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Denny Hamlin Injured After Wreck With Joey Logano [Video]

Denny Hamlin Injured

Denny Hamlin was injured in a last-lap wreck with Joey Logano as the two drivers were battling for the win. The wreck happened through turns 3 and 4 at the Auto Club 400 in Fontana, California.

Hamlin and Logano had been harboring grudges against each other since last week’s race at Bristol. Hamlin spun Logano when the latter was racing for the lead.

Hamlin claimed Logano cut him off three times before in the race, but Logano showed his displeasure by running to Hamlin’s car and exchanging angry words with him before his team pulled him away.

This time, it appeared that Joey Logano may have paid Denny Hamlin back. The two were racing for the win on the final lap when Logano’s No. 22 car slid up the track into the No. 11 of Hamlin. Logano’s car went up into the wall, while Hamlin’s shot down the track and hit the inside wall where there was no SAFER barrier.

The hit was hard enough to take all four wheels off the ground. The FedEx driver was able to climb out of the car, but he collapsed immediately afterward.

Updates from Joe Gibbs Racing and Hamlin’s girlfriend have said that the NASCAR driver was airlifted to the hospital for tests. Hamlin is apparently suffering from extreme back pain, though he is awake and alert.

Immediately after the race, Joey Logano seemed unapologetic for the last-lap crash that took out Hamlin. While Logano finished in third place, Hamlin was listed as finishing in 25th. As the pair was wrecking, Kyle Busch was able to drive his No. 18 car past the two to take the checkered flag.

Joey Logano agreed to an interview after the race, and explained of the incident:

“He (Hamlin) probably shouldn’t have done what he did last week, so that’s what he gets. And besides that, I think our Auto Club Ford was very strong all day. I was very happy with the car we had. We were super fast, led a lot of laps. Nothing to hang our head down about, that’s for sure. We were very proud of that.”

It is not clear if Logano knew Denny Hamlin’s condition when he made the comments. Do you think Denny Hamlin’s wreck was Joey Logano’s fault, or could Logano’s car have simply been loose?

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14 Responses to “Denny Hamlin Injured After Wreck With Joey Logano [Video]”

  1. Donna Balfe-Yeno

    Denny gave him room, Joey walked up the track and wrecked him….immature and dangerous…

  2. Dannielle Ryan Hartman

    My comment towards the race at fontana, is finally some great racing. Blocking and rubbing is, (or should b) part of racing. Joey does act like a punk, most of the time. Can't wait to c what happens in two weeks. Go tony:)

  3. Kathy Seay Finley

    Like they say rubbing is racing and looks of the video, Logano drove a clean race and not his fault.

  4. Matthew Bergsma

    #Micheal no the phrase IS rubbin is racing! Get it right! I hope Denny is ok, but nice to see NASCAR is entertaining to watch again

  5. Bert Guy

    Certainly in the past we have seen some hard racing. Some of the most CLASSIC film clips include finishes like today's. If today's events would have been ANYONE ELSE there would be no blame to apply, nor would anyone be asking for it. These 2 just happen to have bad blood. Not the first or the last drivers to do such.
    Boys have at it. Great racing with NO COMPROMISE by either driver. Thus neither was the winner, but the action was insanely enjoyable.

  6. Motor DaMan

    Joey acts like a punk? Tony blocks and causes a big one in Daytona, and Joey was out of line… Little girl you got a lot to learn about racing… Tony is a putz and made himself look stupid… he is mad at joey because he finished 22nd… Well how would that have changed if he got out front…. It wouldn't have. He didn't have the car to stay up there… Tony is just mad he wasted all that money hiring Danica… He thought he could go pick on Joey and got bitch slapped.. embarassed on national TV. LoL.

  7. Dan Zapata

    Denny gave Logano all the room he needed. What her did was completely unnecessary. Anybody can win a race by wrecking the other guys. His utter disregard for a fellow racer's condition makes Logano a punk. I hope to never see Logano win another race.

  8. Ricky Nelson

    I think the punk did it on purpose he should be penalized for it I don't like either one of them but that was a bitch move

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