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Concerned Dad’s Letter To Victoria’s Secret Goes Viral

Victoria's Secret "Bright Young Things"

A recent Victoria’s Secret line has one father up in arms over its apparent appeal to teens and pre-teens. His finger-wagging open letter to the lingerie chain has gone viral for its unapologetic honesty from a protective parent.

The post, written by Reverend Evan Dolive on his blog, targets Victoria Secret’s “Bright Young Things” line, which features pastel pushup bras and thongs emblazoned with messages like “Call Me.” Dolive is asking the retailer to re-think the line, which is marketed toward teens and pre-teens.

He writes that selling grown-up underwear to “dangerously young” customers like his daughter who “loves princesses, Dora the Explorer, Doc McStuffins and drawing pictures for people,” and counts “peanut butter and jelly, cheese and pistachios” among her favorite foods is in poor taste.

His daughter is only three years old, but he sees the lingerie line as a dangerous message to young girls everywhere.

“I believe that this sends the wrong message to not only my daughter but to all young girls,” he wrote. “There are many, many more questions that all young women should be asking themselves … not will a boy (or girl) like me if I wear a ‘call me’ thong?”

His post has drawn nearly 2,000 comments, with readers polarized over the letter. Some commenters say that even young women shouldn’t be criticized for wanting to feel sexy, while others side with Dolive.

“It’s cute and trendy and it’s natural for women to want to tease a little. But it doesn’t mean we’re going to wear it for all the men out there. I love their underwear and its something i take lightly. Just because I wear Victoria’s Secret underwear doesn’t mean I’m a slut,” writes a woman named Sofi.

“You have misunderstood the authors intent. He’s not aiming his comments at people who wear VS and are adults,” writes JMW in rebuttal.

“His comments are focused on YOUNG teen girls, which is where this new line of undergarment is aimed at. A 13 or 14 year old girl should NOT be concerned about her bra or thong, but rather be focused on her future. That is what this father is trying to say in a nut shell.”

What do you think? Should Victoria’s Secret pull back on their pre-teen/teen lingerie line, or is it harmless?

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33 Responses to “Concerned Dad’s Letter To Victoria’s Secret Goes Viral”

  1. Jess Wagner

    I think he is right I was 16-17 when I started wearing stuff like that.

  2. Kay McFadon

    why would a young girl want to wear something like that. I sure don't want my daughter showing a boy her underwear that says call me. Get real these companies don't care about the children of the world they are out there for profit and I can assure you they will NOT get my business.

  3. Miranda Cheyenne Althouse

    I know what I was doing at 13 and it wasn't healthy. Kids are maturing faster, at a younger age because of this kind of stuff. Pull it.

  4. Jo Ann Lay-Scalzo

    He is absolutely right! V.S. has become nothing more then porn, and now they are exploiting even younger girls.

  5. Amie Holmes

    Who cares I limited stuff like that at a young age and I was not a slut and some of it was great under my sport clothing and I didn't run with a mega wedgie for track.

  6. Sammie Alden

    They should pull it off the shelves. This day and age to many young ladies are having babies and trying to mature to fast. I have two daughters and this is just unacceptable we need to let the children be children save the thongs for the adults….companys this days just dont care on who the corrupt as long as they make money and that is just
    wrong. Let our young their futures not their underwear!!!!!

  7. Sara Phelan

    It's harmless, I don't know any 13 or 14 year old girls that can afford VS. if u don't want ur daughter wearing it then don't buy it

  8. Robyn Hammond

    My daughter is approaching that age and I do remember what I was doin at that age. These young girls definatly do not need any addition to the ideas they already have with peer pressure and all. Young teens DO NOT need to feel sexy in any kind of way they have enough to worry about just trin to make it day to day through school and social acceptance is awful enough w/o adding 'sexy' to the list of things they strive to b. lets try honor roll student or classy instead.

  9. Vanessa Ehrhardt

    Pull it! I went in there the other day and couldn't believe that I saw 12 yr olds in there buying stuff that I buy. At their age I was still wearing Indies my mom bought me from kmart. The way it should be.

  10. Cassandra Kachel-Gutshall

    I understand people's concerns as I am a mother of a daughter who will be 13 in 2 weeks, but who is responsible for buying the clothing? The PARENTS! If you don't want your daughter to wear it simply don't buy it. Don't go after the manufacturer when it's the parents responsibility to make sure your child is dressing age appropriate.

  11. Keri Gill

    What parent in their right mind would buy their young daughters sexy underwear and bras from Victoria Secret? Kids need to be kids and I can understand that a ten year old girl doesn't want to wear Cinderella underwear but there are many other choices than Call Me thongs. That is not age appropriate and just adds more pressure and self esteem issues for them. VS is a great store for adults to buy from … not young girls. Very disappointing to know VS has decided to go for more revenue at the cost of our young daughters!

  12. Cynthia Cindy Flores

    Since I buy her clothing, I make t choices of what she wears. Not she nor a clothing designer. I dnt even wear such trash..

  13. Kimberly Amelia Torres

    I agree, I myself like VS, but it is not for kids. Maybe if adults would stop shopping at Aeropostale and Hollister, the kids wouldn't need to shop elsewhere to get their parents to stop dressing like them.

  14. Mary Rinehart

    Victoria's Secret should stop marketing sex to underage children. It's bad enough having huge, blown-up pictures of breasts & crotches in our faces every time you pass by one if their stores. I think most of the planet gets that Victoria's Secret sells underwear, oh I'm sorry, lingerie but there needs to be a limit. Sell the stuff to adults and leave kids alone.

  15. Danielle Burns Valliere

    You all are complaining about VS and their underwear yet I don't see anyone on here complaining about the fact that Target, Walmart and all the other big stores like them carry underwear that these young girls can buy just like it but cheaper! I was at Walmart purchasing my 6 year old daughter panties and there were boy shorts and bikini underwear. Lace bras as beginner bras. Parents are the ones buying this stuff for their children not the stores! Don't condemn the stores for what their customers are buying. The people that you should be questioning are the parents that would buy such items for their kids! I have two daughters 19 and 6 and in now way shape or form would I buy them those types of under garments as young girls but I also have taught my daughters respect for their bodies. If my daughter who is now an adult wishes to buy them and she feels good in them she has every right to as do I. My 6 year old has never asked for sexy underwear because she doesn't know what that means because her father and I keep our kids at their age and let them be kids instead of little adults. Parents need to take responsibility for their actions and their kids and stop blaming everyone else!

  16. Giselle Gutierrez

    If no one buys it, they'll have no choice but to pull this stuff off the shelf. Its up to parents to teach their daughters and monitor their closets according to their family values. Victoria's secret is just trying to make money, they're a business so stop blaming them for your inability to talk to your daughters about this kind of thing.

  17. Roxy Monterrosa

    I am happy god did not give me girls. Litle girls should not have this worry in their mind. Is a wic/ked

  18. Samantha Rojas

    Victoria's Secret could have a line for teens and pre-teens but, why does it have to be sexy? It can just be regular girl's underwear. I don't believe a young teen should be wearing thongs and pushup bras. What for? It's not like they're going to go out and get some. I understand us teens want to feel "sexy" and "beautiful" but, there are things like make-up and wearing the latest trends and such if one feels that way. A girl has no reason to wear sexy underwear to feel pretty, they just have to clean themselves up and have confidence.

  19. Susan M. Weiss

    Those Skanks in there adds are prostitutes. They are trying to promote these preteens into prostitution; please parents don't let you daughters get pimped out by Victoria Slutfeast.

  20. E.l. Evans

    Who pays for the youngsters clothes? At that age the parents should be able to say what is purchased and what is not. I do think it is somewhat tasteless for Victoria's Secret to put out this kind of a line for young girls.

  21. Charissa Beth McMillan

    I believe this is a 2-way street. It's sickening that companies like VS gear adult lingerie toward tweens and young teens. It's hard enough to buy clothes that are trendy but age appropriate. But, the parents are at fault as well. Oh sure, you want your daughter to have high self-esteem and confidence, but is sexy underwear REALLY the answer? Is "following the trend" REALLY the solution? What business does a girl have wearing ANYTHING sexy? Obviously there will be curiosity, but moms especially, need to let their daughters know that they're beautiful no matter what. There are other safer ways to boost your daughter's self esteem. I mean, look at all the disgusting pedophiles out there, and the popular "sexting" between young people, which of course is almost always of the GIRL in her SEXY underwear. Now, I love VS as an adult, they have great bras and panties, but common sense is that they're for ADULTS not girls and shame on them for doing anything that takes away from the innocence a young girl has. Let girls be girls for once, they have a lifetime of being an adult but just a few years as a kid and they need to enjoy it.

  22. Deborah Hoff

    If you wear a bra that can stand up on it's own, you're not a woman. LOL!

  23. Deborah Hoff

    I agree, Sammie. When I was a teen in the 80's only one girl in my highschool got pregnant while I attended, because it was considered a great shame. Now many highschools have daycares right in them. Society changed its opinion and futures are devastated.

  24. Chinemay Cecilia

    You guys are overreacting, it just a fucking bra shop. YOU should control where you god damn kids shop so stop blaming other on what they do, put them on a leash or something. You cant get mad when stuff like this happens and complete bash the franchise they bought the stuff from, just because you guys are to ugly to wear VS doesn't mean they should abolish it completely. It's a billion dollar business, you'd be surprised how many people shop there. So get off your old asses and take a chill pill, get laid, and just SHUT UP. YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, IF THEY BUY AND WHERE VS WHEN THEY ARE 12 THEN THAT IS YOUR FAULT!

  25. Mamimi Kiriki Luna

    Thats disgusting no child should be anywhere near a thong or push up bra lil girls should be wearing granny panties and sports bra all of you people bitch saying that you hate seeing lil girls 8+ wearing skimpy lil outfits ands wearing skirts that almost show their ass' and then you encourage them to wear thongs that say call me? whose the fucking hypocrite now i have a son and when I have a girl in a few years she will be a woman not a skank like kids nowadays and my son will be a gentleman who know how to respect women and to stay away from nasty lil half naked sluts a true woman knows you dont need to be naked to be beautiful with the right clothes and amount of makeup we can all be beautiful if we try shit most women are perfect with no makeup encourage your children to be natural and to not follow the slit pack cuz if you dont your kid will end up like all the girls you bitch about and you say are disgusting lil whores oh and for the 40% of moms who Are over 30 and are wearing 15y.o. daughters clothes remember if you dress in skimpy outfits tthey will copy cuz you are their role models so be a women and grow up for your kids if not for yourselves -callianna j. morriss ( mother of one *17 month old* son)

  26. Lisa Orlando

    There are many things in Victoria secrets that a girl can where, like panties not thongs or perfume or lip gloss maybe a cute bra. They do come in all sizes!

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