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Dina Lohan Attends Art Show, Makes Complete Idiot Of Herself

Dina Lohan, mother-of-the-year to troubled young star Lindsay Lohan, recently attended an art auction in New York and reportedly made a complete and total ass of herself.

The Lohan matriarch attended the Rock Love Art Ball on the Lower East Side on Tuesday and reportedly displayed some pretty unusual and at-times awkward behavior, according to the New York Daily News. Lohan was jovial, though her mood came at the expense of any sense of self-awareness, according to sources.

One said that, after dinner, Lohan was “clapping and raising her hands in the air.” Waving them around like she just don’t care?

“When someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing,” a source recalled of the odd scene.

Lohan’s behavior was reportedly so distracting that the auctioneer called her out and asked her to restrain herself since her rabid hand-waving could have accidentally put her in the bid.

“This prompted the auction leader to call out to her, ‘Ma’am, I have to remind you, when I see your hands above your eyebrows it means that you are bidding.’ She told her to stop jiggling around,” the source said.

In attendance were Carlos Slim Helu, called the richest man in the world by Forbes; actor Cuba Gooding Jr.; Soledad O’Brien; and Chaka Khan.

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