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John Boehner: My Gay Marriage Stance Isn’t Going To Change

John Boehner: My Gay Marriage Stance Would Be The Same If I Had A Gay Child

John Boehner said his gay marriage stance isn’t changing, even if others in his party are softening in their views.

Despite some high-profile defections from GOP members, the House of Representatives Speaker said on Sunday that he cannot imagine ever supporting gay marriage.

“I believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. It’s what I grew up with. It’s what I believe. It’s what my church teaches me. And I can’t imagine that position would ever change,” said Boehner, who is a Roman Catholic, on ABC’s This Week.

Boehner’s gay marriage stance comes as public sentiment has turned more toward acceptance. Polls now show that more than 50 percent of Americans back same-sex marriage, and nine states and Washington, D.C., now recognize gay marriage.

This week Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he would no longer oppose gay marriage, and at the same time he announced that his 21-year-old son Will is gay. Portman said he had a “change of heart” on the issue after the GOP’s resounding defeat in the November election.

“I’m announcing today a change of heart on an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about that has to do with gay couples’ opportunity to marry,” Portman said, adding, “I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, personally, I think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy and stability of marriage that I’ve had for over 26 years. That I want all of my children to have, including our son, who is gay.”

Portman joins a number of other Republicans who have changed course on gay marriage. Once seen as a pre-requisite for GOP leaders, gay marriage opposition has become an increasingly smaller issue.

In anticipation of a Supreme Court challenge of California’s gay marriage ban, more than 75 Republicans signed a letter supporting marriage rights. The list of those signed on to support gay marriage included some who had not spoken out on the issue before and others who reversed their stance from previous opposition.

Boehner reiterated that his gay marriage opposition will remain unchanged.

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16 Responses to “John Boehner: My Gay Marriage Stance Isn’t Going To Change”

  1. Eric Sanchez

    A Republican figurehead who stands by his convictions instead of standing there with his finger in the pro-establishment wind trying to find his convictions.

  2. David Lee Pope

    Duke Sheaffer you are the only idiot. its good to see people like rosemarie standing up to the sickness

  3. Ronald Smith

    It's time politicians stand for what is right and what they believe in. Good for Boehner! Duke, you must be a gay lover, that makes you an idiot and a LOSER!

  4. Kathy J. Bell

    He needs to understand that having a religious belief is different than attempting to impose that belief on others who do not have that belief.
    I no longer ask about thier position on women and gay rights but I ask what are they doing to safeguard my religious freedom since my religion supports gay marriage and the right of women to choose.

    I think we need to start asking our representatives this question not what their religious beliefs are but what they are doing to safeguard others religious beliefs.

  5. Grayscale Ausburg

    Boehner (ever since he was teased about his name in school) has struggled with his own sexuality….Schooling does that to people…it throws people together…claims to educate…primarily propagates…and sexual confusion is encouraged….as one grows older…whenever mind grouping is MANDATED…confusion ( look it up) RESULTS. Question…do you enjoy confusion? admit it!

  6. Tierney Ayres

    He hasn't stated any reason he believes he is against gay marriage aside from his religion. I don't know why people forget that this country was based on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. We came over here so we could choose our religion. This is not a Christian, Catholic, what have you country. I will respect one's belief against gay marriage if they can prove a valid point against it besides their religious beliefs.

  7. Charles P. Jones

    and you thought the republicans lost badly last time. it is like watching a Whale beaching itself and finally dying of its own weight. I am gld to say I will live longer than the REPUBLICAN pary. boner is an idiot a total idiot. I would love to here what he really thinks about blacks the poor and other minority groups. I recall a run in with an idiot years ago at a blue collar bar. That man had no opion that was based on anything other than what he was raised to believe. total fool. So join bone head and go down the drain or stop the nut sos and do something right and get the finances fixed and sve socical security and medicare and medicaid. Stop this cut cut cut stuff and raise the damn taxes already.

  8. Katie Sawyer

    Do we really think he would do something that would be FOR people. he is the biggest ass on the the hill. he is proud of resisting any kind of change and constantly blocking any kind of laws that truely benefit anyone personally. Who voted for him in the first place. Was he this obnoxious when he ran for office. The funny part is he thinks he is so popular. the people in hi own circle know he is a jerk.

  9. Berdean Yolles

    As of right now, I,m SO glad to see someone holding to his principles. I really admire Boehner. I'm really surprised he hasn't got more gray hair.Please hold your ground.

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