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Pamela Anderson Selling Malibu Mansion, Take A Look Inside

pamela anderson

Pamela Anderson is selling her Malibu mansion for $7.75 million. The Baywatch star reportedly purchased the California estate for $1.8 million in 2000. In December rumors began circulating that Anderson was experiencing some money troubles.

The actress allegedly owed $371,514.65 to the IRS at the end of 2012. Pamela Anderson was also supposedly “over-spending” on construction projects at her mansion. The star’s lavish estate was designed by Philip Vertoch in 1959. Decorator Josh Chryssanthou and Anderson redecorated the Malibu home. The star’s home includes three bathrooms and three bedrooms.

For several months the Baywatch sex symbol has been the focus of negative headlines. Allegations about the star’s financial straits include alleged out-of-control spending when remodeling her Malibu mansion. The bombshell’s supposed tax woes allegedly prompted the desire to downsize her lifestyle – or at least her choice of abode.

Pamela Anderson’s Malibu Colony may have once been a peaceful refuge, but is now being referred to by some as a no longer affordable money pit. If the spacious estate sells for something close to the listing price, the star may be able to easily stroll away from her alleged fiscal woes.

The Malibu Colony mansion boasts an attractive front stone gate and a courtyard with lavender and olive trees. An extremely wide swinging glass door reportedly leads to an open living room and spacious kitchen. Pamela Anderson’s mansion also includes a home theater and a baby grand piano.

The Baywatch star’s home is located at 23445 Malibu Colony Road, according to Trulia. The single family home encompasses 2,752-square feet. The real estate listing notes that Pamela Anderson’s home is within walking distance form “all things Malibu.”

movie star mansion photos

The mansion boasts teak siding and is reportedly close to the beach.

pamela anderson

Views from the patios offer a glimpse of nature from the bedroom or while sipping a cold drink in the open living room.

pamela anderson

Public records documents for the home dated August, 2012 indicate the Malibu mansion once had five bedrooms.

pamela anderson mansion

The lot size is 6,220-square feet. Property tax records indicate that Pamela Anderson’s mansion is in tax rate code area 10-865.

pamela anderson malibu mansion

The total assessed value for the property in 2012 was reportedly $3,209,799.

pamela anderson

Before Anderson bought the house in 2000, it also reportedly changed owners in 1994; the Malibu Colony mansion reportedly sold for $850,000.

pamela anderson mansion

What do you think about Pamela Anderson’s Malibu mansion?

pamela anderson selling malibu mansion

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40 Responses to “Pamela Anderson Selling Malibu Mansion, Take A Look Inside”

  1. Stanley Weatherington

    She's broke.Her two main assets are failing.

  2. Martha Adkisson

    This is a woman who should have a lot more money than she does have. Poor decisions and an overly bloated ego have set her up for failure.

  3. Lisa Lambert

    You are right Martha… sad but they say the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. Her glory days are just about over. Should have saved for a rainy day…..nothing good lasts forever my dad used to say.

  4. Lisa Lambert

    You are right Martha….the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Should have saved for a rainy day. Nothing good lasts forever, that what my dad used to say….

  5. Ken Rakowski

    I like my log home in the woods, I think I will stay where I'm at,

  6. Tim Saint John

    Too bad I didn't hit the POWERBALL Pam, that would have solved your problem, and mine! :(

  7. John Williams

    Mansion? At 2752 square feet, that's hardly a mansion. My home has 2700 square feet and no one refers to it as a mansion. Geez, it's just a decent sized home.

  8. Steven Calhoun

    Sooooo what.When you spend money you don't have, you get depressed when those bills come in. She's living beyond her means and and pay The Revenue Department! That's why the country is going broke. All you lavish people think your looks, celebrity status, what money you do have and such can get you by.

  9. Tim Heller

    these self important, hollywood elitists come to cali vote for obama and jerry brown, don't like the taxes them they bolt and leave us wth the bill, piss on her!

  10. Luke Woods

    check out the dent in that sluts left tit….she should've paid to get that fixed.

  11. George Walker

    Another former beauty who can no longer get by on her looks that are fading faster than her movie roles. Ditsy and cute and young always worked but ditsy, rode hard and sagging won't pay the bills. The 10 minutes of pleasure that she may still be able to provide isn't worth a lifetime of paying her bills and putting up with her overinflated ego.

  12. Ken Johnson

    "…..value for the property in 2012 was reportedly $3,209,799."
    what makes her think that she can get $7.75M? is it just because SHE owns it, or because she spent that much turning a 5 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom mansion? I think she'll be extremely lucky to get $4M for it…

  13. Rob Egan

    Maybe "The Heff" will feel sorry for her and give her a photo shot. Weirder things have happened. C. Sheen came to L. Lohans rescue.

  14. Thomas Keim

    wait for the north Korean air strike into the usa with a rocket then bill them you can get your money back form them.

  15. Janet Geuy

    That was the assessed value for taxes, not the market value. Market value can be far higher.

  16. Mike Jones

    Pam, before you move out, please invite me over so I can test out the bedroom with you (I'd love to play with those puppies) ;-).

  17. Kenneth King

    I live in a Double Wide with almost as much square feet as her Mansion. Maybe I live in a Mansion and didn't realize it!

  18. Roger Brandjes

    Maybe in Malibu Ca, a 2700 square foot house is considered a mansion and for most of the world that is a very big home, but for most of the USA it is a standard size home!

  19. Abel Willdo

    She love the heck out of that mansion. She once said she would keep it by any means necessary. even if she went broke doing it. I think her love for that mansion consumed her. Ultimately, destroying her.

  20. Nancy Sandoval

    This is to everyone that says she doesn't look good: MEEEOOOWWW. She looks GREAT and her tits will never sag, their fake. Fake tits never sag. Also, to Steven Calhoun: Celebrities are not why the country is going broke, celebrities get paid by us at the box-office or by us at the video store or by us buying whatever it is they are selling. When we stop wanting whatever it is they are selling they don't get paid anymore. One of the reason the country is going broke is: all the unnecessary, over-paid politicians.

  21. Bobbie Helms

    Whatever a home was worth in 2001 and 2002. Its worth that now. Homes have dropped down to that level. No matter what you have done….you do not get that money back. Its valued at 3 M plus…Its about 4 Million over priced. Sorry but that's reality, even for cA.

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