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Gross: The ‘lip window’ body modification

Gross The 'lip window' body modification

I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this.

This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is essentially the same as the pyrex plugs you see in people’s stretched ears, except, you know, it’s in this dude’s face and is also a lot more gross.

Lovely. Just imagine watching him eat. Eww.


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22 Responses to “Gross: The ‘lip window’ body modification”

  1. Gene Rose

    avevo visto questa foto su internet,veramente conturbante…nn ho niente contro piercing e tatuaggi ma qua veramente se uno si stufa come tappa il buco?

  2. Nicola Giove

    Non si può… almeno le orecchie hanno una certa capacita di rigenerazione, ma le labbra no! Io sono orripilato al solo pensiero di quando questa dovesse mangiar qualcosa.

  3. Mariama Strong-Williams

    lol. I asked my mom if I could get one just to mess with her. she said sure.

  4. Steven Roberts

    yeah it's disturbing but who gives a shit as long as she's not hurting someone else.

  5. Plum Gurly

    I believe it is a dude. A number of guys getting body mods look girlish.

  6. Antoine Spiteri

    maybe because i could be the next guy she comes to hand her cv to and i would have to refer her to a good clinical psychologist

  7. Patrick J. Colliano

    Individual personal statement here: "I chew tobacco and I think you should watch."

  8. Patrick J. Colliano

    I agree, and I don't think you're old-fashioned.

  9. Cristobal Ovalle Ortuzar

    that's just being an attention whore to the extreme, oh look at me I'm so special I mutilated my fucking mouth to let everyone see my teeth like they're any nice

    bitch should've had better parents, that's all

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