PIC: Did Venus Williams go pantyless at the Australian Open?

The interwebs seems to have come down with a fever, a fever that can only be subdued with unexpected ass exposure in female athletes.

Videos and stills of whoa OMG that’s Gillian Cooke’s bare ass bobsledding! wasn’t enough for all you ass hungry Googlers, and now everyone wants to know if Venus Williams was wearing panties in the above pic, taken at the Australian Open. While viewers across the world did get a good look at the junk in Venus’ trunk, a less popular pic reveals the curvy tennis star was indeed wearing a thong of some sort- albeit one that very, very closely matched her skin tone.

So no, Venus didn’t play tennis with no panties for the world to see. But you can stare at her ass in the pic above, and no one can ever take that away from you.