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George Zimmerman’s Brother Attacks Black Teens On Twitter

George Zimmerman waves key right

George Zimmerman’s brother and media surrogate Robert Zimmerman has been the public representative for his family in the wake of the death of Trayvon Martin, and in the past, Robert has been a reasonable advocate amidst strong public opinion in the case.

But on Twitter, Robert Zimmerman recently went on a bizarre, racist rant suggesting the “liberal media” favored black teenagers and possibly eliminating any gains the clan has made in swaying public opinion in the case.

Long at the heart of the controversy in the murder of Martin has been the feeling by many that racial prejudices prompted George Zimmerman to pull the trigger — and the subsequent controversy revealed that as ugly as it may seem, many people were all too willing to believe the teen was in some way responsible for his own death because he was “scary.”

The Trayvon Martin case became rapidly and sadly politicized, and Robert Zimmerman had argued calmly for his brother and why he believes George Zimmerman shot Martin that winter night in 2012. But in his rant over the weekend, Robert Zimmerman revealed some ugly prejudices and may have again made the case for a race-only based killing, even if neither Zimmerman recognizes their bias.

Zimmerman tweeted (sic) “Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky,” in reference to the murder of an infant in Georgia. The case has drawn widespread attention, and while it was tragic, there are virtually zero parallels in the situation aside from gun murder.

This hasn’t stopped some on the right from attempting to spin the killing into a straight analogy, and the picture below is circulating heavily on Facebook currently — suggesting the baby’s murder is being “ignored” by the media.

george zimmerman racist media

Alas, the above wailing and gnashing over teeth over the baby’s death versus the Martin killing neglects to take into account (all the other lack of parallels aside) that the outrage over Trayvon’s murder was down to the fact that no one was arrested for his killing.

Had Zimmerman been booked immediately (it actually took several months), the outcry would have been non-existent. The entire controversy was that until the incident took off on social media, no one cared that Zimmerman walked free.

In a stunning display of victim blaming, Robert Zimmerman also tweeted out a picture of his brother’s murder victim alongside a teen in custody in connection with the murder in Georgia, via Mediaite:

trayvon martin middle finger

Zimmerman ignores that flipping the bird is not evidence of murderous intent, and were it grounds for killing, 90 percent of American’s teenage population would be eradicated by tomorrow. It’s distasteful to compare a murder victim to a suspected killer simply based on skin color and teenage cheek, but it gets worse.

When Twitter users called out the obvious racism, Robert Zimmerman took it to rape town, suggesting that black men frighten white women, and further suggesting the fears were not unfounded:

Robert Zimmerman’s racist rants are lengthy, and can be viewed over on Twitter. But sadly for the Zimmermans, it seems that in the decision to take the virulent attacks on a dead boy to Twitter, a case for Zimmerman not being a racist (could any have been made) was blown entirely out of the water — which isn’t all that sad, being as it seems the Zimmerman camp is hanging itself with its own rope.

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11 Responses to “George Zimmerman’s Brother Attacks Black Teens On Twitter”

  1. Jamal Young

    So I guess when a non white person kills a group of white guys they can just point to Sandy Hook and say "I told ya".

  2. Dustin Hurst

    Most of u blacks r missing the whole point here. From hate crimes 2 the media, there is a bias against whites. Why are u not hearing much about Malcom X's grandson being beat 2 death in a racist attack recently.. Because he was beat 2 death in Mexico City by Mexicans. He was not beat 2 death in a white bar or town, therefore it gets swept under the rug just like most mexican on black/ black on mexican/ black on white crimes. In fact the entire war bt Mexicans and Blacks in LA and Chicago has been covered up bc it does not fit the liberal definition of "racism". One of the bigger gangs in LA is the NGK , which stands for nigg** killers.

  3. Dustin Hurst

    ur missing the point. Black "culture" killed that baby, just like it kills thousands of black women every year. In fact Femicide is 1 of the top killers of young black women in the US after AIDS, which is #1. But neither the NAACP or liberal media talk much, or defend black women. When was the last time the NAACP held a march for a black woman? Or anyone other than a black male! ? Last i checked Colored meant Asains, blacks, hispanics, indians…etc.
    Blacks in America today need 2 wake up and face the facts that pple like Lil Wane have done more harm 2 the black race in 1 generation than the KKK did in 10. With so many lyrics glorifying rape, murder and robbery no wonder your culture is hated by so many. And why so many beautiful black women suffer such horrible abuses that do not get talked about enough.

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