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Strongsville Strike: Four Teachers Cross Picket Line

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Four Strongsville teachers crossed the picket line and returned to their classroom. The Ohio teachers strike will enter its fourth week on Monday. A group of Strongsville Education Association protesters converged outside the office of School Board President David Frazee last week. Fellow school board member Carl Naso was also faced with picket sign-waving protesters outside of his office in nearby Beachwood last week.

During the third week of the Strongsville teachers strike student attendance reportedly increased. The current attendance rate now equals about 94 percent of that on a typical school day. The Ohio school district now has approximately 300 substitute teachers offering classroom instruction.

The Strongsville Education Association has questioned the validity of the grades which students took home on Friday. The end of the third week of the strike also marked the end of the third grading period and the last week before spring break.

A release from the union which represents the Strongsville striking teachers reads:

“Inconsistent grading procedures have some questioning the validity and long term impact of grades that are not issued by highly-qualified classroom teachers.”

No new contract negotiations have reportedly been scheduled. The Strongsville Education Association and the school board are still divided over specific requests, pay raises in particular. The requested salary increases would reportedly cost Strongsville homeowner’s about $80 more per year in taxes.

The striking Strongsville teachers filed a suit against the school district last week. The legal action was reportedly taken to force the district to release “some public records” about the substitute teachers and security procedures that were put in place during the strike.

David Frazee recently restated the school district’s position on pay raises – they can’t afford any. The school board president also noted that the district will negotiate with the Strongsville striking teachers again when the federal mediator calls a negotiating session and not before. A release from Frazee also stated that the school board has listened to the voters and that they will operate within current budget constraints.

On average, Strongsville teachers reportedly made about $70,500 on average during the 2011-12 school year. Union officials estimate their proposed contract would cost the school district approximately $1.5 million more through the next school year. District administrators maintain that the proposed contract would prompt a $2 million deficit.

What do you think about the Strongsville teachers strike?

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3 Responses to “Strongsville Strike: Four Teachers Cross Picket Line”

  1. Wendy Moore

    I’m sorry but this mrs linscott (sea president) is nothing more than the trash she represents for our children. she still has nothing worthwhile to offer the taxpayers and students. They realize their position has substantially weakened over the weeks with no community support including future levies. They are scarred as most of us hope they will lose their jobs! They have shown their true colors, the superintendent and boa need to continue to replace these teachers and build on the academic and extracurricular programs.
    (‘the Board continues to negotiate in good faith they presented a contract proposal that reflects the economic realities of these difficult fiscal times.”.
    Strongsville City Schools have installed “pay to play” cost savings measures and reduced expenditures. Expenditures in 2009 were $74,630,680 and were reduced to $67,240,464 in 2012, a decrease of $7,390,216. If the Strongsville City Schools continued on its current path, projected deficits are $1,193,135 for 2014; $4,677,231 for 2015; and $10,863,811 for 2016.

    The Strongsville City Schools Board of Education seeks community input and welcomes your questions. As a part of this process, the board reminds the community to write to connect to the school board or visit our website at’).

    Just think how much more we can give our kids for education including extracurricular activities.
    It very well could be the only school in ohio with the best of everything and a magnet for everyone desiring to attend.
    Furthermore, maybe we can now get serious about education without union bs and give these student an exceptional learning experience.
    Ohio is watching to see what the leaders of Strongsville can do without union’s interference and impediments to education that has been dragging our county’s education program down in the world to #19 overall (#40 in some categories’) from the #1 place we held decades long ago.
    let the boe and superintendent continue to restructure the labor force. Everyone will win except the union!
    In the meantime there should be a police car at each strongsville teachers' strike location to protect the superintendent and boe members' workplace, home property and their children from any potential harm brought on by these union teacher thugs.
    The following are excerpts from legal opinions published by the Ohio.
    State Employment Relations Board (known as SERB) cites the the opinions are included:

    "Picketing the home of the executive director of the Ohio turnpike commission in connection with a labor dispute is a violation of RC 4117.11(B) In Re Ohio Turnpike Commission SERB-95-014 (9-29-95).

    another SERB decision, "Bargaining unit employees who gather near homes of two county officials, signing songs and carrying signs, violate RC 4117.11(B)(7) In Re AFSCME, Ohio Council 8, SERB 90-015 (9-14-90).
    It would be easy to prove the union is inducing or encouraging its members to picket at the homes, they are violating the ohio revised codes, the privacy, workplace and jeopardizing their children and families safety. a class action suite should be brought against this teachers union and all their intimidating tactics!
    Why don’t we post the names, addresses, and phone numbers and picket these striking teachers’ homes to how they like it.
    Furthermore, we could save more money if we didn’t have to provide security against the teacher union thugs.

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