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Lindsay Lohan Goes Clubbing In Santa Monica

Lindsay Lohan Rehab

Lindsay Lohan reportedly went clubbing in Santa Monica on Saturday night.

The actress was spotted at nightclub with her new boyfriend Avi Snow. Lohan showed up at the venue to see Snow’s band City of the Sun perform. She is rumored to have headed for the door a little after midnight.

Although Lindsay Lohan was seen at the club on Saturday evening, it’s unclear if the actress had anything to drink during her stay.

Lohan was also seen out and about on Friday night. Her recent sentence to a locked rehabilitation facility for three months didn’t deter the Mean Girls star from having a few drinks with her friends.

The actress was seen knocking back vodka on the rocks with her pals. In order to keep prying eyes from seeing what she was doing, Lohan reportedly had the drinks served in a glass carafe. This was done to keep bottles of alcohol from sitting on their table.

Lindsay Lohan certainly isn’t acting like someone who is about to spend 90 days in rehab. In addition to hitting clubs in California days after being sentenced, the actress is planning to spend a week with Charlie Sheen.

“I have a kinship with somebody [Lohan] who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not,” Sheen explained. “She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who’s been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey.”

Lohan is also scheduled to appear on Sheen’s hit cable sitcom Anger Management before she heads off to rehab for three months. The former Two and a Half Men star also gave the actress $100,000 to help solve her tax problems.

What do you think about Linsday Lohan clubbing in California after being sentenced to rehab? Do you think the actress is serious about getting help?

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16 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Goes Clubbing In Santa Monica”

  1. Stephen Willey

    This woman is out of control and in deep denial about her drug/alcohol abuse. She needs to face some real punishment for the crimes she has committed. Don't the courts and judges care about the innocent people she has victimized? Why doesn't she get her driver's license revoked for DUI? Any average citizen would face jail time for the crap she has done.

  2. Nelson Verdejo

    I really feel like she is going to end up dead in a few years if not a few months…. the hollywood junkies who always live drug and alcohol filled lives like this and have troubled lifestyles and never learn or seek help to sober up always end up dead…. look at amy winehouse…. I really feel like lohan is going to be the next amy winehouse…. just a matter of how much time she has left before she takes it too far.

  3. Randy Slocum

    If they were locking me away I would go out and get my nut in a heart beat. What's to lose?

  4. JD Allen

    Breaking News
    – Lindsay Lohan DEAD –
    Star of the big and small screen was found dead on "_fill in the date_" due to a(n) "_fill in the cause_".

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