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YouTube Prankster Arrested For Jumping Over Cops [Video]


Can jumping over a police officer land you in jail? Two Florida cops say yes.

Charles Ross, an eighteen-year-old YouTube prankster, was reportedly arrested after videoing himself performing a front flip over two unsuspecting police officers.

In the clip, which was uploaded to the web on Saturday, Ross places his camera in position then jumps over two uniformed cops sitting on a park picnic table.

Unimpressed by the teen’s stunt, the cops threaten to hurt Ross and arrest him if he ever attempts something like it again.

“Next time you do this I will break your freakin neck,” one of the cops can be heard saying.

Once the officers realize the entire incident was being recorded, they inform Ross they will erase the video and “ruin his day.”

The prankster appears to attempt to make a run for it, but the officers quickly cut him off, pinning him to the ground as they handcuff him.

The clip (seen below) ends when one of the police officers grabs the camera and shuts it off.

Ross, who operates the YouTube channel Ross Creations, is notorious for his outlandish pranks, which which range from kissing strangers to performing handstands over sunbathers.

At the time of this article, Ross Creations had over 96,000 subscribers and nearly eight million video views.

You can check out some of Charles Ross’ YouTube pranks in the videos below:

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ross’ cop jumping stunt wasn’t the first prank that has landed him in jail.

In January, the YouTuber was arrested for allegedly giving wedgies to people outside of a movie theater in his hometown. The footage from that prank was never uploaded to his channel.

Readers: Do you think Ross should have been arrested for jumping over the two cops? Do you think the entire prank was staged?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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21 Responses to “YouTube Prankster Arrested For Jumping Over Cops [Video]”

  1. Nathan Francis

    The policemen should have kept their cool and not threatened him they way they did, but that aside he did deserve to be ticketed for what he did. If one of those cops happened to stand up when the kid was mid-jump they both could have been hurt badly. That fits the bill for disorderly conduct or endangerment, I'd say.

  2. Kelly Livers

    stupid cops if you ask me, he didn't hurt anyone and they had no business even talking to him in that manner, they should both be suspended without pay and lose their jobs, abuse of the uniform if you ask me.

  3. Rose Blankenship

    It looks like the cops were looking right at him when he began his stunt…..and what are the police sitting at a picnic table on duty lol……it didn't look like they were there for business…..

  4. Jenny Garnsey

    Number one, yes, people need to show some respect to officers of the law. They risk their lives just putting on the uniform. Number 2, if this was not a set up, then they really should have kept their cool about the situation and given a sitation. Number 3, unless they are in the state of Maryland or there was a goverment building in the backround, they have no right to erase his footage, because they are public service workers and citizens have the right to video tape them. Especially during a citation write up or an arrest. However, in the state of Maryland, it is against the law to ideo tape a law enforcement officer and they can arrst you even if its from inside your own home and you're recording them through the window. That law is bogus and should be repealed. If you put on the blues, and hold athority over others, then citizens should have the right to make sure you don't get power happy and abuse those powers on us. And if you do, we have proof that you did.

  5. Danny Woodford

    Dude????? They could have easily laughed it off and spent time dealing with real crime instead of taking the eazy mark in to the station and wasted time and resources sending a kid through the system. Now there is more bad PR for florida cops rousting non criminals. When I was a kid in Florida 20 years ago that would never have resulted in an arrest. Times they are a changing faster and faster.

  6. Travis Russell

    Is there such thing as a "good cop" anymore? they all seem to be power hungry jagoffs with nothing better to do than harass and abuse rather than protect and serve.

  7. Travis Franzen

    this is just freaking retarded, jumping over a police officer is not assaulting nor is it hindering their abilities to do resolve some of the bigger and needless to say more worthy crimes that would better resemble our hard earned tax dollars that pay their lazy asses, but yet again just comes to show you that even the smallest power can create the biggest clusterfuck.

  8. Robyn Perovich-Larson

    All this does is make them look stupid. And then they wonder why the population doesn't have respect for law enforcement, because ones like this make it bad for all the rest.

  9. Mary Bullock

    the cops did the right thing.If he would of kicked the cop in the head he would of been arrested for assult on a police officer, and that carries a sentence of no less than 5 years.

  10. Mike Baughman

    Wow really? You guys are assholes. How did this do anything to your stature? Oh wait, you're going to BAD ASS up, to make a statement. Jerks.

  11. Irene Rose

    yes, I do think that these kids should go to jail.
    those cops was there enjoying their lunch or what ever. they could have hurt real bad. I think they , the kids deserved what they got..

  12. Jonathan Moore

    The words the cops used were out of line but after watching this video a few times, I think those cops or that man may have been seriously injured if one of them stood up. A kick to the throat or eye would really ruin your day, not to mention what would have happened to Charles if things went wrong, I'm really glad this is so popular so other idiots don't try similar stunts that may cause injury.

  13. Kyle Mohney

    I agree, but unfortunately they don't even get fired when the kill people in cold blood. There is no way these 2 clowns will loose their jobs.

  14. Nicole Smith

    So stupid. these cops just look for an excuse to use their authority. such bullshit.

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