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Casey Anthony pleads guilty to check fraud

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Casey Anthony, jailed in Florida on murder charges related to the murder of her daughter Caylee, has pleaded guilty to check fraud charges today in an Orange County court.

Anthony, wept in court as she was sentenced to 412 days of time served in the fraud case, her sixth felony on record. Anthony admitted to writing 4 checks totalling $650 with a checkbook stolen from friend Amy Huizenga. She said:

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m sorry for what I did,” she said. “I take complete and full responsibility for my actions, and I’d like to apologize to Amy. I wish I’d been a better friend.”

Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez requested that she be sentenced to time served and Judge Stan Strickland agreed that the time Anthony served was longer than any sentence she would have received for forging the checks. She is currently awaiting trial in daughter Caylee’s death, ruled a homicide by undetermined means. Anthony has pleaded not guilty on charges related to her daughter’s murder.

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3 Responses to “Casey Anthony pleads guilty to check fraud”

  1. Susanne S Dischner

    Again I say absurd! Casey Anthony goes scott free for killing her daughter and Willie Nelson is being treated like a criminal, 78 yrs young? Tell that Judge you want a jury trial and see yourself go free with blessings. Lady get a grip! Stop being so hateful. Maybe you and Biez should wed, he's going to be famous and make lots of money now. He said

  2. Patricia McNew

    Everyone I've spoken to after her aquittal was horrified! How could they NOT see that she was responsible… a stranger would not guess about her favorite blanket or place a heart sticker on the duct tape over that poor baby's mouth.Please…it sickens me!

  3. Christee Blakk Diamond Harris

    If I was accused of murdering my child and later found not guilty I would not rest until the monster that did it was brought to justice poor baby name has to go in the cold case files and her murderer walks right out free as a bird. throw her a** under the jail free the innocent not the guilty. "Don't worry little Caylee God is going to punish her for that horrible thing she did (RIP Baby)".

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