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‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler Alerts: Two Character Deaths Expected Before Finale

the walking dead season finale

The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that two characters will not live to grace our television screen in Season 4. It is unknown if the characters killed will be minor or major – or perhaps one of each. If fan favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) becomes zombie chow, millions of angry women might start picketing AMC headquarters.

Milton (Dallas Roberts) is scheduled to play a police detective on a CBS series, Unforgettable. While it is possible the actor is planning on juggling both roles, the new job has many The Walking Dead fans thinking the Governor’s right-hand man may soon wind up in the Woodbury leader’s “workshop.” Andrea (Laurie Holden) currently occupies the barber’s chair inside the hidden torture chamber. Poor Laurie was almost safely back with her group of pals when The Governor snatched her away.

A very unofficial poll of The Walking Dead fans asked which character they would most want to see meet an untimely demise this season. The dubious honor went to little Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs. Rick’s mental health would likely suffer if forced to deal with such a heart-wrenching blow.

The Walking Dead spoiler alerts also indicate that one cast member will die during the next episode. Some of the 11.5 million viewers of the hit show think Michonne will be the next cast member mourned during a comical Talking Dead segment.

The prison group will supposedly try one more time for a truce with the Governor. Rick already discussed with Hershel the very real possibility that even if the prison group gives up Michonne, the Woodbury leader will likely still attack.

A preview clip for the next episode of The Walking Dead appears to indicate that Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) ventures back inside the post-apocalypse town he once helped rule. Perhaps the elder Dixon brother will seek vengeance on the Governor and avert an all-out war between the two groups.

When asked about the upcoming episode during a recent interview, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) stated that it would be both “epic” and very emotional.

walking dead spoiler alerts

Photos allegedly shot for the next episode of Walking Dead appear to show Merle Dixon as a … gasp … walker. The rough looking Merle could merely have sore eyes after fighting to kill the Governor – or just about anyone who got in his way. But the image does give some credence to spoiler alerts about the death of Merle Dixon. Merle’s one saving grace is his love for baby brother Daryl. Perhaps a touching death scene between the two siblings is exactly the emotional drama Andrew Lincoln coyly referenced.


Merle Dixon dies after he is strangled by the Governor, according to the spoiler alert. Merle then bites both Ben and Martinez. Daryl find Martinez and mercifully puts him down – and then finds the zombie version of his older brother.

walking dead spoilers alerts

What two characters would you kill off The Walking Dead before the end of Season 3?

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13 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler Alerts: Two Character Deaths Expected Before Finale”

  1. Chandra Jordan

    Martinez can't be bit in E15, he's seen briefly in a promo for the finale, during the Marathon promo AMC did.

  2. Ann Williams

    I don't know if I buy Merle dying – because in a bunch of the promos this season they've put look alike shots of a lot of the cast members. At one point fans swore that one of the zombies looked like Darryl, for example.

  3. Rob Sze

    I call bullshit on Martinez getting bit…he is seen in the finale firing a rocket launcher

  4. Anonymous

    The end of S3 is the end of hte Woodbury story arc. Hence, he Governor is going down, and many of his people with him. Only question left is which of Rick's group dies. I think Merle, Herschel, Judith and perhaps even Carol.

  5. Frank Rogers

    Carl wont die simply because, in the comic series, the story line is based on Carl as he grows up and becomes the leader.

  6. Penni J. Colello

    I read spoilers about Martinez & Rick running through the woods…that has not happened. Some of the spoilers changed over the months. We all know now that Merle turned & Daryl put him down ;( I saw that spoiler the day after "Prey-14." But can't find any spoilers for the finale. Maybe that's a good thing so I can be surprised for once! My guesses on who's next to die, The Governor (Merle & The Gov are the 2 main characters) but maybe Hershel, Beth, or Milton will die too. Carl is safe, that's already been spoiled. And if baby Judith does, that will be upsetting. I think Rick is finally getting his sanity back & that would be just another low blow for him to take. Daryl ain't goin nowhere! He's too important to the group!

  7. Kyler Waitley

    Why all the hate for Carl? He's bad ass this season!

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