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Aurora Shooter James Holmes Converts To Islam [Report]

James Holmes Islam

James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people last July at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, has reportedly converted to Islam.

Holmes has exhibited extremely erratic behavior since his arrest on July 20, after a shooting that left 12 dead and 58 people wounded. He has since reportedly converted to Islam, observing a strict Muslim diet, studying the Qur’an, and praying up to five times a day. Holmes was in court last month wearing a beard, which one source says is a symbol of his new-found faith.

The source also said that Holmes converted to Islam in order to justify his crimes.

“He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels,” a source told The National Enquirer, a tabloid.

The source continues that Holmes’ Muslim inmates are unhappy with his conversion to the religion.

“None of them condone forms of terrorism or extremism,” the source said. “And they don’t want their religion to be connected to that awful shooting.”

Holmes is charged with 166 counts of murder and attempted murder. A Colorado judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf earlier this month. If convicted, Holmes could spend the rest of his life in jail, or possibly be put to death.

Prosecutors haven’t said whether they’ll pursue the death penalty yet, but will make their decision public on April 1. Holmes’ own lawyers have raised questions about his mental health. He was allegedly held, with restraints, in the psychiatric ward for several days last fall, because he was considered a danger to himself.

Being that it is a tabloid report, the possibility that James Holmes has converted to Islam is more than a little doubtful. The Enquirer has reported solid exposés in the past regarding John Edwards and Tiger Woods, but most of their daily coverage has been criticized for falling short of basic industry standards.

Do you think reports that James Holmes has converted to Islam are true?

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97 Responses to “Aurora Shooter James Holmes Converts To Islam [Report]”

  1. Sean Vichinsky

    A six year old girl is not an infidel in any religion. Just fry this insane guy already and get it over with so we can erase him from history forever.

  2. Cole Raiden Walsh

    Very dumb comment. Radical Muslims make the religion look bad. Most followers are not violent…..

  3. Joe S Hill

    Don't really see the point here, on why this Mass shooter suddenly thinks that converting to Islam is going to make a.
    whole lot of difference,, because it won't! if he had been wiser in accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior, it would've been in his favor-but whatever else that James Holmes is thinking,, his Mass shooting spree will not get him.
    off any hook, even if he's found innocent, by reason of insanity, he still has to pay for the lives he took-and whatever.
    happens at this point, it'll be up to Jury to decide his fate. so if he thinks being an Islamist will do him any good, it.
    won't,, nor will an insanity plea-because he needs to be responsible for his actions!

  4. Nic Brown



  5. JayCee Scott

    Just too bad they brought Holmes in alive, He should have arrived at the sally-port in a body bag. I believe he converted to islam on the suggestion of his attorney.

  6. Rodrigo Juan Vargas

    Lemme see…… 72 times 12 equals ummmm…… tap tap tap (calculator) tap tap……. (equals button)…… uhh that's 864 Virgins. Maybe that's it.

  7. Robert Van Meter

    Americans aren't violent?????? Really??? Is America being Occupied by an Islamic country who is building pipelines and taking our resources?

  8. Troy O'Brien

    Dude doesn't deserve the Death Penalty. It's a way out. Lock him in a straight jacket and make him suffer for the time that he took from so many people.

  9. Raymond Troy Hopson

    Ignorant comment. Yes, they have different views. Yes, there is serious violence in the region where the religion is prominent. NO, Muslims are NOT violent. Christians have pillaged and plundered and raped for thousands of years in the name of God, and the United States is prominently Chirstian… Huh…

  10. Joseph Taylor

    Send him to a radical islamic nation then…let them deal with him!

  11. Jordan Tyler Sullivan

    I really don't think he is truly accepting Islam as a religion, so if he "accepted" Christianity, it would hardly make a difference. He is just trying to use it as an excuse to kill those people.
    If he had "converted" to Christianity, it would be something along the lines of "God told me that those people were demons," or something as stupid as the infidel thing.

  12. Cambridge Cannady

    Don't read much into this dumb publicity stunt, it's just the random machinations of a madman with too much free time; He's looking to draw attention to himself and shift the blame wherever he can.

  13. Jake Farhang

    Islam is the crazy and violent religion?? do your research, buddy. two words for you: "Crusades" and "Holocaust".

  14. Khalid Mahmood Ansari

    This is ridiculous. So, they are going to blame Islam now again…same like they killed their own people on 9/11 and then blamed Islam on the name of f***ing talibans. (we believe that talibans are America's creation.)

  15. Robert Sickinger

    I would hope that someone takes a baseball bat and breaks it over his islamic head.

  16. Erock Raposo

    A lot of prisoners that murdered people to do time end up finding "faith" no matter what the religion… three hail marrys a confession and your good to go to the big mans house…finding a religion isn't going to help you, you piece of shit..although I wouldn't be surprised with the way the world is today.

  17. Dan Packer


  18. Jayrado SmokedOut

    Another way to demonize muslims and take the focus off the true demons "OUR OWN GOVERNMENT".That shooting was carried out by the CIA and so was Sandy Hook in order to justify Gun control so Obama's tyranny can start. I can't wait till Obama rears his ugly side and I'm going to tell everyone I told you so!

  19. Anonymous

    I'm grateful he converted to Islam and hope he becomes a good muslim. But justice has to pay, whatever the court decides on his fate should be respected.

  20. Benjamin Flores

    Actually to an Islamist she is an infidel……As they practice FGM (female genital mutilation) a practice that is rare or unheard of here in the United States. Islam is a way of life socially, economically, and religiously … here in the United States it is identified as a ONLY a religion, which is only 20% of the total Islamic belief system….We must educate to all people of the United States…that an total Islamic belief system is an enemy to the U.S. Constitution….Not to be confused with there faith with is only 20 % of a total islamic belief system… we must dissect this belief system to figure its true intent

  21. Perry Percle

    but wait first the lawyers have to make a few million dollars defending him. and tv will carry the trial for months on end. throw the switch not and save the taxpayers a fortune

  22. Jon Sanders

    Hes just trying to justify his F*&ked way of thinking. What a loser.

  23. Nathaniel Henry

    I work with and have muslim friends. At least in my experience they are just the same as anyone else. Quit inventing a bad guy and quit being so afraid of the "other" and lastly, quit trying to convince others of your ill conceived ideas about other people that you actually have very little experience with. It's not that different than people hating hispanics for no other reason than irrational fear is it not?

  24. Nathaniel Henry

    Nobody incarcerates more of it's citizens than us in America. Who are the violent ones? Stop the stupid lazy and weak minded generalizations.

  25. Kurt Parry

    This just in, he has also been compelled to convert his sexual preference to men. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  26. Jay Edwards

    We don't care what religion he is, we care about what he did.

  27. Frank 'exodus' Macera

    do not let him become a martyr…..let him rot in a deep dark hole with rats….life in prison!

  28. John Powers

    Actually Nathaniel, with all do respect, your examples are the anecdotal ones. You are operating under the false assumption that because your white collar friends at work are nice, all muslims must be peace loving and essentially the same as everyone else. However, statistics tell a different story that may not jive with our 21st century progressive political worldview. As of December of last year, the total death toll of self described islamic terrorist attacks reach 20k. The 20,000th occurred when a Jewish woman was cut in pieces in Iran by religious radicals “intent on expanding a mosque.” Some 1,800 deadly Muslim terror attacks happen each year, amounting to about 150 a month and five a day. So for one to assume that the likelihood an Islamist is more prone to violence than say a Buddhist is actually quite reasonable based on factual evidence. We all do not have the luxury of getting to know each and every person on a first name basis so we operate under the best assumptions that we have. Not all spiders are dangerous, but I keep my distance anyway having encountered many that are.

  29. Chris Krueger

    he's trying to get ignorant, mostly white, Christian, mostly republican americans to blame islam for the senseless murders of innocent patrons at a movie theater. use your head.

  30. Vincent Vega

    Cole Raiden Walsh Actually, it's the other way around. The nice peaceful Muslims make Islam look harmless and benign when it's anything but that.

  31. Gary Norton

    Jake Farhang Actually, you need to do some research. The Crusades happened after Islam had conquered most of the known world, and were slaughtering pilgrim en route to Jerusalem en masse. The Crusades were to help establish a safe route for ALL to travel to Jerusalem. And the holocaust? You mean sort of like the current attempts by radical muslims to eradicate all jews and infidels? yeah, but lets ignore those inconvenient facts in favor of political correctness towards a group of people who utterly and completely hate our way of life.

  32. Gary Norton

    No, he's trying to get ignorant, bleeding heart, PC-to-death, crybaby liberal muslim apologists to set him free now that he has converted to the "only true religion". Use your head.

  33. Gary Norton

    He converted to Islam in an effort to get tried under Sharia law, since this act would not require any punishment, but to the contrary, he'd be rewarded for helping cleanse the planet of infidels.

  34. Chris Krueger

    Man, you know what, you got a good point. What exactly is a muslim apologist though? I say let him out of PC in the joint and see what his brothers got to say. I think that they would feel he is using Islam as a scapegoat, especially when he reportedly tried to use jihad as a reason for his crimes.

  35. Arafat Isoriginal

    He murdered innocent people. If tried under Sharia law, he would have been executed. However, you are ignorant and a victim of what the media is feeding you of what Islam is really about.

  36. Arafat Isoriginal

    Gary Norton, you are so far into this "American media" that you cannot tell the difference between an actual news report and snook getting a new hairstyle.

  37. Tim Zeigler

    Really??? Robert Last I heard this country is over a trillion in dept over Iraq so how is this country stealing from them.

  38. Don Killua

    I agree you with John, but you should put things in context. How many people get kill by the Mexican drug gang. How many civilian death toll by the usa military that is not shown on media? I dislike Islam but everything must be in context.

  39. Stephanie Pillai

    "So for one to assume that the likelihood an Islamist is more prone to violence than say a Buddhist is actually quite reasonable based on factual evidence" . . . I beg to differ. You are trying to represent an entire religion as being "prone to violence" based on a fringe group of extremists that most Muslims would not even consider true followers of Islam. Also, do you even know what an Islamist is? You cannot compare an Islamist to a Buddhist. Islamism is a political ideology, Buddhism is a religion. If you were trying to insult anyone, you used the incorrect terminology. Not all Islamists (as you say) or Muslims (what you were trying to say) are prone to violence. Take for example the AKP in Turkey. They are a self-proclaimed Islamist party that happens to hold the most seats in Parliament.

  40. Lucius Austin

    In other owrds, it was an act of GOD-ALLAH that he shot 72 people.
    Like the nut case that shot Reagan.
    WOn't work.
    Need to stop stalling and face up to what he's done.

  41. Benjamin Flores

    Nathaniel Henry Do you know the difference between an Islamist and a Muslim? They are NOT the same thing that is how they fall in the guise of a religion…

  42. Anonymous

    John Powers, U say five deadly muslim attacks a day, you know that 34 people are murdered in the US EACH DAY? you people say that muslims are the terrorists, but your own people are killing enough people to equal a 9/11 each 3 months.

  43. Rodrigo Juan Vargas

    Well then Arafat and Hamzah, Maybe if he had converted to the religion of peace, and I had somehow in your eyes (or in your minds) You had not been so insulted by my satire, you would not have commented at all. After all, I have never read (or heard) a story of someone of the Islam faith commiting mass murder of our children. At least not for the reward of 'paradise' ……… I am a Panthiest and therfore I am not open to your critisism. 'allah' and 'god' are one in the same. Now…….. which is the religion of 'peace' again ?

  44. Dave Henrickson

    So what's with the mustache? Shaving the beard is not permissible, according to the saying of the Prophet Salallaahu alayhi wasallam in an authentic Hadith: "Clip your moustaches and grow your beards, differ from the polytheists." (Al-Bukhari no.5892 and Muslim no.259).

  45. Dave Henrickson

    So what's with the mustache? Shaving the beard is not permissible, according to the saying of the Prophet Salallaahu alayhi wasallam in an authentic Hadith: "Clip your moustaches and grow your beards, differ from the polytheists." (Al-Bukhari no.5892 and Muslim no.259).

  46. Gary Norton

    Just calling it like I see it every day all around the world. But I guess I should just take the word of someone willfully indoctrinated with a fairy tale, rather than what I read about. We all know the media is SOOOOO critical of Islam at every turn, except for their complete refusal to report on anything negative to do with Islam.

  47. Taha Ali

    About these statistics – I read that the US hate sector (we know who they are) actually classifies suicide bombings and acts of warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq as "terrorist acts". That's the only way to get this absurd count of 20k. 5 attacks a day, huh? As a person who has spent nearly 30 years in Muslim countries – how's that for "anecdotal evidence" – these figures are laughable.

    By this logic, the US is well past the several million mark. And even the Buddhists (from Sri Lanka) are terrorists. Decades of suicide bombing during civil war.

    Could we have the methodology for these statistics please?

    It's really silly. A narrow interpretation of the last ten years is being used to pass judgement on a 1600 year old culture.

  48. John Cox

    Many of my friends are Muslim too. And there are millions of nice Muslims in the world. But the point is that whilst all people are the same, basically, their attitudes are influenced by their culture and religion. Muslim's just so happen to have a religion that promotes the killing of people. Most, if not all, other religions promote peace and harmony.

  49. Debbie Pine

    Nathaniel Henry We shouldn't believe everything we hear especially that which is leaked to the media. " the Qur'an as a healing source in times of psychological and spiritual distress. " They believe that when death occurs the soul returns to his or her creator.

  50. Debbie Pine

    Cole Raiden Walsh He was never a violent person Cole. He didn't have any traits that set him a side from all the Personality disorders. He was brought up in a very good environment with good loving parents. Many would turn to Muslim for the spiritual element of healing.

  51. Debbie Pine

    Cole Raiden Walsh As far as I know USA invaded Iraq, killing many thousands of innocent, men, women and children under the false pretense that they had deadly weapons. These children then had to grow up in a very violent environment. Ten year olds would become over twenty year olds with a very strong hatred for USA. So many people all over, have this eye for an eye mentality a death for a death. Is it anyone wonder that radical islams have the same eye for an eye mentality. Young children in Afghanistan had to go through the war with Russia and then again with USA. War is all they know. It's the environment they were brought up in. Rogue USA soldiers purposely killed innocent men, women and children. So they retaliate with a death for a death. You have a look at USA culture. They are making far more sensational and more violent Films. Far more violent killing video games. Society is thriving on the violence.

  52. Debbie Pine

    Under law Sean you cannot give someone who is insane the death penalty. If we did that it would make us barbarians. You said insane, yet to have a fair trail, they first have to prove he was indeed insane at the time.

  53. Robert Van Meter

    Americans are just as violent. We kill,arm and invade more than Islam could dream of. Yes their is extremists in Islam, but the U.S. also seeks these people to fight their battles, and they often then turn on us. The media only covers small snippets .

  54. Debbie Pine

    Benjamin Flores Actually i don't believe that a six year old should be placed in any violent situation. One wouldn't be expected to find young children in an audience with that type of violent movie at midnight ? It wouldn't have been brightly lit up to show any children ? They certainly wouldn't be seen as infidels no. USA killed many innocent children in Iraq. 45,779 children killed. Isn't collateral damage a military term and the violent military video games have a kill count going on the large number of kills they make as well as having collateral damage theme but points are gained on the number of kills. They become superhero's in the games. There are no children in their random killing of people in those games with military style weapons. Christianity teaches satan and the Devil. If a person has a psychological disorder by christian faith, they would be called possessed by the Devil. In psychology Lucifer would be a psychological term for bringing the light. Muslim is closer to psychology in that they do believe in healing psychological problems with healing just as medical science does.

  55. Debbie Pine

    I highly doubt it Karen. He has already claimed his guilt. I find the people of Aurora, while reasonably angry over his actions, have become homicidal as well. If they want to jump on the bandwagon they are going to convince themselves this story is true. I think it's a very sick world of media deception. When the Malaysia plane went missing, our newspaper had headlines that it was a terrorist attack carried out by Muslims and showed military terrorists on the plane with guns. It's also another opportunity to spread the hatred of islam.

  56. Debbie Pine

    I highly doubt it Karen. He has already claimed his guilt. I find the people of Aurora, while reasonably angry over his actions, have become homicidal as well. If they want to jump on the bandwagon they are going to convince themselves this story is true. I think it's a very sick world of media deception. When the Malaysia plane went missing, our newspaper had headlines that it was a terrorist attack carried out by Muslims and showed military terrorists on the plane with guns. It's also another opportunity to spread the hatred of islam.

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