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‘Price Is Right’ Lawsuit Victory Overturned

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Former Price Is Right model Brandi Cochran filed a lawsuit against the show in 2010 for discrimination. Cochran was awarded $8.5 million at the time. Today, however, that money vanished.

A California state judge threw out the $8.5 million award saying that the jury was not properly instructed before it’s decision.

The Price Is Right lawsuit was filed shortly after Cochran tried to return to the show after maternity leave. Cochran said that the show treated her poorly after pregnancy, commented on her weight gain, and eventually decided not to rehire her.

The jury initially ruled in Cochran’s favor and awarded her $8.5 million. But Chochran may have only won her lawsuit due to the fact that the jury was not properly instructed before they deliberated.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Judge Kevin Brazile instructed the jury that they had to decide if discrimination was a “motivating factor” for determination. Brazile should have said a “substantial motivating factor” for termination.

Brazile wrote today that his instructions may have swayed the jury in one direction.

Brazile wrote: “The instruction error cannot be considered harmless … Of central importance to the case was the weight given to discriminatory intent and whether that intent need only be of a mere motivating factor or a substantial factor. Given this central dispute, the failure to give the proper instruction regarding substantial factor cannot be considered harmless, and a new trial must be granted.”

Brazile overturned the verdict but that doesn’t mean that the show is out of the woods yet. There will be a retrial later this month.

Do you think the Price Is Right will lose the lawsuit again?

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44 Responses to “‘Price Is Right’ Lawsuit Victory Overturned”

  1. Dana McCrea

    Apparently, a woman is supposed to be a stick figure. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Dana McCrea

    Apparently, a woman is supposed to be a stick figure. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Melissa Belcher

    sorry, but when its part of your job to look a certain way, its up to you to maintain that look. if you don't, it is grounds for termination.don't like it? don't make a living based on your looks, simple as that.

  4. Jackie Kersten

    I totally agree with you, Melissa. It's all fun and games when you get hired only for your looks but then it's "not acceptable" when you get fired for the same exact reason?!? I think it's pretty ridiculous. However, I hope that in any paperwork from now on when they hire, it states that they need to maintain a certain image to continue working. Some people are just looking for the easy way in life- instead of whining about it, why doesn't she get off her butt and get a job that requires more than just "looking good"

  5. Adam Lanza

    Fat bitches go home. If you can't fit in a size 0 dress, then you have to get on your knees and throw up until you drop that gut, piggy.

  6. Adam Lanza

    Fat bitches go home. If you can't fit in a size 0 dress, then you have to get on your knees and throw up until you drop that gut, piggy.

  7. Miles A. Morris

    I humbly disagree with that statement. Holly Hallstrom ended up being fired by Bob Barker for weight gain, but she sued him and ended up winning her suit. Somewhat of a double standard, is it not?

  8. Miles A. Morris

    Jackie Kersten. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. A rather disgraceful thing to say that Brandi is looking for the easy way in life. Those models got the job because they look good. They're called models for a reason. Maybe you should read into people a little better before you say anything like you just said.

  9. Douglas Robb

    Clueless women like Jackie and Melissa are why it is so difficult for women to defend their rights. You two are judgmental beyond belief. Did you hear any of the evidence the jury heard? No, you're just shooting your mouths off without knowing the facts of the case. If I was fired for some arbitrary, discriminatory reason, I'd sue the company, too. Evidently, neither of you two women have ever been pregnant and had to deal with post pregnancy weight loss. And the jury sided with Brandi and awarded her the damages. That means she must have proven her case to the jury. Now, because the incompetent judge screwed up his instructions to the jury, the case will have to be retried. Don't be surprised if Brandi wins again.

  10. Ken Parnell

    While I sympathize with her, that's kind of the life of a model. Have a kid and most likely you career is over or at least seriously curtailed. Sorry Brandi.

  11. Sherman Ackley

    Miles, Miles, Miles, These "models" are only hired because of their looks. there is NO talent required for what they do, and there is NO way this woman will ever make 8+ million dollars in her lifetime unless she marries into it.

    These lawsuits are a waste of time on so many levels; today's society allows for way too many frivolous lawsuits. If she is deserving of a award; it should be her salary times the standard number of years she may have been able to work for the show… maybe 10 at max.

  12. Robert Emery

    As long as we are under the influence of Hollywood, looking a certainway will be with us. I honestly don't know if the settlement was okay; but I do think it was way too much.

  13. Michael Anderson

    It is absolutely deplorable that an employer no longer has the right to hire and fire in a manner that is best for its business, whatever the reason. It has nothing to do with what a model is "supposed to" look like.

  14. Kelly Turner

    Jackie, i couldn't agree more with you — these people in the celeb business are soooo overpaid it's ridiculous. $8.5M for being fired for not looking good? she knew what she had to do. this is why our country is in the mess it's in. these are outrageous amounts and should be discouraged. shame on the lawyers. and mostly shame on her for bringing the lawsuit — too bad she might have to get a real job now.

  15. Mike Thesing

    She got into modeling knowing you are hired based on your figure and looks plain and simple. If you want to have kids and gain weight pick another career! I have a physical job if I become fat and can't perform it guess what I get fired…

  16. Jeff Barker

    Miles A. Morris She is taking the easy way out. She should be like any NORMAL person that gets fired. GO LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB, instead of crying wolf and trying to sue someone for 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS?! She is a piece of work, Im glad her lawsuit got thrown out.

  17. Cameron Dubenion

    Maybe the Price is Right should have allowed her to work until she was close to giving birth. How difficult is it to point at merchandise? That way the public would have been used to seeing her baby weight. I'm surprised she couldn't have worked off the weight during baby leave. The key is don't stuff your face during pregnancy and continue excercising.

  18. Dave Daniels

    Models = Personal trainers,life coaches,stay at home Moms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dave Daniels

    Models = Personal trainers,life coaches,stay at home Moms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gary M Cashatt

    I personally thing it is great that now they are celebrating that a few of the models are now pregnant.

  21. Carole Miller

    I think she needs to realize, you are paid to look good as the others are on the show. What stops her from working out and loosing weight? It the business, not just price is right but other shows also. I also think that 8.5 million is a bit much. What she can not find another job? It is all stupid, I think this was wrong in the lawsuit at all. If my daughter would have done that, she would not have won diddly squat,

  22. Matt Brown

    Miles A. Morris re-read your second comment, does it make sense for you to argue with Jackie? Perhaps you should be more specific and say something along the lines of the model has to WORK OUT. Now it KIND OF makes sense for you to be arguing with her.

    As for the first comment, do you even know what you're talking about? First off, don't you find it pretty ridiculous that they are suing for millions of dollars? Secondly, if they are hired for their looks as a model (as you explained in your second comment), then they should also be fired if their looks don't match up to what they used to. It is the SAME EXACT THING as being fired at a different job if you aren't doing your work. Would you expect any other employee at any other job to be able to sue if they aren't working when they should be? Otherwise, every court in America would be backlogged with cases of people suing their former employer because they got fired for showing up to work late or for not doing the work that was outlined in their job description.

  23. Natasha Santangelo

    They hired her to look a certain way. She needed to keep that look to keep that job. I honestly don't know how much she gained or how much she changed. If it were merely a few extra lbs or an extra inch on her waist, then she had a right to file charges.

    I can't say who's in the wrong in the end since I feel not enough evidence was given, but I will say that the most likely she will win that case too.

  24. Bill Tash

    The TV biz is one job where they literally can say "we don't like your looks" and get away with it.

  25. Miles A. Morris

    Matt Brown Dude, shut up. Seriously. I've been watching this show long enough to know what I'm talking about. No one asked you.

  26. Miles A. Morris

    Douglas Robb As least YOU have your head on straight. Besides everyone knows that TPIR has gone straight down the crapper lately, no thanks to that dunderhead of an executive producer Mike Richards and DismantleMedia screwing up the show for what it was.

  27. Miles A. Morris

    Well, Gary, as far as that aspect is concerned, I think that's because the producers don't want to look bad in front of viewers. With this lawsuit that had been filed, that ship already done sailed multiple times with Bob Barker as the captain and it continues to sail with Mike Richards, whom if I may remind everyone that he and another producer still have a sexual harassment lawsuit against them, at the helm.

  28. Miles A. Morris

    Carole, the problem with this is that the public hasn't even read into the evidence of the case, not completely at least. Plus the judge ended up screwing up on his part for not giving proper instruction to the jury.

  29. Miles A. Morris

    Kelly, I know I've outdone this, but look at Holly Hallstrom. She sued and she got a s*itload of money out of Bob Barker. That suit was settled mind you, but it was still a huge amount. While I know the total she sued for is outrageous, why shouldn't Brandi get as much as that? And doesn't anyone think that it would've been easier for the producers to settle the lawsuit if they knew and had to admit they were wrong?

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