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Octomom Fraud Case: Nayda Suleman Investigated For Abusing Welfare

Octomom Fraud Case: Nayda Suleman Investigated For Abusing Welfare

Octomom is under investigation for fraud for a cause of suspected welfare abuse that could have her serving prison time.

Nadya Suleman is being investigated after a complaint was filed that she committed welfare fraud. The allegations reportedly were made last week to the L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation, claiming that Octomom was getting public benefits despite making close to $200,000 in 2012.

The threshold for Octomom to collect welfare for a family of 14 children is $119,000 or less, TMZ reported.

The welfare investigation unit is reportedly in the midst of a probe about Octomom’s welfare fraud and has interviewed several witnesses.

Octomom had been seeking some new ways to find income in the past year. She stopped taking welfare money in mid 2012 as she embarked on a career in the adult film business and as a stripper, but reportedly went back on welfare in early 2013.

At the time, it was reported that she was receiving $1,800 per month for food and $1,000 for emergency cash. The family also received Medi-Cal benefits along with mental health and dental payments.

Octomom has faced other legal troubles as well. In February her home was reportedly raided by the Department of Child and Family Services after a former nanny claimed that Suleman was abusing drugs and alcohol. The nanny said Octomom was blacking out and failing to care for her children.

Though it allegedly wasn’t the first time the agency paid a visit to Octomom’s home, DCFS was unable to find sufficient evidence in February to remove the children from Suleman’s care.

Octomom gained fame in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets, but public sentiment turned against her when it was later revealed that she already had six other children with little means to support them.

If Octomom is convicted of welfare fraud, she could face more than three years in prison.

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5 Responses to “Octomom Fraud Case: Nayda Suleman Investigated For Abusing Welfare”

  1. Raquel Deloatch

    It's only a $1000 give a or take a couple of hundered. If she went over the amount let her pay it back.

  2. Sandy Radcliffe

    The doctor who did the IVF for her should be supporting those 8 babies or they should have been put up for adoption since she had NO WAY of supporting them. And where is the fathers of the other 6 kids? Did she just go around having babies for the government to take care of? She's running her own orphanage tax free.

  3. Raquel Deloatch

    Stop hating the Woman. What is done is done. Removing HER children from her care is only going to hurt the Children NOT her. If you remove the children from her care just because she can't afford them then you will have to remove all children from their parents because they can't afford them. Trust me, I have conversations with people that's been in Foster care and heard to many distrubing stories from pyshical to sexual abuse. Many states laws have aboutt having additional children when parent is already receiving public assistance. Her state didn't however. Its not the doctor nor the donor fought. Futhermore what more important than any statement I made. If GOD didn't want them children to be born, they would have died. She was destine to be their mother for only GOD knows. And who are we to question that.

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