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Ed Schultz Leaving Primetime For Weekend Slot

ed schultz

Ed Schultz will soon be leaving his weeknight time slot at MSNBC.

Schultz, who hosts The Ed Show, will broadcast his last 8 pm weeknight shot tonight. The Ed Showwill be moved to the weekend where it will air at 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The weekend show, according to the Huffington Post, will start this April.

Schultz said that he chose to move his show to the weekend for a number of “personal and professional” reasons.

Schultz said: “I raised my hand for this assignment for a number of personal and professional reasons. The Ed Show’ has been for the workers and the middle class. This new time slot will give me the opportunity to produce and focus on stories that I care about and are important to American families and American workers.” He added that he did not want to spend all of his time “sitting behind this desk five nights a week.”

Schultz may say that he is leaving his prime time slot voluntarily but many people see the move as a demotion. MSNBC president Phil Griffin, however, said that he was excited to see what Ed could do with the new time slot.

Griffin said: “It’s an exciting time for MSNBC, and I’m looking forward to having Ed’s powerful voice on our network for a long time.”

Schultz had the second highest ratings on the network in February and recently landed a big interview with 47% filmmaker Scott Prouty.

According to Yahoo News, Chris Hayes will move into Schultz’ time slot. Hayes has been hosting his talk show, Up With Chris Hayes, on MSNBC since 2011. It’s unclear who will fill in the space at Hayes’ morning show.

Griffin said: “Chris has done an amazing job creating a franchise on weekend morning… He’s an extraordinary talent and has made a strong connection with our audience. This is an exciting time for MSNBC.”

Are you a fan of Chris Hayes?

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60 Responses to “Ed Schultz Leaving Primetime For Weekend Slot”

  1. Glen Moegenburg

    Congratulations Ed. "Promoted" from a show almost no one watches to weekends where even your government union buddies won't tune in. Astute career move.

  2. John Hays

    Two right wing replies right off the bat. Must be trolling.

  3. Tim A Smith

    It would be better if he just quit cause all he does is spread lies and propaganda for his butt buddy Odummer.

  4. John Nolan

    I am so glad Chris is moving into the 8pm weeknight time slot. Yes, he is an extraordinary talent with his presentation of the important news of the day. Sorry, I am not a big fan of Ed Schultz, because he appears to be biased.

  5. Donna Rae Hawley-Dixon

    Chris Hayes is ok but I would much rather see Keith Olbermann back on MSNBC. After Chris Matthews show is over I don't watch MSNBC but I would if Keith were back. It was a very, very stupid reason MSNBC let him go in the first place.

  6. Donna Rae Hawley-Dixon

    Chris Hayes is ok but I would much rather see Keith Olbermann back on MSNBC. After Chris Matthews show is over I don't watch MSNBC but I would if Keith were back. It was a very, very stupid reason MSNBC let him go in the first place.

  7. James Williams

    now now now..billy boy mattingly….just shows you have never watched fox!!!! another low information voter!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  8. Calvin A Wageley

    ed rachal chris sharpon are all left wing democrats who lie and bend the truth. I am sure Obama helps pay there payroll check. when our country goes down the tubes this groupe will be proud of there work.

  9. Bella Gilcliffe

    Only Comcast could spin this as a promotion. Less face time for this liberal wind bag (he used to be a Republican) is good for television. I saw his show once. Actually it was twice that day……the first AND last time!

  10. Darlene Petterson

    Glad he is doing it, we need someone on weekends, MSNBC has prison programs on weekends while FUXED is still spewing it's biased garbage 24/7 7 days a week.

  11. Ralph Prather

    American workers? the big fraud should change the name of his show to the big fraud show and his CANADIAN resort to Big Fraudys North Country Lodge. This guy is full of crap. Just another rich guy that produces nothing of value and gets paid to run his mouth.

  12. Tim A Smith

    Darlene please what you accuse Fox news of doing is exactly what msnbc does pull your head out of your arse and wake up

  13. Wayne Jones

    @ Tim: Odummer? That's real brilliant and original. I tell you what. Before you call someone "dumb", at least be an academic equal. Whenever you get your juris doctorate in law from Harvard and a degree from Columbia, then say what you say. Your dumb ass can't even make a coherent sentence. Typical hypocrite Teabagger. Poor misguided souls. :/

  14. John Kennedy

    @Tim. You get your goddamn head out of your ass. Fixed News is so biased it's not even funny. Something Adolf Hitler would enjoy. Too much right-wing propaganda.

  15. John Kennedy

    I'd like to see Keith back as well. But too much corporate bullying and telling Keith what to cover is way over the top. He got 'burned' by Current TV from the day he got there and settled out of court.

  16. John Kennedy

    He's (Ed's) leaving the show because doing it five nights a week didn't cut it for him. He said he'd rather be with ordinary every day working people and the middle class.

  17. John Kennedy

    Oh, and Fixed News doesn't? You call that television journalism? That's the biggest joke on two feet!

  18. Chuck Bruffey

    And you think O'Reilly and Hannity are fair and balanced right? Hannity hasn't spoken a word of truth since Combs left. Schultz is an honest, blue collar guy who stands for the workers and middle class. what do you stand for Tim? The uber-wealthy?

  19. Andy Trimble

    Let's see Hugo died, so he can't replace him… Al Gore or Keith Overbearing, maybe? No one watches him, only far left wing fools care about anything he says… maybe he'll have to get a real job to make ends meet.

  20. John Hays

    That's pretty lame. You should try harder. Let's see if you can.

  21. James Ziolkowski

    Jan Willms He was a fat blowhard. They called him Red Ed who took $200,000 from the AFL-CIO unions to spout their union garbage. Bill O'Reilly on Fox trounced Fat Ed. Ed was just a zit on a elephants ass.

  22. James Ziolkowski

    Chuck Bruffey MSNBC is nothing but a fear-mongering, hate-mongering name calling socialist network where only far left wing socialist watch that crap/ That's why they had socialist Bernie Sanders on so many times. MSNBC will still be a shill for Obozo. I'm as happy as when they duped that giant turd Keith UberNazi who was seen with a sign that read"WILL RANT FOR FOOD"

  23. James Ziolkowski

    John Kennedy What a crock. Rumors are Ed was so crazy he had to go see a nut doctor every week because he couldn't handle the show or the stress. Pussy.

  24. James Ziolkowski

    They fired that rat because he was a loose cannon. Too far left for Al Gore. Al sold Current TV to your buddie liberals, al-jazeera.

  25. Ronald Weiland

    Ed Schultz is the filthist PIG on the planet. Big dumb dick head who also is gay. I hate closet gays, especially sweaty pigs like stink arse schultz.

  26. Bill Kohler

    Didn't say I like or dislike. I don't watch the station he's on anyway but since I'm in the car alot I come across his station once in awhile. Like I said-he's usually screaming about the "righties" so I don't listen.

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