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California County Employee Gets $400,000 Salary … For Life

alameda county susan muranishi

Alameda County, CA – County supervisor Susan Muranishi did not win the lottery but is still making many Californians both envious and angry. The 63-year-old public employee will garner a $423,664 per year pension when she retires. Muranishi has worked for the county for 38 years.

Some in the financially-strapped state are calling the salary unusually high and feel the working pay and pension of Susan Muranishi as part of the problem. The California county employee’s retirement pay will reportedly be equal to all of her annual work compensation. The Alameda County employee also reportedly has a $46,500 private pension plan that the public entity “chips in” on as well.

Muranishi reportedly earns $301,000 in base pay annually. She also garners a $24,000 in “equity pay.” The Alameda County supervisor also received approximately $54,000 in longevity pay each year, the amount kicked in once she had 30 years on the job. The California public employee is also given an annual performance bonus of $24,000.

Susan Muranishi serves on the Surplus Property Authority board that reviews the sale of excess land. She earns $9,000 for sitting on the three-member panel. In addition to her annual salary, Muranishi also enjoys the same $8,292 annual car allowance as other county executives.

California was once a magnet for some of the most “talented, enterprising, and educated” people from across the United States. High taxes, steep real estate prices, and a growing number of municipal bankruptcies have reportedly tarnished the attraction of the Golden State.

The state is now reportedly a “net exporter” of American citizens. A map generated by the US Census Bureau shows massive immigration to California from around the country from 1955 through 1960. The geographical display also shows the large number of residents relocating from California from 1995 through 2000.

During the 5-year span almost 70,000 Californians moved to Texas. Nevada saw the largest number of new residents from the West Coast state; nearly 140,000 moved across the state line. A total of 93,700 residents moved to Arizona during the same time period. Georgia, Florida, and Illinois are also now home to between to nearly 200,000 Californians.

Why do you think Californians are moving away from the state?

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4 Responses to “California County Employee Gets $400,000 Salary … For Life”

  1. Darrell Reeves

    Just another example of overpaid and over compensated public employees who are financially raping the system which is paid for by us taxpayers in the private sector. I want to know why state and federal or for that matter any public employee should be immune from being laid off or have their wages or benefits cut like we have suffered in the private sector throughout this recession? And don't whine about your furloughs, you could eliminate 60% of the b.s. state positions and it would not matter a tinker's damn! I am tired of us in the private sector paying for over generous PERS retirement packages and salaries for these public employees when the lionshare of them only work at a 40% efficiency factor. But the Democratic controlled legislature are bought and paid for whores owned by the arrogant public unions.

  2. Edward Arslanian

    Jerry Brown needs to pull his head out. This is a prime example of why CA. is bankrupt, why taxes have to constantly increase, why all state fees have to increase, and why on a federal level the fed has to keep printing money.

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