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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Daughter Gets A Name

Prince William and Kate name their baby

Kate Middleton accidentally let slip that she and Prince William are having a daughter. Now we know the name, and it’s a perfect tribute to the three women who were most important in their lives growing up.

The future potential queen will be called Elizabeth Diana Carole Mountbatten-Windsor.

The three names honor Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II; his mother Princess Diana; and Kate’s mother Carol. Hollywood Life notes Carol is also the Latin variation of Charles, so William’s father gets some respect too, either on purpose or by serendipity. Kate’s mother’s middle name is also Elizabeth.

It would have been a bolder choice if the couple had chosen to put Diana’s name first in the sequence, given Diana’s unfortunate death. Since the girl very well may be crowned queen one day, giving her the name Elizabeth honors the royal family’s history.

The most popular name given to British princesses by birth is Mary, followed by Louise and then Victoria. William and Kate’s daughter, if she ascends to the throne, will be crowned Elizabeth III.

According to the British Royal Family’s website, in 1960, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, decided their direct descendants would have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. Windsor is the name of the Royal Family, and Mountbatten is the surname assumed by Prince Philip of Greece in 1947 when he became naturalized as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.

Prince Charles or Prince William, if one of them becomes king, does not have to respect Elizabeth’s declaration about the surname. They might decide to just go with Windsor: “A proclamation on the Royal Family name by the reigning monarch is not statutory; unlike an Act of Parliament, it does not pass into the law of the land. Such a proclamation is not binding on succeeding reigning sovereigns, nor does it set a precedent which must be followed by reigning sovereigns who come after.”

Prince William and Kate‘s baby is due in July 2013, which turns out to be a beautiful coincidence. Prince Diana’s birthday was also in July.

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35 Responses to “Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Daughter Gets A Name”

  1. Esmeralda Greene

    I like the idea that they did not forget Princess Diana's name, she is missed by people who loved her kindness and humanitarian services when she was with us. Take CareLittle Princess, and Congratulations to the Royal Families.

  2. Cynthia Melcher

    Um…IF they name her Elizabeth Diana Carole, she will be Elizabeth III *if* she chooses to be. Three of the last five monarchs of England have not chosen their first name or haven't chosen the name they were commonly called. Edward VII was Albert Edward and called Bertie. Edward VIII's first name was Edward but he was called David, and George VI's first name was also Albert and he was also called Bertie. She could very well decide to be Queen Diana I or Queen Carole I or maybe even Queen Tiffany I.

  3. Joanna Bostwick Backman

    really? by a slip of a sound, one letter really, you predict daughter? wow. did the information come straight from the Palace's communication department? I would use this info to line the bird cage.

  4. Patricia Krause

    Well of course its in July this is Diana coming back to be with her sons. I Do wish they would have put Diana first however, that a tribute to His mom that would have been.

  5. Nadja Adolf

    The selection of a different name for coronation by princes named Albert was out or respect to Victoria; in mourning for her husband, Prince Albert, she asked that her son Albert choose a different name as King. It is actually rather unusual.

  6. Judith Walden Ryle

    now I d o not believe that anyone knows what they are naming their baby. If this becomes viral and everyone talks about it being the choice, IF it is the name they picked I bet they will change it. To add to my comment why do they have to make it YET another Elizabeth. Diana is pretty, but not something that a royal would pick. They always pick stodgy names. Like Beatrice, Louise, etc.

  7. Ana Kerie

    This article is a lie! I have it on good authority that the child will be named Grizelda Mittens Plytoots Ezekelia Noseworthy Fiddlesticks Teatime Herpes Avalanche Diana Marie. She'll be called Bruce as a nickname.

  8. Marlene Langston

    Of all the comments I read, not ONE mentioned the fact that at the end of the article, PRINCESS DIANA, was referrred to as PRINCE DIANA. WHAT AN OVERSIGHT!

  9. Michelle Lynn


  10. Julie Ramirez-Czulewicz

    I wish the law of primogeniture, where the eldest male basically inherited all titles and lands (in England in this case), was still in place and that Queen Elizabeth II hadn't proposed to change that law. There have been too many laws and way too many changes in English monarchy lately. I don't really mind if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a daughter and who really cares what her name will be. However, I would rather see the rule of primogeniture hold some sway so that if she has more children and one of them happens to be a boy, he would inherit the crown. However, Parliament hasn't reached it's final decision on this subject so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may still have a boy that could one day become king.

  11. Lee Morris

    Any number of things could happen that would prevent her ascension.

  12. Anonymous

    That's a bunch of names! How do you let "Elizabeth Diana Carole Mountbatten-Windsor" just slip?

  13. Esmeralda Greene

    July 22 ,2013 at 8:30 pm London time, Princess Katherine and Prince William had their first child baby boy. Congratulations ….

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