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Chelsea Clinton Buys Apartment For $10.5 Million In New York

chelsea clinton

Chelsea Clinton has a new apartment in New York.

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently purchased a $10.5 million apartment at the Whitman near Madison Square Park.

According to the Business Insider, Clinton’s new apartment features four bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms over 5,000 square feet. There is also a living room and a 252 square foot outdoor terrace with a “sweeping view” of the park.

Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky closed on the apartment last month and they have already a visit from Chelsea’s parents.

A source said: “It’s great for them, because it is in a hot neighborhood and it is very private… There aren’t hundreds of neighbors, and there is great security.”

The Whitman is located at 21 East 26th Street and features one condo per floor. The building was constructed int eh 1920s and was incorporated into the Landmark Madison Park Historic District in 2001.

The Whitman writes: “The apartments are long and narrow, with all southern-facing living rooms looking out into the park. The master bedrooms are at the opposite end, facing 27th street.”

Here are some photos of The Whitman. (These photos are not specifically of Chelsea Clinton’s new apartment.)

Chelsea Clinton’s new New York apartment may be in a luxurious building but it isn’t the only place that Clinton and her husband will spend their time. Mezvinsky also owns a $4 million flat on Fifth Avenue.

Chelsea Clinton’s career as a broadcast journalist at NBC hasn’t been going great but that doesn’t mean that she’s any less in demand. Clinton has even hinted at a run for office.

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70 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton Buys Apartment For $10.5 Million In New York”

  1. James Carraway

    We need a permanent break from both the Clinton's and the Bush's. It's time for new blood in office, yes and that means you Hilary and Jeb!

  2. Hombre D. Darby

    Ummmm…can you guys say EDITOR? Spellcheck at least! *SMH*

  3. Brian Sheppard

    So it's REALLY not an apartment. It's 5,000 square feet.

  4. Nick Weiss

    10.5 million? really you couldn't find a place for 500k and be happy? You have to be a freakin clinton and just spend spend spend! when everyone else has to save save save or starve!

    This is not the real world.

  5. Jeff Carpentier

    How does she afford a 10.5 million dollar apt. She hasn't done shit.

  6. Lysle Dunton

    Horse Poop! WE NEED Hillary in 2016. We don't need people like you, however! Chelsea would be great in a political office!

  7. Lysle Dunton

    Oh poor Nick. If you had READ the article you would find that it's Chelsea's husband that has the money! Get your story straight BEFORE you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself. Further, if they can afford, why not. What, they should give the money to you?

  8. Mac Baker

    Lysle Dunton you have either lost your mind or you've got to be kdding! We need Hillary Clinton like we needed Obama for another 4 years!

  9. Verbena Street

    Lysle (what kind of a simp name as that?) are you such a leftist dupe that you don't know how many millions Billary have? Not bad for a career with the government, huh?

  10. Anthony Kurt MacKay

    So here's the funny part about the comments here and in a few other places – a whole bunch of Democrat/Clinton hating 'free market' political conservatives finally find it SHOCKING that such wealth and such income inequity and elitism might exist in the USA! How dare a Clinton succeed in the free market or even the spouse of a Clinton! What next, The OBAMA's retire in wealth and comfort after the White House! Funny how after those 'oppressive' OBAMA tax increases that Chelsea and her husband were still able to afford this – one would have thought from the reaction of some conservatives that the wealthy were all cast out from their mansions on Jan 1 and now living in the streets in old refrigerator boxes.

  11. Jo Braund

    Lysle Dunton Didn't his father go to jail for embezzlement?

  12. Bill H

    The other home is just a few doors down, so I'm not sure why they would keep it and spend time there, except to ready it for sale.

  13. LearnThe Facts

    When the money comes easy to the richest zip codes (DC area) and the new elite GOVERNMENT CLASS, let the good times roll. Easy to pay 50% of income in taxes when the money rolls in with crony contributions as fast as you can get it to the bank. The Obamas will soon be worth over $100 million as soon as the O gets on the Clintons' speaking tour (the quid pro quo for endless favors). Three cheers for socialist elite GOVERNMENT CLASS-the real parasites of the workers.

  14. Chris Maston

    Poor little rich girl! And her rich husband! The definite upper class of this country. I'm not really knocking it–that is lucky for them, but the liberal politicians lately have been so critical of the rich in this country and Chelsea is definitely one of those.

  15. Chris Maston

    But more bathrooms than bedrooms? Do their guests pee a lot?

  16. David Loesch

    Yep I see buying a 10.5 million dollar condo Qualifies you as a pure librial. While I live on steak Ill tell you what you want to hear. Ill fight to help you stay in poverty so I don't have any competition when I run for office. Ill increase taxes because my lawyer knows every loop hole in the book just ask my Mom and dad. Ill lead us into War then leave to somebody son to clean it up ask my Dad and Mom. They are the perfect person to say some of my best friends are minorities. Just look what I have done for you more food stamps higher unemployment I love your votes I mean you guys.

  17. Carrie Nippert

    So much criticism about the "freakin Clintons" Nick… and we see that Romney and Bush are really tightening their belts, right?

  18. Gary Sirles

    They should give their money to the Federal Government like all goose-stepping liberals…

  19. Tom Ferris

    She is a great girl, best wishes to her and husband Marc. I would love to see her as POTUS. Miss Bill so much, we need her and her mom. God Bless!

  20. Barb Patton

    spread the wealth.. make the give more taxes to WE THE PEOPLE – where do they get the money from? The taxpayers – and Missy is married to a Jew! and her folks are so anti lol.

  21. Michelle Cruz

    EXACTLY Lysle can't believe how most Americans want communism in this country. Yet they're the first ones lined up to buy an iphone 5 at the apple store. Maybe next time I should snatch Nicks 400 dollars and say NO BUDDY these 400 bucks are going to a starving child in a foster home. you can use a 15 dollar phone.

  22. Nanette Tron Carrillo

    Congratulations on their new apartment. I would have liked to have seen a house. Now it is time for them to.
    start a big family with lots of children.

  23. George Helm

    I think she also has full usage of the New York State home as I'm surprised the Mom and Dad didn't give it to her and the husband as it's paid for by the taxpayer.

  24. Diane Rickman Carder

    Lysle Dunton Clintons are filthy rich—get your story straight

  25. Diane Rickman Carder

    democrats are the rich haters unless it is themselves. only a crime for a republican to be rich

  26. Kristi Harvey

    Remember Chelsea when the press and some other so called comedians were making fun of your looks when you were a kid? NA NA NA NA NA NA! Be happy!

  27. Sonia Ouellette

    why would she be great??…all she is…is an ex pres daughter…no political experience at all…nothing just another zero head !!!!! hillary will be in jail or a box…by 2016 !!!!

  28. Hoot Hootie

    Lysle Dunton You aren't only stupid, but a horses azz also.
    James Carraway .If you will make that a permanent separation from all Clintons, Bush's, and anybody named Obama.

  29. Hoot Hootie

    AL Purfetti.. You don't even know the definition of a redneck. The only rednecks who have graced the white house in decades, are the Clintons. Father, mother, and daughter.

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