

  3. Cindy Osbourne

    This show is funnier then any sitcom on right now. Other sitcoms pay writers, directors, and the actors outrageous sums… The Ducks write, direct and act all themselves, so they should be getting all of those salaries!

  4. Mikki Thatdamnscale Jackson

    I don't blame them. They're business people. If A&E are getting paid off of THEM….why shouldn't they get more money? They're just fine without A&E….they're doing them a favor.

  5. Victor Steele

    It's never about the money…until it's about the money.

  6. Linda Hbic Wimer

    I was laughing out loud tonight at Uncle Si's field trip to the dress shop. They are worth the raise. They keep me happy, happy, happy every week, Jack!

  7. Tammy France

    Dump the show. I've never seen it and never will. Don't reward greed. Let them swagger back into obscurity. People need to learn to be thankful. Remember where you came from!

  8. Andrew Fanguiaire

    I get that they want to be compensated based on the amount of money they are making A&E…but holding out and demanding this money (when the whole premise of the show is based on them being quite rich already) does somewhat tarnish the whole "hey, we're just simple country folk who love to hunt and pray and goof around."

  9. Nichole Ashley

    so you would work and make your boss millions of dollars and then let them pay you only few hundred out of it… that's not being greedy its being paid for the WORK they do.

  10. David Labiosa

    I have to admit at first I thought reality tv will never prevail..but when I try to watch one hour scripted dramas now..i find them unbearable…the bad acting..every ACTOR on primetime…seems to be acting in a trance..flat line deliveries, like they are bored with the world…less isn't more…its just boring!

  11. Jacky An Liz Hogan

    Don't they make enough from their Duck Merchandise they sell each yr? Greedy is Greedy! I mean Willie an Jase live in nice ass Houses an have Nice Car's…..Try being thankful each day for the little thing's….

  12. Pam Bob Kelso

    The show is slow and about as funny as a case of bleeding hemrrhoids. They are already billionaires so why do they need a raise. They are christians so if the Lord wants them to have a raise, they should put it in His hands. I never watch it because the old guy with glasses and no teeth tries to act so "lovey Howell" on the show it is sickening.

  13. Ashley N Brett Bailey

    I don't think this is being "greedy" at all! The trash on Jersey Shore made a ridiculous amount per show.I think this show is well worth the money.

  14. Stacy Gregory Kramer

    I love the Ducks! business is business and they deserve to be compensated for their efforts on the success of the show. Why should they not be if they are the reason the money is coming into the show. Christians or not, this family is hilarious! love you guys!

  15. Ronnie Watson

    They should practice what they preach! They play a role as being Godly folks praying at the end of each show, with some focus to God during the show each time. A few people in their comments have brought the word GREED up, this my thought. My belief is that God has blessed this because of how humble the whole family is, not because of ratings or how popular the show has become! You can't take the money with in the end and they already have more than they will ever need. I feel that this will be the end of duck dynasty if this more money per show happens, cause God won't reward Greed!

  16. Joe Selvitella

    Just another example of bitchy millionares who want more money I mean really ……must be nice

  17. Jeff Moore

    Hey Jack, the cast if Friends held out for a million per episode per person so I don't see a problem with the guys from Duck Dynasty asking for $200K p/p per episode. Supply and demand Jack! Duh!

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