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14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Suspected Five Dog Attack

14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Five Dog Attack

A 14-year-old British girl has been found dead at a house where a number of dogs were considered “aggressive” and “out of control.”

Jade Lomas-Anderson is believed to have been visiting the house in Atherton, Wigan in the Greater Manchester area where she was found with injuries “consistent with her having been attacked by dogs.”

Her body was discovered by police at the property shortly after 2 pm (GMT) on Tuesday after reports were called in that a pack of dogs was out of control and a girl had been seen unconscious.

Armed police, a rapid response vehicle, and an ambulance went to the house but Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have confirmed they “humanely destroyed” four of the dogs, while a fifth was safely captured and is being held by police.

The remains of the four dogs that were out down will be examined as part of a police investigation. Early indications report two of the dogs put down were bull mastiffs and two may be Staffordshire bull terriers, officers said.

Superintendent Mark Kenny said it was “too early to speculate” about what had happened in the house. He also expressed condolences the family of the girl who “has tragically lost her life.”

He added: “I understand this is an extremely distressing incident for all concerned, including the community, and we will work hard to establish the full circumstances that led to this tragedy.”

A significant police presence will be remaining in the area through the evening and police are addressing residents concerns. Officer Kenny added that it was too early to speculate about what had happened but said further information would be released when it became available.

It’s likely the dog attack will spark fresh debate in Britain about the appropriate control of dangerous dogs.

In 2009, 4-year-old John Paul Massey was killed by a violent family dog at a home in Liverpool. In addition, last November a week-old boy died after being bitten by his family’s pet dog in Shropshire.

More recently, lawmakers from the three main political parties in Britain came out and strongly criticized the government for “inaction” over dog attacks and poor animal welfare.

The lawmakers said the country’s current laws “comprehensively failed” to deal with irresponsible dog ownership.

A parliamentary select committee on environment, food and rural affairs has called for the environment department (Defra) to urgently bring forward a bill to consolidate the “fragmented” legislation related to dog control and welfare.

Notably, current legislation in the UK does not protect children in their homes or people who have to visit private properties for purposes such as healthcare, the delivery of post, and professional utility workers.

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10 Responses to “14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Suspected Five Dog Attack”

  1. Eileen Welsh

    does someone want to explain to me why you have chosen to use a photograph of a German Shepherd to illustrate an attack by mastiffs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. GSDs get a bad enough press without influencing people against them like this.

  2. Debbie Bell

    Even when Dobermans and GSDs were popular, they never killed in the ways and numbers that pits/pit mixes do now. Good pits attack and don't stop. Staffordshire terriers ARE pits. Bull mastiffs are a mix of pit and mastiff.

    The problem with the pits/pit mixes is that they can be sweet, kissy, wiggle butts and attack without reason. That is good fighting dog behavior. Non-bully dogs need to be angry or abused to attack and kill. A pit is not angry when killing, just as a beagle isn't angry when in pursuit of a rabbit. Breed instincts matter.

  3. Heidi Sanger

    Debbie Bell that is not true. "The bullmastiff is a very powerful breed of dog. Originally bred to be guard dogs, the bullmastiff is a cross between the English mastiff and the bulldog." All I had to do was spend less than 2 minutes to research your comment. Maybe you should do the same before you open your mouth and spread mis-information.

  4. Patti Hudson

    Heidi Sanger there are 7 types of mastiffs.. the article didn't specify which one…and yes those can be mixed with pit. Thanks to the back yard breeders. Even if it has no pit in it….they can kill without a doubt.

  5. Patti Hudson

    Most owners that has had this happen and killed, have never guessed their dog would kill. It's the dogs, get over it and stop blaming the owners.

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