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Kanye West Planning ‘I Am God’ Album [Rumor]

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Kanye West’s next album will reportedly be called “I Am God.”

Yep, the singer plans on removing all doubt about the size of his massive ego next year when he releases his next album.

The BBC reports that the title is “half tongue-in-cheek” and that the album will be released in 2013.

Kanye has not confirmed that he is working on a new album yet and has not commented on the potential title.

Do you think Kanye West will really title his album “I Am God?”

The BBC also reports that Kim and Kanye are planning on naming their baby North (which would make the kid’s name North West) but that rumor has already been debunked.

Kardashian said earlier this week: “I don’t know where that came from … It’s cute.”

But just because the baby name rumor has been debunked doesn’t mean that Kanye won’t name his album “I Am God.”

Kanye has a legendary ego (just ask Taylor Swift) and has dealt in religious imagery before. In 2006, Kanye covered an issue of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns.

kanye west

Kanye has frequently injected his faith into his songs. One of his first hits, “Jesus Walks,” talks about how God is showing him the way through the world. That song was released on the College Dropout album back in 2004.

Since then, West has released six albums, won a handful of awards, and was recently declared a king when he joined Jay-Z on the “Watch The Throne” album.

It’s only logical that West takes the next step now and becomes a deity.

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24 Responses to “Kanye West Planning ‘I Am God’ Album [Rumor]”

  1. Ernest Ivy II

    I don't care how big you get; leave God's name out of it unless you're thanking him for your success. And no, you are not God Kanye.

  2. Rick Porter

    He should call it "I am A-Hole"! This pathetic loser should just dry up and go away. Nobody likes this punk. he has no talent and even less class. Doesn't say much for Ms. Kardashian either. Nobody cares. I personally would like to shut his big mouth for him. What a joke!

  3. Ernest Ivy II

    Rolling Stone need to take that crown of thorns off Kanye's head and never replace God's image with anyone else again; especially when your ego (out of control) puts you above God.

  4. Ernest Ivy II

    Kim said to Kanye "I am a beautiful white woman and that makes you God Kanye; always remember that." At that point, Kanye floated out the window with wings on.

  5. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Con-Yay.. Get over yourself. Looks like Kim made another stupid decision and picked another controlling winner.

  6. John William Thompson

    anyone that calls themselves God, or people like Jamie Fox that worships Obama's butt, will go to HELL.

  7. David Lightfoot

    Of course I wouldn't put it past Kanye to title his album, "I am God." It's supposedly a metaphor for him to say he's the god of the music industry and hip-hop, and he's always looking for controversy. Perhaps "I Am King" would be a better title, but hey, why not get Christians all up in a rile? Besides, this isn't the first time this has happened; anyone remember when John Lennon declared the Beatles were bigger than Jesus?

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