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Rachel Maddow Rips Ted Cruz Over Dianne Feinstein, Gun Control [Video]

Rachel Maddow Ted Cruz

On her Thursday show, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow ripped Republican senator Ted Cruz raw, and called for stricter gun control legislation to pass in Congress.

The subject of Maddow’s program concerned new details of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that were uncovered by the Hartford Courant. Maddow warned anyone connected to the Newtown tragedy that they might be offended by the segment.

Among the new details uncovered, shooter Adam Lanza apparently researched mass murderers before embarking on his own massacre, and it apparently took him just five minutes to fire 152 bullets, killing 26 people.

“Had he only had access to ten-round magazines instead of 30-round magazines he would have had to reload 14 times,” Maddow said. “He would have needed 14 spare magazines beyond the one in the gun with the extra round in the chamber. Reloading 14 times. You think he would have still pulled off the whole thing in less than five minutes?”

Maddow turned to Republican senator Ted Cruz, who is making headlines all his own for his bitter and contentious exchange with Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein regarding her proposals on gun control. Feinstein is a staunch gun control supporter, and grew impatient with Cruz during the exchange, accusing him of treating her like a 6th grader.

“Let the record show that you can be a United States Senator for 21 years, you can be 79-years-old, you can be the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the most recognizable and widely respected veteran public servants in your nation,” Maddow said, adding, “but if you are female while all of other those things, men who you defeat in arguments will still respond to you by calling you hysterical and telling you to calm down.”

Watch the video of Rachel Maddow’s report on new Sandy Hook details, Ted Cruz, and gun control below:

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7 Responses to “Rachel Maddow Rips Ted Cruz Over Dianne Feinstein, Gun Control [Video]”

  1. Dan Jacobson

    What a surprise…a foaming liberal like Maddow shooting off her pie hole about Ted Cruz…Cruz asked Feinstein a legitimate question that she didn't answer and instead played the part of the "poor picked on woman by a man" ploy…Liberals keep pushing their gun grabbing lies in everyway they can…The truth is these bans have already been done and been proven to be worthless, and were ended in 2004…None of the proposed bans would have prevented the evil Sandy Hook tragedy or any of the other mass shooting…and for these liberals who are "binging" on liberal ideology and keep spreading these lies is nothing short of despicable.

  2. Gary Villa

    The one whose rationality should be questioned here is Feinstein's. Despite her claim that she is not in 6th grade, her response was of that level of intellectual value. How does her age have any relevance to whether her proposed bill is constitutional? Her rant was on the intellectual level of the adolescent "your mama" in response to a point to which she had no rational rebuttal. Questioning the acts of other legislators, no matter their seniority, is after all the reason We the People elect representatives and senators to the legislature. The voters in California are due no higher level of representation in the affairs of their government than those of Texas, just because they have managed to keep a senile old bat in office for 20 years. She was the one showing disrespect, both for the senate and for the voters, by rebuking the legitimate concerns of American citizens with her arrogant claims of superiority.

    As for her eventual claim that the two amendments are subject to different standards, I would refer her to the Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago, in which the Court ruled just the opposite, explicitly stating that the rights protected by the 2nd are due exactly the same level of protection, under exactly the same legal standards, as those protected by the 1st. As they pointed out, the People of the US already made that call when they enumerated those rights in the Constitution, and no government official, whether in the judiciary, the legislature, or the executive, has any legal authority to act otherwise.

    So not only did she show herself to be of 6th-grade intellect in her unresponsive rant claiming otherwise, her implication that her age and seniority somehow give her any sort of understanding of constitutional law are shown immediately to be false by her eventual answer as to why her bill was reasonable, given that her answer was in direct contradiction to the very clear word of the Supreme Court on exactly the point she brought up.

  3. Gerianne Bruce

    Feinsten reacted like a child because someone dared to challenge her! It had nothing to do with her gender, everything to do with her ignorance.

  4. Gerianne Bruce

    I guess if you can't use racism as an attack mode, some people will go for the sexism rant! What a bunch of crap!

  5. Rich Overcash

    Cruz acted like arrogant idiot that he is. He deserved to be put in his place. Dan, Noah Pozner had 11 bullets in his body and half his face was blown off. I wonder if you would feel the same way if that were your son or grandson? Semi-automatic weapons are the weapons of choice in recent slaughters. The shooter at Tucson used a Glock semi auto-magic with a 33 round capacity. He was stopped when he dropped a full magazine trying to reload. If he only had 10 rounds, maybe more lives would have been saved. That isn't a liberal lie sir. That is a fact.

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