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Red Equal Sign Takes Over Facebook In Support Of Marriage Equality

Red Equal Sign Takes Over Facebook For Marriage Equality

The red equal sign invaded Facebook on Tuesday as millions of users changed their profile picture to the red and pink hued logo in support of marriage equality.

The latest trend to sweep the social networking site is the brainchild of the Human Rights Campaign, an organization supporting gay marriage. The group designed a picture of a two-tone red equal sign to signify that the user is also in support of marriage equality.

The campaign comes just as the Supreme Court is looking into whether California’s Prop 8 barring same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Should the court overturn Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, it would be the definitive victory for same-sex advocates.

Unlike other Facebook campaigns in support of breast cancer or other causes, the red equal sign was tied into a more concrete form of activism. On its site, the Human Rights Campaign included an invitation to demonstrate in favor of marriage equality:

“Join us to rally in support of the freedom to marry at the North Steps of the Capitol Building at 7:00 on Tuesday! We will be rallying to support Prop 8 and DOMA cases before the Supreme Court!”

The organization also called for supports to do more than just change their profile picture to the red equal sign. They also asked them to wear red in their wardrobe and splash it across other parts of their Facebook page.

The Human Rights Campaign also helped to create a snowball effect, as several other groups introduced their own images in support of gay marriage or put a twist on the red equal sign.

Some high-profile people have signed on to the movement as well. Journalist Ryan Teague Beckwith noted that several members of congress and other high-ranking officials have adopted the red equal sign.

It’s not just the avatars they’re changing. Within the past few weeks, several members of Congress have changed their stance to support gay marriage.

The red equal sign seems to owe a lot of its popularity to actor and LGBT activist George Takei. Among the first to change his Facebook avatar to the equal sign, Takei has seen close to 80,000 likes from his vast network of followers.

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39 Responses to “Red Equal Sign Takes Over Facebook In Support Of Marriage Equality”

  1. Paula Lussier

    Yes, if it makes two people happy than who am I to judge!

  2. Jessica Treat

    Gloves have nothing to do with marriage. That's a terrible analogy. Anita and Richard, the true disgusting and perverse people are those who imagine what 2 consenting adults do behind closed doors.
    – A conservative Texan who can spell and use proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

  3. Linda Swindell

    Thank you to all who have changed their profile picture to the marriage equality sign. Thank you George Takei for all of your efforts to promote equality.

  4. Dalia N. Al-Jazouli

    No, homosexuality is a recognized major sin in all holy religions and should not be allowed to corrupt marriage! Even if you were allowed to get married your marriage is void in the eyes of God so just accept that what you do is not normal!

  5. Jessica Treat

    Richard, look up the word analogy in the dictionary. With your (crude and abrasive) logic, a woman who is infertile or a man who was impotent couldn't be married. No, "butt sex" isn't mating, but wearing a condom isn't for mating when heterosexuals have sex. A woman who has her tubes tied or a man who has a vasectomy would need to get a divorce, after all, they are no longer "mating".

    I don't see how believing in equality would be considered immoral.

  6. Tamara DeVerger

    Yes I think people should be with who makes them happy. I think people should leave them alone there not hurting you let them be married its not for you to judge them.

  7. Jessica Treat

    Your last comment didn't make sense, so I have no idea what you're asking me to do. I can't fit a definition into YOUR statement… If you're having trouble finding the definition, try

    Now you saying arguing for equal rights is bullshit? You aren't even arguing a point. Making generic statements to imply you know what you're talking about makes you look like an ignorant bigot. You might want to look up the word bigot too.

    In short, arguing with you would be like arguing with my dog. You won't understand what I'm saying because its above your comprehension level clearly.

    Present a valid, semi educated argument and I'll have a blast refuting it. Until then, I don't feed trolls. 😉

  8. John Mohlmann

    I do not support equality it means all. So get used to incest polygamy and start recognizing NAMBLA. Be careful how you phrase things recognize consequences

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