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Twitter Sued For $50M Over Anti-Semitic Tweet Data

Twitter Sued For $50M

Twitter was sued for $50M by the Union of Jewish French Students (UJFS) after the social network refused to give out user data for anti-Semitic tweets.

The case goes back to October when Twitter saw several anti-Semitic French-language tweets, which were tied to the hashtag #unbonjuif (translated to “A good Jew”).

The tweets prompted the student union, as well as several other anti-racism groups, to ask Twitter to remove the tweets and the hashtag. The social network complied and deleted the tweets it deemed racist.

But it was not enough. UEJF also asked for more information about the users who were sending the anti-Semitic messages. The union sued Twitter in a civil case late last year that asked the identities of the users in France. This way, the union could prosecute them under France’s anti-hate speech laws. A French court ruled in January that the social network needed to comply with the demands.

Twitter responded to the ruling, saying, “we are currently reviewing the court’s decision.” The court gave the social network at 15-day deadline to either give up the names or file an appeal to the decision. But UEJF asserted that the social network didn’t follow the court’s demands.

Thus, the union sued Twitter for $50M for failing to comply. In their filing, UEJF President Jonathan Hayoun stated:

“Twitter is playing the indifference card and does not respect the ruling. They have resolved to protect the anonymity of the authors of these tweets and have made themselves accomplices to racists and anti-Semites.”

Twitter responded to the $50M lawsuit, saying that it followed the rules set by the court’s ruling and had no intention to delay in its filing. A spokesperson for the social network likened the lawsuit to “grandstanding” by the group and added that the company would be filing an appeal.

Do you think it is too much for the Union of Jewish French Students to sue Twitter for $50M, or are they justified in their actions?

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6 Responses to “Twitter Sued For $50M Over Anti-Semitic Tweet Data”

  1. John Cox

    Twitter complied and deleted the remarks and the hashtag.

    But that wasn't enough so they sue Twitter for not revealing confidential information.

    Way to give your group a good name. (y)

  2. Yugure Dragonwing

    I think they're being stereotypically Jewish about the whole thing… It's embarrassing to themselves and all other Jewish people that they just see dollar signs because random people, who Twitter is not directly responsible for, posted some potentially bad things…

  3. Sarina Ziv

    Plenty of non-Jews sue for big bucks, are they acting like a stereotypical Jew as well? 'Grandstanding' means this organization doesn't really want the money, they want to make a statement that Twitter can't simply ignore a legal ruling. In Europe, there is no freedom of speech if the speech is hateful to ANY group. Twitter is playing by American rules, but operating in other countries and therefore must respect the rulings of those countries. Racism and anti-Semitism are real threats in France, where synagogues are still HIDDEN and require SECURITY PROTECTION due to threats made against them. One simply cannot look at this case from an American viewpoint, since the laws and circumstances are completely different.

  4. Reiko Taos

    Yes lets all find these evil-word users and put them in jail… didn't the romans do that back in the early first century? Twitter an american company follows american laws, if they filed it here not in..France >.> #Sillyness… well if it was filed here and a judge wanted to invade privacy and release private information about people whom are protected by thr freedom of speech laws then maybe. Now if twitter was a french owned or based company I would have no issue if they wanted to say whatever or give up names like a snitch.

  5. Joey Dirt

    Twitter deserves $10 million from the Jews for their having to put up with this. -> #unbonjuif is one who gives twitter $10 million for twitter having to put up with this.

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