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Miss America On ‘Fat’ Bikini Photos: Sometimes You Just Want To Eat Potatoes [Video]

mallory hagan

Miss America Mallory Hagan was criticized this week for being fat after a few post-pageant bikini pics showed up online.

Hagan, who wears a bikini professionally, was ridiculed for putting on a few extra pounds after the pageant ended in January. The newly crowned Miss America responded to the comments today saying that “she’s human” and that she isn’t always in pageantry shape.

Hagan said: “I think that I’m human…and I’d like to equate getting ready for the Miss America pageant, you know, to getting ready for a boxing match … We get into shape and then afterwards life goes back to normal.”

Hagan also said that after winning the crown she hasn’t had much time to work out since she is traveling all the time.

Hagan added: “I think a lot of people don’t realize how much Miss America travels … I travel on average 20,000 miles a month so every 48 hours I am in a different place just about. So it’s really a challenge to maintain that same body that I went to Miss America with.”

The beauty queen said that she’s all about living a healthy lifestyle but sometimes you “just want to eat potatoes.”

Hagan said: “I struggle with it just like every young woman does …. I think it’s something we all strive to be better at, but I’m real.”

Here’s a video of Mallory Hagan talking about her bikini figure.

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But it doesn’t look like Miss America is letting the fat comments steer her away from delicious food.

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7 Responses to “Miss America On ‘Fat’ Bikini Photos: Sometimes You Just Want To Eat Potatoes [Video]”

  1. Robert Banever

    In a country where obesity is rampant and overweight is.

    In a country where obesity is rampant I don't think it's a good role model to see Ms. America as being overweight. It isn't healthy nor does it look good. We here in the USA are used to seeing fat people but if you go to other countries you see mostly lean and more healtful looking folks. Our diets are horrific here, sad to say.

  2. Jackie Nooner

    There's fat and then there's a healthy weight for women that doesn't correlate to being skinny. Good gravy, she's not obese! There are women above a size 4 who are healthy and within THEIR (not OUR) weight limits. And really? Miss America NEEDS a swimsuit (oh sorry, bikini) competition? I'm not a prude but c'mon, what does that have to do with anything? Before someone answers, I know: Everyone wants to see women in bikinis. Some watch out of curiosity or envy and others to ogle – I mean appreciate the female form. :)

  3. Rick Wagner

    What's making us fat is what we put in our mouths. Its really not difficult to maintain a healthy diet. My girlfriend got me drinking Shakeology among other things and I just feel better. She gets her Shakeology from http://www.coldsoreproductrevi… Its the cheapest there.I try not to steal if from her!

  4. Debbie Williams

    She isn't overweight at all! A bad role model is an anorexic looking woman.

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