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Pregnant Woman Pulls Stun Gun From Bra, Attacks Bike Messenger

Pregnant Woman Stun Gun

Seattle, WA – A bike messenger was reportedly attacked by a pregnant woman wielding a stun gun.

Authorities said the incident took place on Fifth Avenue a little after 11 am. The bike messenger got into a heated verbal exchange with a driver at a crosswalk. After the man in the gray coupe honked his horn, the bike messenger allegedly kicked the wheel well of the car.

Although the messenger thought the exchange had ended, the man in the coupe soon caught up with him down the street. He was standing on the sidewalk when a pregnant woman allegedly got out of the car and began screaming at him.

The bike messenger said the woman pulled a stun gun out of her bra as she crossed the street. He then tried to escape, but his assailant managed to catch up with him. The pregnant woman then reportedly punched him twice in the face.

The driver of the gray coupe then got out of the car with his own stun gun. He proceeded to swing the weapon at the bike messenger. The two allegedly continued to attack the man before getting back into their car and driving away.

Police are now on the lookout for the pregnant woman and the driver of the gray coupe. The bike messenger wasn’t seriously hurt during the altercation.

This isn’t the first stun gun-related attack reported this month. A brother and sister in Oklahoma city allegedly used the device to rob several people in the area. They are said to have attacked car hops at Sonic and a shopper in a mall parking lot.

Oklahoma City police Master Sergeant Gary Knight said the suspects were eventually apprehended thanks to tips from the public.

“They were obviously on quite a crime spree pulling robbery after robbery after robbery,” Knight explained. “The female was armed with a stun gun or taser and used it numerous times on the victim, eventually taking the cash she had on her.”

What do you think about the bike messenger who was attacked by a pregnant woman with a stun gun?

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12 Responses to “Pregnant Woman Pulls Stun Gun From Bra, Attacks Bike Messenger”

  1. Chris Rizzo Ramos

    She is pregnant, how did he NOT get away from her? I can understand him not wanting to strike back or hurt her, but get away!

  2. Doreen Mandeville

    THAT was an abuse of the weapon. They were both in a car and couldve easily driven away and be done with it. Shame on both of them!

  3. Donna DeMuro

    Let me play devil's advocate here and say maybe she wasn't really pregnant. She could have been wearing a "fat suit". Never judge a book by its cover.

  4. Linda Sadler Pritz

    That young pregnant woman was taking her life in her hands, even with her weapon of choice! She was in a car and should have stayed in there. She jeopardized her life and her unborn child's. You use that thing when your about to be attacked!

  5. Chellbaby Easley

    i agree it was senseless and dumb however the dud e should not have kicked that car, in this world today you don't know what you're dealing with and he could have easily been killed for something that he didn't think through

  6. Pat Bassler

    Maybe the driver of the car should have shown courtesy towards the bike messenger. Most drivers are oblivious to bikers whether it be a bicycle, or motorcycle and consider them just people in their way. Honking at someone on a bike is dangerous as well because it could cause them to swerve into traffic or into a pedestrian.

  7. Michelle Clark Miller

    Don't know who was at fault, but you know, bicycles have to follow the same rules as vehicles while they're on the street. Many bikes have a 'yield or eat it' attitude, and act like they own the road…and that the DRIVERS MUST yield to THEM. That's not the case. Doesn't give the right for either person to attack the cyclist, but I bet he's not as innocent as he's trying to portray himself to be.

  8. Michelle Clark Miller

    He kicked the car. Someone honking at you does not give you the right to kick their vehicle. I'd like to hear both sides of the story. Bicyclists MUST follow the same rules of the road as regular drivers, but a lot of them have a 'yield or eat it' attitude towards cars, trucks, etc. Doesn't justify what these two people did to the cyclist, but I'm betting he's not as much the innocent victim as he's portraying himself to be.

  9. Kenny Ambiance

    "The bike messenger said the woman pulled a stun gun out of her bra as she crossed the street. He then tried to escape, but his assailant managed to catch up with him. The pregnant woman then reportedly punched him twice in the face."

    LOL? How is this even possible?

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