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‘Iron Man 3’ Spoiled Slightly By Feige, Downey, And Paltrow

Can’t wait until May for Iron Man 3 to open in theaters? We’ve got your back. Disney and Marvel Studios have published Q&A transcripts for Kevin Feige (Marvel’s movie big-wig), Robert Downey Jr., and Gwyneth Paltrow. They talk plot points, new cast members, and reveal that a familiar character will be “suiting up” for the very first time.

SPOILER ALERT! Needless to say, if you want an Iron Man 3 experience that is pure as the driven snow, stop reading here.

Robert Downey Jr. will probably play Iron Man as long as Marvel will have him (and really, can you imagine anyone else?), but his contract expires after Iron Man 3. Sure, he’ll be back in Avengers 2 for sure, but just in case this is his last solo film, Marvel Studios has made sure to pull out all the stops and jump all of the sharks for Shane Black’s three-quel.

So what are we to expect from Iron Man 3?

First of all, those scenes from the trailer where Stark’s beachfront mansion is destroyed and he’s seen dragging a broken suit of armor through a snowy forest? That’s just Act One.

“So by the end of the first act of Iron Man 3, his house is gone,” said Feige. “His technology is gone. All he has is a barely functioning, prototype suit that, soon after he escapes from the house that’s destroyed, is not functioning at all.”

But why?

“It is a lot of fun to see Tony out of his element, without any of his toys, with just his mind, to see how he can overcome and there are villains that come and attack him in this sequence, with no suit at all to grab,” said Feige, adding that Tony will have to “get out of that cave with a box of scraps” all over again (a reference to Iron Man).

What is the state of the Tony Stark/Pepper Potts relationship in Iron Man 3? “”So they are living together and they are in a committed relationship, which again is somewhat unique to the superhero genre. That is one of the reasons we really wanted to do it,” said Feige, who added that the relationship is not without conflict. Tony Stark has poured his stress from PTSD into his work, building suit after suit. “It’s an obsession and, as Pepper calls it, his distraction. It’s clearly affecting their relationship.”

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out from toys, hints, or trailer clips, Pepper suits up for the first time in her very own set of armor.

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