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Pat Boone Says President Obama Is A Marxist, Wants To Destroy America

Pat Boone Says President Obama Is A Marxist, Out To Destroy America

Pat Boone probably won’t be playing any White House functions in the near future.

The aging singer went on Fox Business News on Wednesday night to give his thoughts on the president’s efforts to reduce the deficit and sequestration. Pat Boone’s expert analysis? Barack Obama is a Marxist, determined to destroy the nation’s economic progress.

“He is following his playbook, which is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals,” Boone told host Neil Cavuto. “This is the guy that trained him to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive, who wrote the rules for doing what Mr. Obama is doing.”

Cavuto gave him a chance to walk back the statements, saying he thinks Obama is failing on the economy but not because he was socialist, but Pat Boone stuck to his guns.

“I think he’s a brilliant guy, and I think he knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it by design because he has a plan,” Boone said. “He thinks it’s good for America — virtually socialist nation in which nobody gets rich, government is in charge of everything.”

Cavuto suggested that Boone could be a target for Obama, and Boone reminded the host that he was actually once on an “White House enemy list” published by the tabloid paper The Globe.

Pat Boone isn’t the only singer to take on the president. Ted Nugent, a fellow aging rocker, has alleged on multiple occasions that Obama is out to destroy the country. When Obama was re-elected back in November, Nugent had a mini-tantrum on Twitter, saying he was voted back into office by “pimps, whores, and welfare brats.”

The socialist claim isn’t even the most radical thing that Pat Boone has said about Barack Obama, though. Channeling all of the Tea Party rage, and email forwards from early 2008, Boone wrote a column in 2009 for World Net Dailyclaiming that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.

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339 Responses to “Pat Boone Says President Obama Is A Marxist, Wants To Destroy America”

  1. Christina Atteberry

    How funny. Who cares what the old geezer thins LOL.

  2. Bruce Hollenbeck

    Pat Boone is a "washed up" "has-been" who was only an icon in his own mind. His mentality is better suited to the Middle Ages (if even they would tolerate his ignorance). For him to throw the word "Marxist" around is almost hysterically funny, I'm sure he wouldn't know a Marxist if they sat on him. For the media to even give this type of moron a voice is ludicrous to start with, he should go back to the nursing home and pretend he's popular or noteworthy.

  3. George Keiper

    Allowing idiots like Pat Boone (who hasn't met a senior citizen he doesn't want to sell a bathtub to)a platform on Fox "News"is why viewers are leaving that network in droves.

  4. Phillip Hinnant

    Pat is a lot smarter than most give him credit for and I think that obama is trying to destroy this country why else would he want to disarm the public while at the same time ordering millions of rounds of ammo and guns for homeland security.

  5. Rick Kott

    That's an easy one Phillip. He doesn't want to disarm America. And I'm surprised so many Americans fell for this obvious lie. The NRA and arms and ammo manufacturers thank you for your gullibility.

  6. Frank Milella

    WOW Look at all the loser progressives. Did Pat Boone hit on a nerve with you people? What did he say that was even remotely not true? Why can't you people admit what you are?

  7. Bruce Hollenbeck

    Phillip, really???!!!!! You might want to watch some other newscast than Fox (Faux) News. What type of moron would believe that a President of the United States would want to destroy the country of which he is President? Bush started a war and 4,000 Americans are now dead because he wanted to invade a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the destruction of the twin towers. I'm sure you can justify that type of warmongering and slaughter of innocent American and Iraqi lives because you dont use your brain much, but you might want to live in the real world where the voices in your head aren't part of the right wing think tank.

  8. David Morris

    Pat Boone hasn't been relevant in his entire life. These idiot teabaggers through terms around they don't understand. Go back to sucking popsicles Pat.

  9. Craig Chambers

    Bruce Hollenbeck Pat Boone is exactly correct and you that think he is nuts are all brain washed fools! Obama is a worthless, communist, Muslim pile of garbage!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carol Sue Galloway

    Pat Boone you are right about Obama being a Marxist. The young people that voted for him do not have enough life experience to understand where he is leading them unfortunately it will take hind site for many to see the damage he has done.

  11. Role Guy

    Obama is going to screw us over before he leaves office. Including you suckers who voted for him. He is in it for himself and his greedy wife, ensuring they will live like kings and queens for ever on our tax dollars. He is the crook, not Ricfhard Nixon!

  12. Patrick Joseph

    pat boone is a nimrod. Fox news is a joke. What a waste of energy.

  13. Mike Mabry

    Boone is a liar and a hypocrite. Neither he nor his wife has ever admitted that his mother-in-law, Eva Foley, committed suicide because Red Foley was cheating on her. Why? Because it doesn't fit their image. They always claim she died of heart disease–even though her suicide made the front page of the Nashville papers in 1952, and her death certificate clearly says "Suicide."

  14. Alan Robinson

    Bruce H , You must be a Marxist too if you support Obama,do some honest research into the BHO and you will see he is definitely a Marxist

  15. Patrick Joseph

    Carol Sue, you are as ignorant at they come. The damage that was done by Bush and people like you is now being repaired. Get use to it.

  16. Craig Chambers

    FOX NEWS has been rated number one on cable for the past eleven years running and Bill O'Reilly has been rated number one for the past thirteen years running! Now what was that you were saying about Fox news you democrap???? Most everyone get their TV entertainment from cable or satellite, so the competition includes all major news stations and Fox is watched than all others!! So, looks like you are wrong! Matter of fact, the big jerk Ed Shultz’s show on MSNBC just got canceled because he could not beat O’Reilly!!!

  17. Michael Bodine

    Why the hell would President Obama want to 'destroy the country'? Will you folks do me a favor? Record this particualr belief, with your own voice and then play back. And then tell me that you don't sound absolutely NUTS!

  18. Patrick Joseph

    Boone is a moron and only a moron would support him.

  19. Paulie Roxx

    Bruce, pot calling the kettle black? You make a pretty good moron yourself!

  20. Patrick Joseph

    Alan Robinson – naive, naive, naive. I have a bridge to sell you Alan, friggin idiot.

  21. Henry J Swift

    I see ten left wingers on here who wouldn't know the truth if it bit hem in their asses. You go Pat the truth won't hurt you or me.

  22. Craig Chambers

    Bruce Hollenbeck

    FOX NEWS has been rated number one on cable for the past eleven years running and Bill O'Reilly has been rated number one for the past thirteen years running! Most everyone get their TV entertainment from cable or satellite, so the competition includes all major news stations and Fox is watched than all others!! Matter of fact, the big jerk Ed Shultz’s show on MSNBC just got canceled because he could not beat O’Reilly!!!

  23. Michael Bodine

    Alan Robinson …enlighten us please…What is a Marxist? And what is inherently evil in being a Marxist. Please enlighten us all.

  24. Linda Miller

    Cavuto, try to shut up and let your guests speak. Otherwise what's the point in having a guest or asking them questions. Still didn't get to hear what Pat Boone had to say because you kept interrupting him. How rude.

  25. Patrick Johnson

    Thanks Pat, us old guys see more than people think.

  26. Michael Bodine

    Although I believe 'think tank' is oxymoronic in this context.

  27. Michael Bodine

    Who cares what he thinks because he's an old geezer, or because he's a brainwashed 'tool'?

  28. Steven Durant

    you have got to be kidding Obama has got to be the worst president we have ever had besides Jimmy Carter Pat Boone is one smart man atleast he loves the USA

  29. Roger Aston

    this is so awful. I'am quite sure that the republicans won't have a chance at the oval office until after 2024. they just don't change. so many crazy's.

  30. Sandy Walker

    Go Pat your right about this and a lot of Americans are going to wake up soon to this or else they are like him also.

  31. Cheryl Greenwood Stevens

    Really?… Are you connected with the Nielson ratings?

  32. Rita Page

    Interesting that Pat Boone and Ted Nugent are both referred to as "aging" as if their opinions are related to age-related dementia. Age is also related to wisdom. They have a right to voice their views.

  33. Tawoda Usti Ganohili

    it's about time someone of celebrity told it like it is. now maybe others will start to pay attention.

  34. Nikita Jo

    William Bennett –Well I can spell, is an Obama supporter who think that bastard was dead.
    ….like you can't make a typo—get real.

  35. Andy St Onge

    Bruce Hollenbeck Faux News? What a assh0le juvinile thing, I haven't done that since 8th grade. And you can tell your a libjizz democunt by your name calling.

  36. George Yount

    David – What did Mr. Bennett say that causes you to believe he's a hater? He doesn't like Obama. Does that make him a hater? That's the liberal nonsense…you don't like Obama, you are a racist and a hater. Nonsense.

  37. Casey Griffin

    Pat is an old, washed-up crooner from the forties. Only on Fox, with their average age viewers being 85+ even know who the idiot is.

  38. Paulie Roxx

    Bruce is just a dumbass. People like him should leave this country A.S.A.P.!

  39. Michael Bodine

    Why is catching someone on spelling mistakes such a dig? Too funny.

  40. Terry Garrison

    Ms. Galloway, I am sure you voted for Bush…and being a very loyal Republican, I am also sure you are another one of the many ignorant fools who somehow support all of the damage he did to this country. Please check some facts and you will see that every Republican (in recent times) has put this country into debt, or deeper debt. And you are foolish or, as I said before, ignorant enough to think this was good for the country and the economy. Get away from Fox news and start reading and researching facts, then you might be able to comment in an educated manner about the facts, as they truly are!!!!

  41. Paulie Roxx

    Nikita, the ONLY reason you voted for him is because he is BLACK like YOU. Dont lie, we all know its true.

  42. John H. Jolinski

    Wait, is Pat Boone still alive? That's right, he's a shill for reverse mortgages which is another scam to separate seniors and their money.

  43. Andy St Onge

    Terry Garrison LibJiz democunt, obvious by the name calling

  44. Paulie Roxx

    And we are suppose to be OK with it? I think not. Just because the country is full of idiots like you who voted for him does not mean we have to like it. Now, when the country falls, dont cry on my shoulder!

  45. Terry Garrison

    William Bennett, you are an ass for making such a comment. Maybe you should learn that opinions are like assholes…everyone has one and they all stink…especially yours!!!!!

  46. Keith Thomas

    Cavuto is desperately trying to manage the message but he is wrong. Its NOT that Obama is 'not good' at things dealing with the economy. He doesn't have to be good, he doesn't want to fix it, his plan is simply to destroy it.

  47. Dale Bruce Roberts

    Same thing I was think the whole clip Linda

  48. Michael Bodine

    Calling out a 'name caller' by name calling…priceless!

  49. Dale Bruce Roberts

    "HE WON" its over…Got IT.
    as more and more reports of voter fraud from Democrats and Obama supporters keep popping up all over the media

  50. Paulie Roxx

    Yeah? Looking at your profile picture explains all I need to know about you.

  51. Bobby Hansen

    Yes…a Marxist who allowed a stock market to have 9 straight days of record highs.


    Biggest spending Obama has done has come from the 2 Wars and the Stimulus. Funny how that's Obama's debt and constantly used to attack him.

  52. Brian Froberg

    Phillips you're an idiot. Honestly you should take your gun and exercise your 2nd Amendment right on yourself so the world can have one less stupid person in it.

  53. Nancy Painter

    Right on Pat Boone! At some point everyone will have to suffer what we know is/would be coming under this so-called "leader."

  54. Diane Stout

    Obama is NOT trying to disarm the public. Just trying to ban ASSAULT weapons and keepings guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. How is that disarming the public? ITS NOT.

  55. Bernie Rhodes

    One can't be a Democrat, Marxist, and Nazi simultaneously as some claim. The President of the United States is not trying to destroy the country.

  56. John Silva

    OH DEBBIE daddy got out again! (poor thing) he thinks he is at the clubhouse but he's at FOX News room-get him back to the home for really really old crooners befor he makes a mess of things- ops to late!

  57. Kim Smith

    Man you must have had you head buried in the sand. Pat Boone might be a has been or a washed up old man, but he has Never been ashamed of this country or the people that live here. Obama continues to appolize to other counties ( Muslim i might add ) for the behavior of the American people , That would include you too idiot. Is that what a man that respents this country is suppose to do? Hell he is suppose to be on our side. esp. since he is the leader of this country Obama is a socialist and wants to destroy this country. I just want to thank you for letteing the American people see what a bad president looks like, and it has nothing to do with him being black either . He only got elected because he's black and that is the only reason cause he surely doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

  58. Wayne Walcoff

    William Bennett, For starters learn the English language. You don't need a comma after "fool." Then we'll talk politics and I'll prove you wrong on that front, too.

  59. Andy St Onge

    Then he should stick to keeping these arms from the criminals & mentally ill, leave law abiding folks alone.

  60. Bernie Rhodes

    It is not possible for Obama to be a Democrat, Marxist, and Nazi simultaneously as some claim. He can only be one and that is Democrat. The President of the United States is not trying to destroy the country. Just the thought is not only stupid, its childish.

  61. Kim Smith

    Obama needs to move back to Kenya where he is from and you need to move back to the nut state liberals Pa.

  62. Kittie Boss

    Number one, Obama is not a socialist. He is a centrist, leaning right. Number two, socialism isn't all bad. And by the way, capitalism is not all good. Turn off Fox and go educate yourself. Oh, and Georgie boy did a swell job.

  63. Mark Rickerby

    Why is it when "journalists" don't like a person, they always call him/her "the aging ________"? Aren't we all aging? Pat Boone has contributed a lot to this country. He has a right to state his opinion without being called names and attacked. But then, that's the liberal game plan, isn't it? Attack everyone who doesn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid, no matter how much of a failure he is.

  64. Vern Hawkins

    Bruce Hollenbeck Bruce whjat kind of morn would believe Obama. You are the moran Bruce. So are you David Morris. Obama is slowly destroying us. Pat Bpoone got it right. So did Ted Nugent. Wake up you idiots.

  65. Andy St Onge

    Only on Fox? Since you knock Fox, you should specify the Infallible news you watch.

  66. Rahul Mukerjee

    Pat Boone should stick to singing… although he is past his time… his opinion on politics is his but no different than another Joe's or Jil'ls. Doesn't deserve TV time.

  67. Vern Hawkins

    I totally agree with you Kim Smith. Pat Boone is a good man. Smart enought to see what Obama is up to.. I also agree Obama needs to go back to Kenya.

  68. Vern Hawkins

    Terry I can see there is a bunch of liberal iodiots on this site. They love Obama because thjey are a bunch of losers.

  69. Carlos Santiago

    We still have combat troops in 6 nations and will be in Afghanistan 's until big oils pipeline is finished. The green money was a charade, were as oil dependent as ever siigned the patriot act signed Defense Authorization act. Killing "suspects daily with drone strikes.. a Marxist is too kind. Boone needs to apologize to Karl.

  70. Vern Hawkins

    Respect is earned Patricia. The ass in the whiye hlouse has not earned my respected. When does something besides try to destroy the country i love then and only then will I have respect for him.

  71. Bernie Rhodes

    It is not possible for Obama to be a Democrat, Socialist, Marxist, and Nazi simultaneously as some claim. He can only be one and that is Democrat. The President of the United States is not trying to destroy the country. Just the thought is not only stupid, its childish.

  72. Vern Hawkins

    You are wrong Caey. Do you investigation before you talk crap.

  73. Erica Mathis

    Pat Boone is 110% correct. Obama believes government should run peoples lives and that no one, but liberals of his ilk, are entitled to be rich.

  74. Patricia Gail Little Heimbach

    WOW You mean that I miissed Pat Boones lunchbox. I thought only Roy Rogers, Gene Autry or Davy Crockett had lunchboxes. It never ceases to amaze me how some people think Pat Boone has the right to think what he wants just as Marxists do.

  75. Chris Maston

    Educate yourself before making comments and asking questions. Marxism is a system of government based on the teachings and writings of Karl Marx. He writes that the government should be formed and run for while with a Party of a few to govern the proletariat (the masses of workers). Every person in a Marxist, which is communistic, society should "work to his ability and take according to his needs." The Communist Manifesto, written by Marx and Frederick Engels, says that once the proletariat is trained, there will be no need for the Party or government and all will be equal and never take more than they need. Every job pays the same amount of money and is usually given in goods like food and clothing and education makes no difference. It is interesting that the Soviet Union was under Marxist rule for over 70 years yet the Party never stepped down. I guess the proletariat of Russia and countries close by just were ignorant and couldn't learn how to just take what they needed. Or those on top didn't want to step down and only get what the lowly people got. Hmmm, this kind of government didn't work in the Soviet Union and will never work any place because Marx forgot one important thing: Humans are greedy. As an example of how the proletariat in the Soviet Union got paid, someone who used to live under that regime told me this story. The family needed a new couch. They were sent to the couch factory to get one. All the couches in the factory were made exactly the same and all had the same material. No choice. No difference. Everyone who needed a couch got exactly the same model and same material. This extended to clothing, household goods and even food. What an exciting existence! NOT.

  76. Donna Ashley

    If anyone wants to get cozy with the delusional….visit and read the comments here…..who would have thought so many were upside down in intelligence. Do they chant "Hail, the King Obama"… would appear the answer to that is Yes!

  77. James Denny

    FOX News is my news station. thety tell it like it is. pat boone is correct we do have a communist president in the white along with a lot of his communist friends that he apointed to office. I read the history of all the zars he apointed.
    and every one of them is socialist plus I beleave it was the russian leader who said we will bury you from with in. well they did what they said. we lost our u. s. constitution january 17th 2013 when mr , obama started issueing excexecutive orders over rideing the congress and the u. s constitution. he signed a law into effect taking away our free speach and and our right to demonstrait against the united stated goverment if we think they are infringing against our liberties. if you don't beleave me ask your senators of your state. you are now liveing in a 3rd world country. china has moved into first place and the united nations rules in 2nd place now plus the american dollar will be replaced by the chinise yen before mr. obama is out of office. the election was stolen from the american people by fraude. only the people that are legal americans will agree, the communist that live in our country that want big goverment to give them free stuff and the illegals that want free money will disagree with me because they are to lazy to work,

  78. Gwen Gentry

    This man is out of his mind. He is truly brainwashed for the word go. Apparently he doesn't have a lick of sense and not much love for the Lord. He is like most republicans, cares about nothing but himself. Pathic, senile old man.

  79. Linda Newman

    Casey, Pat Boone was not from the Forties, his first single was 1955, and his most recent album was released in 2006. He was also in a number of movies from 1955-2008. He has also authored, or co-authored a number of books. When your career has spanned that length of time, and in as many arenas, we can talk about who is a washed-up crooner. Have a nice day.

  80. Andy St Onge

    Vern Hawkins Respect is given till proven its not deserved. Trust is earned.

  81. Honolulu Mens Chorus

    Pat Boone is an ass. Simple as that.

    I knew he was a passionate Christian.

    But when he says things like this……. he only makes me realize how stupid some idiotic some CHristians are.

    Reminds me of that old saying, "It is better to be silent and have people wonder if you're stupid, rather than opening your mouth and confirming it.

  82. Gunter Kleinarschole

    Marxist? Pat, I think you should take a political science course at Fecal County Junior College down in Podunk, Arkansas. Do these rabid conservatives understand how ignorant they sound when they misuse that term? On the political spectrum, he is nowhere near the left wing. The US went so far right in the Bush years that any movement to the middle is considered Marxist by these morons.

  83. Andy St Onge

    David Morris, lets get behind the occupy folks. Then we can do drugs, rape each other & destroy private property, and lets not forget, piss in churches.

  84. Frank Caputo

    On a day like today, lets pass the time away writing alleged conservative "facts" in the sand. I hope Pat doesn't accept Social Security or Medicare. That might make him a socialist paticipant. He was dumb in 1959 and he's dumber now.

  85. Ian Davis

    These conservative clowns who follow Limbaugh, Beck, etc, and throw around terms like socialist and marxist are both uneducated and angry. They have never read the Communist Manifesto, and have no idea who wrote it and don't care. They know nothing of what defines actual socialism. They just parrot their leaders who laugh to the bank after earning millions off their hate and stupidity.

  86. Gina Burdick

    Hey libs er commies, if it wasn't for those so called (old geezers) you would be speaking GERMAN. Oh and about the president, GOD help us.

  87. Frederic A Sasse

    I have never been a Pat Boone fan but I agree with him on thiis…obama is the biggest jerk in the USA, what a joke as president…

  88. Paul Tilton

    Obama is a Marxist.. and Pat Boone is irrelevant… two true statements…

  89. Honolulu Mens Chorus

    How can he move "back" to a place where he has never lived.

    He is no more a Marxist than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy or any other liberal Democrat.

    Go back to watching Glenn Beck, Kim. You might have missed something he said.

  90. Darlene Carmona

    Pat only said what most informed voters think. I am not 85+, and I don't have to watch Fox news to figure out what Obama is doing. You keep thinking like you do and one day soon some one is going to look you in your face and say, "I told you so!" Obama is out to drag our country down to a level none of us have every experenced before. When gasoline and milk cost $5.00 a gallon and bread $5.00 a loaf and your medication or a loved ones medication is denied beause you are too old, you will be left scratching your head wondering what happened. Look at what is going on!!!! Obama is so full of himself. While American is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, he is going to sweep in and take our free will fro us. His goal is to have us totaly depended on the government. No free enterprise, no mom and pop stores. Goverment owned doctors and hospitals. Right now doctores have a form patents are to fill out that askes if there is a gun in the house. The poor doctors can face loosing their licences if they do not do this. What does me having a gun in my home have to do with me having a cold. Obama wants total control sir. He does not want us to think for ourselves. He want America to be depended on govermental support. Then we will owe our soul to the company store.

  91. Kim Smith

    Where were you when Obama said he was ashamed of the American people, and his wife said she was ashamed to be an american? While they were running for president. They want to Shove their health care down our throats , WHILE they will have completely different coverage than us. Or that they want to take our guns , while they send their kids to schools with Armed guards. That sounds like a dictators ways want one thing for us , while having something different for themselves.

  92. Roy Dunn

    Bruce h you looked washed up and you need to be excuted for voting for obama you dumb fuck

  93. Pat Weist

    I cannot believe that someone who is still breathing would not see that Obama is a stinking Marxist. Even if you are stupid enough to watch Lamestream media and believe it, how you cannot see what this White House squatter is doing to this country, is unbelievable. What rock have you been living under?

  94. Joel Goldstein

    @Bruce. You liberals love to attack anyone that doesn't agree with you. You guys are so compassionate. The guy in the WH is doing a damn good job of of destroying this country. Let me guess, your either on the dole or in a union. Which is it?

  95. John Fennessy

    The stock market is the highest in history. Capitalists making billions. And, people say Obama is a Marxist? Ya really Gotta Wonder.

  96. Michele Paydon

    You know all the nasty comments that are being thrown at the President are from the smallest most racist people that ever walked the earth!

  97. Linda Newman

    Treason (noun) Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies. Seems to me that by that definition Obama is the one who is committing treason, not those that are trying to protect this formerly great country

  98. Randal Phillips

    "president’s efforts to reduce the deficit " WHAT has Francis been smoking? Obama has made efforts to reduce the deficit about like about like Lee Harvey Oswald made an effort to meet JFK. Whether Boone is aged or a singer or whatever, he called this one precisely correctly. Obama is no bumbling fool; he's doing precisely what he intended to do when he first ran in 08 — destroying the American economy.

  99. Pat Weist

    Bruce Hollenbeck, what you have just said is so ridiculous. Bush was no angel either, and his father is a hideous blood drinking pedophile, that is documented… BUT, Obama has no past, he is not an American, he is trying to play the part and lying while he does it. Obviously he has fooled the likes of you. But just wait until it all falls apart and they marching your butt to a FEMA Camp while he tells you he will make sure you are taken care of… Just like the lies he told to the Hurricane Sandy victims, and when did they get help from the government? like never… How about the lie he told about Benghazi? you know the one about the 'disgusting video' causing the murder of 4 Americans… Hell, he even went into the UN council and spewed that lie, knowing full well that it was a planned attack, by his buddies that he provides our money to, so they can wreak havoc on the Middle Eastern countries… What about the hundreds of murdered children in Pakistan, killed with drones? didn't you hear about that either… What news are you watching? CNN, the one that has admitted publicly that they take money from the government and only report 'scrubbed' news, that the White House approves… Get your cranium from your rectum and WAKE UP!!!

  100. Randal Phillips

    Michael Bodine A Marxist follows the teachings of Karl Marx: central, state-run, economic control; no financial rewards commensurate with efforts and abilities. Inherently evil with being a Marxist? What? Did you blink while the Soviet Union was in power in Russia? Were you asleep while Pol Pot ran Cambodia? How about Mao? I suppose you were okay with the extermination of 25,000,000 Chinese citizens. You can lalalala all you want and try any backflips of logic and truth, but the truth is still true and the truth is there has never been a Marxist government that a) functioned successfully or b) didn't butcher its own people.

  101. Monalisa Watkins

    Vern – maybe your friends at Fox can teach you what punctuation, grammar and spelling are. Then perhaps you could post an intelligent thought as opposed to regurgitating the same erroneous crap. Intelligent people aren't spoon fed by Fox – they tend to do their own research and come to appropriate conclusions. Such as, Andy is clearly retarded and you Vern are a simpleton. Found that definition for Marxist yet?

  102. Charlotte Hulett

    So: Where do you all think that Mr and Mrs Obama plan to live after he "destroys America"? Destroying America would be a little counter-productive, don't you think? Sort of like tearing down the house you live in.

  103. Norman McIntosh

    Pat Boone? Did you ever hear his Heavy Metal CD? He is in it for the money, butta notta 2a smartaa, winka winka…

  104. Vila Martinez Patel

    Do you just spout whatever nonsense comes to mind without regard to it's veracity?

  105. Vila Martinez Patel

    Do you just spout whatever nonsense comes to mind without regard to it's veracity?

  106. Ryan Sternfels

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, a man who worked his ass off to become President of the United States, in actuality hates America and wants to see the country he runs completely destroyed. That makes total sense.

  107. Darlene Carmona

    What rock have you been hinding under? Go wipe your nose and go read some true facts about this government we have in office now. You will not have Soical Security if Obama has his way. He and his buddies will be sitting pretty in thier big houses with fat bank accounts & security guards watching over them and their famlies while you and the rest of us hid in our homes because we have no way to proctect ourselves. Try thinking futher than one day. Think about your 50th or 60th birthday. Unless you are part of the Obama band wagon your money want be your money. Our income will be controlled by Obama and his yes men. Everyone will be on groverment handouts.

  108. Monalisa Watkins

    "Must give us reasons to respect him"? What are you on? Reasons such as lying to Congress and all other Americans about why he (GB) sent troops to Iraq to settle a personal vendetta?

  109. Pat Weist

    Terry Garrison, you idiots keep talking about FOX news. NONE of the cable networks are giving you REAL NEWS… Try Drudge Report, Alex Jones, and various other alternative news sources… You have no clue what is going on if you think Fox news is some skewed version of the news… and as for Republicans as opposed to Democrats, please, they are owned by the same illegal banking cartel running the 'dog and pony' show. Incidentally, look up Federal Reserve Bank and study that for a while. You sure think you aren't foolish or ignorant, and calling a lady who voices her opinion those names, when it is obvious you should be looking in the mirror for ignorance and foolishness… Have you read anything by G Edward Griffin, such as The Creature from Jekyll Island…? How about following Gerald Celente? I think that you sit down in front of the TV and watch CNN, or CBS or whatever, you are getting the elite's story; the one they want you to see and believe… You need a very strong course in REALITY. Because you haven't got a clue…

  110. Delores Johnson

    I've NEVER trusted NObama and when all the MORONS that voted for him WAKE UP to his HIDDEN AGENDA, it will be TOO LATE for the USA!

  111. Vila Martinez Patel

    I'd like to see that "hind site", just not yours.

  112. Patrick Steele

    Pat Boone was a horrible singer, singing black R & B songs in the fifties and ruining them. He obviously only watches Fox News and believes all the BS. All the books written about Obama (he's secretly a muslim, he wasn't born in this country, he hates America, he's a Marxist, etc reminds me of all the books about the Kennedy Assassination and the many different theories of who killed him. I think I'm going to write a book saying that Obama was in the grassy knoll in 1963 when Kennedy was killed ( He was only 3 years old, but hey, Pat Boone would probably believe this, too)

  113. John Paul Parks

    I suggest we pack Pat Boone up and send him to Cuba, so he will know what it is like to live with Marxists.

  114. Michael Linkroum

    William Bennett so why did you need the breast of the statues covered,do you not like art?Why escalate the war on drugs?If you are wondering why I'm asking this,google your name and the former US DA will show up!

  115. Michael Linkroum

    Michael Bodine ,a marxist is a buzz word that El Rushbo says that Obama is and he keeps repeating it over and over til all the little dittoheads start remembering what to call Obama!

  116. Pajaro Malo

    Dork (noun)
    Slang. a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others; a social misfit: If you make me wear that, I’ll look like a total dork! Synonyms: jerk, schmo; nerd, geek.
    Slang: Vulgar. penis.

  117. Jane B Webb

    Reply to William Bennett … Mr.Bennett, explain to me, please, why she "is a fool" ? First, it is not foolish to tell the truth. When are people going to learn that respect for each other's point of view – even if you don't agree with them – is the ONLY way we are ever going to solve our common problems. There is no reason to be disrepectful or engage in rude personal behavior just because you think … differently. That's just being foolish. Same to you Mr. Yount – Our president has been VERY GRACIOUS & RESPECTFUL in spite of the treatment he has received from certain elements of society. Perhaps you need to refresh your memory on what constitutes "respectful behavior". Oops, I made a mistake… Mr. Obama WAS disrespectful once – to Kanye West…. Com'on people – talk about the issue and not waste effort trying to belittle those with whom you disagree. That is the ettiquette lesson for today….

  118. Jerree Richardson

    Looks like Pat has got O's number and is not afraid to call a spade a spade. O is no friend to the U.S.public if anything he is a traitor and deserves to be impeached, removed from office along with biden, pelosi, and reid, then the four need to be tried as traitors against the U.S.

  119. Steve Callahan

    WOW! The marxist/socialist/hater liberals are off their meds and shooting off their mouths tonight. Going wild. Bring it on Pat. Like the libs you have a right to your opinion.

    O.K. You marzist/socialist/hater types can have the floor now. Bring on your sheeple comments.

  120. Geri Anderson

    Nasty lies about our President is not very christian like….So sad someone gets to live a good long life and be such a gentleman for many years, and now in the twilight of his life, be a mean nasty old man. I think those tanning beds worked on his brain….

  121. Michael Linkroum

    William Bennett Ooooh did you come up w/that all by your little self?

  122. Michael Linkroum

    Both parties are bought and sold but judging the comments from the dittoheads, they are not too bright!

  123. Dan Murray

    Each president inherits the hand he was dealt. Why does everyone CHOOSE to forget it was the Bush administration that destroyed this country? Yes, THEY destroyed it. Period. The most important thing now is NOT to make wealthy people, but to be economically competitive. Put whatever word you want to it to make it sound like 'destroying' the country. The old 'socialist' regimes of the East Block was actually true capitalism at work. The rich there were REALLY rich and at the expense of the rest of the population. A name means nothing.

  124. John M Shelton

    I agree with Pat Boone. Obama has planned to destroy America from the onside out. I already know that I will be villified and mocked for this. There is no need for you left-wing liberals to reply. You won't change my mind and I won't change yours.

  125. Carolyn Bowles Butts

    Pat Boone is absolutely right, and I applaud his courage in stating his beliefs on a national news program. And as usual, the left wing socialists are posting insulting, negative things about Mr. Boone because he disagrees with their misguided ideas about their Fuehrer, Herr Diktator Obama.

  126. Gary Vaughn

    In this particular thread – the farther right the commentary, the more atrocious the spelling/grammar. Amazing stuff. Righties don't read/write. They watch TV.

  127. Jane B Webb

    Well since I can't seem to spell "etiquette" correctly, I may as well add my 2 cents to the comments : I loved Pat Boone in "State Fair". That was just about the last relevant thing he ever did. He was a crooner – NOT a "rocker". And I was turned off completely with his preachy-ness – he never had a clue about the hard side of life ; and frankly, I think that when people don't have a clue yet go around telling others what they should do & how they should think or feel, they should SHUT UP UNTIL THEY HAVE SOMETHING INTELLIGENT TO ADD TO THE CONVERSATION. Wow !! I feel much better now.

  128. Michael Linkroum

    Not sure we would be speaking German,maybe Europe.Both parties suck but I feel a little more comfortable w/Obama than W!

  129. Helen Cassidy Blakovich

    I just want a nation where "nobody gets poor."

  130. Victor Yao

    Pat Boone is a racist and an anti christ. Obama is merely fighting for the poor as the rich are becoming obscenely rich. For that he thinks Obama is a Marxist. Does he pray to God or money?

  131. Michael Linkroum

    Darlene Carmona It's the GOP that is trying to privatize SS and if that happens we can all kiss SS good bye!

  132. Maxine Trosclair

    Free speech and opinions are obviosly a thing of the past, by reading these post that automatically go to people calling other people names because they disagree. Thank you Obama.

  133. Danny Warson

    hee..hee..Speedy Gonzales(z) is talking socialism (?)…WdaF hapend to this country! and with whom? cavuto the "Vomiter"///heee….hee…..azz… long as we have "Patriots" like this two WE are safe(?)…no body will attack us(?)…I mean "socially"! heee…heee

  134. Michael Linkroum

    I think the right wing is closer to the Nazis than the left,google Nazis and you will see!

  135. Andy St Onge

    Monalisa Watkins I'm not saying its easy, its how I was raised. I dislike much of what obama does, I still respect him, I do not trust him.

  136. Michael Linkroum

    Well at least he tried but he needs to watch and listen to something other than Fox news and El Rushbo!

  137. Andy St Onge

    Gwen, to say 'Most Republicans Cares Only About Themselves' is the same as saying most pigs named Gwen are whores.

  138. Danny Warson

    Allen r(?) get of Sunday schooling ( bad for neurons between your ears!!!)…type Marxist in to you lep-iron(!) and if you see Obama Maxist, no body can help you!!!..IQ 36 is closes to worm than a chicken brain!!

  139. Andy St Onge

    What people do you hang with, it seems in your mind, your the chosen ones.

  140. Stuart V Perry

    I detect a pathological sickness in many of these anti-Obama diatribes- Pat Boone included. Some of the comments make Charles Manson sound like Winston Churchill. I wonder what would have happenned if this President had waged an unnecessary war that cost thousands of lives, and wounded many thousands more; costing trillions of dollars. We'd never hear the end of it. McCain-Palin? Romney-Ryan? There is a God!

  141. Andy St Onge

    You don't know us, just because we throw nasty remarks at Obama makes us racist? Your very stupid. All people who talk like you are suffering from untreated STD's.

  142. Andy St Onge

    Your mom liked him and his entire band, enough to service them.

  143. Andy St Onge

    The rich don't owe you anything. The rich are entitled to keep their money, as long as they don't break any laws. You would do the same.

  144. Andy St Onge

    Michael Bodine People might say the same thing of you, because you live in liberal broke sh!thole called CA.

  145. Gunter Kleinarschole

    Darlene, telling me to wipe my nose is pretty rich considering your response is so inaccurate and poorly written that I needed a Red State dictionary to figure out some of the words. The Republicans do not want Social Security. They want the working class to work for minimum wage and no benefits at Walmart. Imagine the "golden years" of those who worked 35 years at minimum wage and had no Social Security.

  146. Wilma Harris

    A very long post and I might consider what you said IF every fifth word was not misspelled…no commas, no capitals and etc. etc.

  147. Andy St Onge

    Jerry Newell Jerry your a Godless lump of sh!t, truly awful spewing such jizz. As Jesus was dying on the cross, he forgave the poor soul next to him. You deserve a place in hell for your hatred.

  148. Andy St Onge

    George Keiper Fox News is the most watched news show, this last time round, Fox had more viewers than NBC & MSNBC combined. You say folks are leaving, you failed to mention what news show their flocking to? Please tell us.

  149. Karen Wolfe

    Pat Boone is a legalistic fundamentalist letter of the law biblicist…is that better?

  150. Patrick Clemens

    Marxist is a bit strong. Failed liberal who makes Jimmy Carter's economic policies look profound would have been more accurate.

  151. Andy St Onge

    Kittie Boss You remarks imply only fox news is somehow bad. Where do you go for news?

  152. Steven J Wheeler

    The trouble with Boone is he thinks the other markist are Groucho, Chico , Harpo and Zeppo the guy is a clown and a moron Birther who just needs to shut up.

  153. Andy St Onge

    Patrick Steele When you attack Fox News, you would make yourself seem more intelligent to recommend another new source. What do you watch?

  154. Ron Ayers

    If you don't know what Marxism is, this is not the place to try and explain it to you. (you probably wouldn't understand anyway, thus making you the ideal dupe of a Marxist government) Suffice it to say, that a Marxist government would be 180 degrees from the system that this great country has flourished under for over 200 years. No private ownership, no individual creativity or freedoms. You take a lot for granted my friend. You need to talk to people who have lived (and fled from) the type of government that you can't see as being "inherently evil."

  155. Andy St Onge

    Michael Linkroum Melowese Richardson, look her name up, a poll worker admitting to voting twice for Obama.

  156. Mark Rickerby

    He didn't call Obama a name. He called him a Marxist. Calling him "the aging singer" is a cheap shot by the person who wrote the article and an attempt to discredit him as someone who is old and out of touch. He should just argue his points and be more professional. A little respect for his elders would be nice, too, but too much to ask for these days.

  157. Andy St Onge

    This is a blog, not a thesis. Your liberal Jizz is showing

  158. John Boglio

    he is broke, he like always protecting the Rich, like Norquist, Carl Rowe, Trump, rush, Mourdock, Mc Connell, Palin, and the PaThological Liar Ryan…

  159. Greg Seleen

    Pat Weist , please take a breath and your meds. There is no difference between either party. They are both bought and paid for by big corporations. They do not care about you or me, just how much money they can gather for themselves. Some may have been above board when they went, but they just get swallowed up like the rest. Get my news from overseas and then watch national networks. Then pour on the salt. And about faux news, they are owned by an Englishman and he has lost control of his network there for being a crook. I don't give him much trust, but the talent is gorgeous. The female type

  160. Eric Nichols

    Pat is correct on all points. The blind lefties say things like, "please enlighten us all." Maybe YOU should prove him wrong without regurgitating msnbc, cnn and the other msm s. And limp-wristed brucie, next post, at least he was a star at one time, you just puke out garbage from huffy-post, other rags and tv channels day and night.

  161. Raytha Hand- Poland

    Exactly! The POS in the WH and his worshipers in DC are Hellbent on destroying America. Anyone who supports him obviously failed every history class they ever took (if they did take any). All one has to do to is look at the sequestration. Seriously? Have any of them said they'll be taking a paycut? Hell no, but they have no problem taking and taking from those already struggling.

  162. Alfredo Hernandez

    Where do people come up with all these hair brain ideas? Is Obama a Socialist? Or Is He a Marxist? or is he a Muslim? Or Anti Christ? does any conservative have any idea what he really is? Please post.. Only the truth.

  163. Steven J Wheeler

    Liked him in Journey to the Center of the Earth now he should be buried in it

  164. Andy St Onge

    using the lords name in your statement, shows your godless, why pretend?

  165. Andy St Onge

    using the lords name in your statement, shows your godless, why pretend?

  166. Chuck Cline

    Hi Bruce… At least you use your own name and not some made up blog 'oximoronic' piece of fluff to hide it. But you know… If you are going to follow the MSNBC mantra almost word for word, you really should use quotation marks! You may not like Pat or the basics why he thinks the way he does, but the bottom line is, he is not wrong. Following the statements Obama has made since day 1, this is a well planned path to devide the country and totally turn it into a socialist, Marxist environment, dependent upon the government for everything… We are already on that path, by way of ObamaCare and other other garbage legislation the progressive element in the country dictates for him to do… A 3,000 page bill at the start, that noone read, let alone understands tells a sad story where this so called president wants to take us… Do your homework! And yes, I live in California… Hard to believe, huh?

  167. Bijan C. Bayne

    Black president brings out everyone's true colors, from Trump to Sununu to Palin to Boone.

  168. Joe Banez

    Bruce, I am so sorry for Mr. Pat Boone. I like him as a Singer but never as a Political Commentator or
    Analyst. He probably forget or did not understand the ideas and theories of Karl Heinrich Marx and
    his friend and schoolmate, Friedrich Engels, about politics, economics and society collectively known
    as Marxism. The person who believe in theories and ideas (Communism) is Marxist.

  169. Jackie Lurie

    Pat WHO? OH HIM? White Coat and a Pink Carnation? Squeaky clean former heart throb with that Pepsodent smile? That Pat Boon? And how, exactly, is this moron's opinion relevant AND who gives a crap what he thinks?

  170. Dan Summers

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but the comments that Pat Boone made was very disappointing. Besides he's a guy that America has forgotten seems to me he'd say anything just to get mentioned by someone, anyone.

  171. Jerry Herrera

    I'm glad that Pat Boone does not go along with the politically correct crowd!
    But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."
    Revelation 21:8
    Homosexuals are sinners just like any other sin,, they know that God can forgive them and heal them for this sin but because they are not willing to give up their sin God has given them over to a reprobate mind.

    [Romans 1:24] Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.

  172. Bob Scofield

    Wow, Pat Boone, that's a good get for Neil Cavuto. Boone sold thousands of records 50 years ago and was beloved by dozens of Americans, a few of whom are even still alive today.

  173. Maurice Rhoden

    I was never a great Pat Boone fan, but I am regarding his opinion of Obama. I agree with Pat Boone wholeheartedly! Obama is not only a Marxist, but a fascist also. Anybody who supports his fascist U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, in the use of drones to track down, suppress and destroy the citizens of the U.S., is a fascist, for sure! Stalin and Hitler have nothing on Obama! Time will soon tell!

  174. Jim Brown

    If you are smart enough to study Hitler. You will understand what Obama is doing.

  175. Mary Lee

    Bruce Hollenbeck : wake up! There is almost no 22 cal ammunition for sale because Homeland Security bought it up and that agency doesn't use 22 cal ammunition.

  176. Mary Lee

    Do you mean Rove? Liberal always go on personal attack mode because they've got nuthin' else. Pat said Obama is a Commie which many Americans agree with and all you can do is call Pat a poo poo ca ca.

  177. Brenda Day Cherry

    Bruce Hollenbeck, read what Randal Philips said. He said it better than I can, and every word is true. You Obama supporters are totally lacking in discernment.

  178. Brenda Day Cherry

    Kittie Boss A Marxist follows the teachings of Karl Marx: central, state-run, economic control; no financial rewards commensurate with efforts and abilities. Inherently evil with being a Marxist? What? Did you blink while the Soviet Union was in power in Russia? Were you asleep while Pol Pot ran Cambodia? How about Mao? I suppose you were okay with the extermination of 25,000,000 Chinese citizens. You can lalalala all you want and try any backflips of logic and truth, but the truth is still true and the truth is there has never been a Marxist government that a) functioned successfully or b) didn't butcher its own people.

  179. Brenda Day Cherry

    Michael Bodine A Marxist follows the teachings of Karl Marx: central, state-run, economic control; no financial rewards commensurate with efforts and abilities. Inherently evil with being a Marxist? What? Did you blink while the Soviet Union was in power in Russia? Were you asleep while Pol Pot ran Cambodia? How about Mao? I suppose you were okay with the extermination of 25,000,000 Chinese citizens. You can lalalala all you want and try any backflips of logic and truth, but the truth is still true and the truth is there has never been a Marxist government that a) functioned successfully or b) didn't butcher its own people.

  180. Mary Lee

    Why ISN'T Obama a Marxist? Bring it. All I see are personal attacks from lefties. No substance. Defend your guy.

  181. Jim Chieco

    When did the President ever say or try to do any of this? Pat Boone is a has been who made his living stealing songs that were supposed to go to Black men. He must be going the way of Ronald Reagan Altzheimers+. The President has never said anything other then he wants the wealthy to pay there fair share of taxes. When you have a guy like Romney who makes Millions and because of smart accounting and holes in our tax code he pays between 0-12% in taxes and someone who makes 100K pays 35K in taxes something is wrong with the system. But unfortunately 50% of the country has been brainwashed into voting to support multimillionaires over themselves. Dummy's.

  182. S Mar Carter

    Has Poor Pat lost his mind…how old is he anyway, poor guy. He needs to stick with his own love letters in the sands on Taliban that HIS President that he is dissing has summarily taken apart…guess he is being paid to make these statements like all those infomercials he does….poor dear, stick to pop singing!

  183. Victor Caruana

    dear pat boone. before you talk on something more elevating than singing silly songs, you ought to buy or borrow a brain first…You were nothing if not pushed by fascists movements in mid 20 century….go sleep please.

  184. Jim Lovell

    name some of the damage, carol. the dow? the unemployment rate? the ending of torture? winning back the respect and admiration of our allies around the world? getting bin laden and 30 other top al qaeda leaders?

  185. Robert Andre Glasper

    I am still waiting on the race war, the armed American white terrorists will have to fight the blacks, the white women that love the black men, the white men that are with black women, the gangs, the mexicans, the latinos, and marxism lol.

  186. Ronald Bobeck

    Excuse me Pat but , Your peer Sargent E. Presley US.Army scout. served you did not. The new Bishop of Rome is for the POOR.. You can call me a socialist, Because Mt y Great grandfather Grandfather and my Dad were all union Coal miners U.M.W I was Raised in a Union House… and the Vietnam thing I went… so do me a favor go back selling Amway.

  187. Linda Hundley Shaffer

    I just lost all respect for Pat Boone. I guess he is just an old white dude.

  188. Joanne Redding

    everyone us putting pat boone down for speaking his mine. but isn't that what america suppose to be about the freedom to speak your mine. weather he is right or not he has that right just like we all have.

  189. Robert Sanchez

    Pat Boone is just fucking stupid for calling our president a socialist….

  190. Melissa Lamphere

    Does FOX think that flashing Pat's entertainment accomplishments on the screen makes him look remotely intelligent or legit to be preaching on their station? I always seek the advice of washed up, old has been's to gain my knowledge, so I am very grateful that FOX is generous enough to supply it.

  191. Eileen Burns

    Because a sure way to destroy the country is to have the stockmarket at rates last seen in 1996 and not have the country in two wars, and have a healthy population? I think somebody better check their definitions for "Marxist" and "destroy the country." As for destroying the country I think that can be laid at the feet of corps that ship jobs overseas and don't pay taxes.

  192. Shelley L. Tillett

    I watch as little new as possible because there is nothing on the news that is good! As far as obama (One Bad Ass Mistake America) is concerned…..he has NOT kept one campaign promise so I have no respect for the man. The healthcare plan he wants is going to ruin the doctors and the public. My opinion….if you disagree….oh well. :-)

  193. Sharon L. Henneman

    yeah Lyn Brown, he won,,,,,,it's over…. and your going to get it sooner then you think when we have nothing to say or do about anything, just what he wants.

  194. Keith Haas

    It's odd they used the dementia route, I thought they would try to claim racism being he is white and older. Oh well, it's thought crime either way.

  195. Kevin Michael Prochaska

    On a day like today, we'll pass the time away, writing love letters in the sand….dooby-dooby-doo….

  196. Henry J Swift

    So,Wilma: Spelling and punctutation is a prerequisite to common sense? No I don't think grammar has anything to do with getting your point across.

  197. Andy St Onge

    Most older people are smarter & wiser. To ignore such life experience is to have a washed out mind.

  198. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Shut up, Pat, you washed up piece of dog shit. You sucked then and you suck now…now, go find a cave to live in, a-hole.

  199. Harley James Spoon

    Americans believe GWBush is the cause of our current economic and national debt problems boils down to the fact that he is. Even the blind can see that! along with the Republican leaders of congress during the first 6 years of his administration. Unpaid for wars, unpaid for prescription drug legislation, unpaid for tax cuts in time of war, laissez faire handling of the corporatist fascists who pillaged the American economy, among many other cases of malgovernance gave us the problems we have today. What's more, the Teapublicans, since 2011, have exacerbated those problems with their rabid ideological intransigence and obstruction to any proposals to deal with those things.

  200. Kathy Daniel

    Pat Boone must be a Republican, because he sounds just like them. Gee does he pay his taxes, or gets a break from gainer? Stop hating on the president and try working with him. All you Jack rabbits in Congress should have stopped bush from the mess he put us in, instead of blaming the one man that is not afraid to stand up to you racist jackasses

  201. Robert Sanchez

    We are all alittle stupid from time to time Andy but I don't have the media to use except this tool and I voice my opinion not call people out like he did…

  202. Coco Happy Artist

    The chaos never ends…Hate is a terrible thing.

  203. Jenna Lynn

    Pretty sure this isn't you mom- you have no interest in politics…. DAD :)

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