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Man Adopted At 32 By His Childhood Foster Mom

Foster Mom

A California man was adopted today at the age of 32. Maurice Griffin now legally belongs to the family he never forgot after being removed from their home nearly 20 years ago.

At the age of 13, Maurice was removed from his foster home by social workers — just two months prior to being adopted by his foster parents. The pain stayed with Maurice into adulthood until a connection through social media changed everything.

Maurice spent his early years in a Sacramento orphanage before he was taken into the home of foster parents Lisa and Charles Harris.

On all accounts, the child seemed a perfect fit for the Harris family and developed a close relationship to the couple’s biological sons.

After several years of living in the home, Maurice made an innocent request. The boy wanted to be an equal part of the family, including being spanked when he misbehaved — just like the other Harris children .

Maurice innocently shared the idea with his social worker, who reported the conversation to her supervisor. It was determined that removal from the home was in the boy’s best interest.

Two months away from being adopted by the Harris family, the boy was suddenly packed up and whisked away from the people he loved most. According to Maurice, he was never given the opportunity to say goodbye.

The Harris family was also devastated by the separation. Lisa and Charles attempted to fight the removal but were reportedly warned they would risk losing their biological children in the process.

For the next several years, Maurice shuffled between numerous foster homes. He acted out often, yearning for the home he was forced to leave behind. “It was just an emptiness. I couldn’t talk to anybody about it because nobody was there,” he explains. “I couldn’t call somebody; there was just a void in me.”

Time marched on for both Maurice and his former foster family. Charles Harris passed away and his wife remarried, becoming Lisa Godbold. Maurice attended college and followed employment to San Diego. However, they thought of each other often throughout the years.

Six years ago, social media brought them together again. Lisa Godbold was able to locate Maurice and they shared an emotional phone call. The two soon reunited in person and stayed in close contact.

One day, Maurice expressed his desire to finalize the adoption that was halted so many years ago. Godbold liked the idea and Maurice filed the adoption paperwork on Valentine’s Day. Now the man who feared he would never become part of a true family has been officially adopted at the age of 32.

Judge Richard Monroy finalized the adoption today in a short proceeding at San Diego Juvenile Court. Maurice and Lisa even posed with the judge for picture, a court tradition for children and their adoptive parents. “It was the best day in my life,” Maurice expressed afterward. “I fought for 10 years and finally the day came.”

What do you think about a man being adopted at the age of 32?

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21 Responses to “Man Adopted At 32 By His Childhood Foster Mom”

  1. Bobbi Thacker

    the system can be so disgusting sometimes…tearing a kid away from his family to grow up lonely and truely alone. I'm glad he's with his family now, but his dad never lived to see the day. he should sue for pain and suffering.

  2. Daniel Knoll

    As an adoptee, I think it's great that they were willing to take on a son, usually older in life than the the typical age of below one year. but if this guy never leaves his familiy's basement until he's 40 or 50, then they just have themselves to blame. I;m kidding, taking liberties with an actually sweet story, that it's nice to read for once, having a happy ending. Whatever works, works.

  3. Dee L. Hayden

    Awww that is so sweet. Sad it took this long because he truly missed out on the life he could have had with both the mom and dad. Bless his heart.

  4. Linda Gutierrez

    wait, um let me get this straight… social workers freak out because he wishes to be an equal part of a loving family? Isn't what the system is supposed to provide orphaned children?

  5. Jessica Brogger

    It sounds like the concern was that they were using physical punishment in their home, which some people might interpret as abuse. So his wish to be spanked like the other kids triggered a ridiculously huge reaction. But then imagine if he was left there, then spanked. The public outrage over a foster/adopted child being "abused" in his own home. Still, tragic.

  6. Cheryl Gawda

    Everyone needs to belong to someone and what better person to belong to than a Mom! Many blessings for them and may they get to enjoy many years together.

  7. Jennifer Elder

    What a wonderful story! The guy doesn't look half bad either. Too bad the dad passed away before this happened. It bothers me how DFCS thinks they know what is best for the child when half of them don't know squat. May God Bless this whole family now!

  8. Joanna Tosto Wagaman

    Being spanked isn't abuse. Abuse has a totally different meaning. I was spanked when I was you, but never abused. If more people spanked their children when needed, then maybe they'd be better behaved and responsible today.

  9. Michelle Missie McKay

    This is awesome. Family is important and people who have theirs ripped apart by the system should be able to bring it back together on their own, no matter age or time.

  10. Annysa Sellers

    The young man just wanted to be a part of a normal family and back in his childhood, spanking was more commonplace than it is today. So he wanted to punished like the other kids and not treated any more special than his foster siblings. Parents who care discipline thier kids out of love and within reason when necessary and the boy asked for that; the story does not say whether or not the boy ever got spanked by his foster parents. They should have left that family alone-he had stability. I'm glad to see he got adopted but they should have allowed that family to adopted him during childhood. To all the parents who discipline their kids when they need it within reason keep it up and always use more than one method-spankings are okay but sometimes a good old school grounding hurts worse.

  11. Casey Hardiman

    just because they adopted him doesnt mean he's living with them or will live with them for years and years. you move out of your familys house but they are still your family.

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