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Hillary-Michelle In 2016? Democrats Excited At The Possibility

Hillary-Michelle In 2016? Democrats Exicted At The Possibility

Is a Hillary-Michelle dream ticket coming together in 2016?

Though Hillary Clinton has denied reports that she wants to run for president in 2016 and Michelle Obama has never mentioned any intentions to keep living in the White House, Democrats are buzzing about the thought of an all-woman Hillary-Michelle ticket for the next election cycle.

“All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America,” former Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney told the Washington Examiner. “Both women are proven effective leaders who’ve raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap!”

After the election of Barack Obama opened up the White House to candidates outside the norm of older white men, some have grown excited at shattering the glass ceiling with a Hillary-Michelle White House in 2016.

Polling evidence would seem to suggest that a Hillary-Michelle ticket would be very popular with voters. A recent poll from Quinnipiac University showed that the former New York Senator and Secretary of State Clinton would defeat any Republican challengers in 2016.

Hillary Clinton even finished ahead of GOP star Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor who saw his popularity rise after his response to Superstorm Sandy.

“Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would start a 2016 presidential campaign with enormous advantages,” said the polling institute’s assistant director Peter Brown. “She obviously is by far the best known, and her more than 20 years in the public spotlight allows her to create a very favorable impression on the American people.”

Hillary-Michelle In 2016? Democrats Exicted At The Possibility

Michelle Obama is popular in her own right, earning high marks from polls in the past. Her ability to focus on voter-friendly initiatives like combating childhood obesity has also allowed her to build a good reputation with potential voters in 2016.

The Hillary-Michelle ticket in 2016 has gained some real traction. Bumper stickers that read “2016-Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama,” and “Hillary-Michelle 2016 First First Lady Ticket For President” are growing in popularity, and Cafe Press said sales of the Hillary-Michelle bumper sticker increased in sales by 60 percent in the past few months.

Still, not everyone is on board for the all-woman ticket. Political insiders noted that Joe Biden will still be a force should he enter the Democratic primaries, and has a built-in fundraising arm from the last eight years in office.

Others aren’t taking the talk of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama running for the presidency too seriously.

“Hillary and Michelle are both very popular and accomplished, but this smacks of too much celebrity and is a tad too dynastic for American voters,” said pollster John Zogby about a Hillary-Michelle run in 2016. “An interesting reality show, yes. A ticket, no.”

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83 Responses to “Hillary-Michelle In 2016? Democrats Excited At The Possibility”

  1. Jim Greene

    That's what we need 2 EVIL SOCIALIST RACIST BITCHES & change our name to United Socialist States of America. These 2 evil whores can go to hell for all I am concerned.

  2. Peter Foe

    are you kidding me….. this is the most hillarious article I've read in years….. maybe decades… hilary needs to go to pasture and enjoy wqhat time she has left… and michelle needs to run for some other office if she really wants to become a political leader… right now she is just the wife of the president with absolutely no po;litical savy what's so ever…. actually I'd like to see her and her husband just go away for a while and let this country settle racially…. right now we are a racial mess…. and I am a liberal… very liberal….

  3. Wendy Dyer Maney

    I am so ready to vote for Hillary. I don't care who her VP is – unless, of course it would be another "W", weak wristed, or paid for in cash type of VP. People, start now understanding that the media is not an honest bunch. They are ruled by money. Crap sells. Stop believing everything you read. Start now reviewing Hillary's voting record, personal life and so on. Look, also, at Christie and others that "might". Be responsible about your voting right.

  4. Wendy Dyer Maney

    No you're not. Your perception of yourself seems a little scewed, based on your assessment of yourself v.s. what you had to say. And actions speak much louder than words anyway. How do you behave?

  5. Brent Guillory

    No way in hell should those 2 idiots be allowed to run for office! Goddamn we have 1 very stupid son of a bitch in office right now as it is! WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!

  6. Danny Bianchi

    what did I just read. What would Michelle as a vice president bring to the table? She hasn't held any office in government. I'll keep my freedoms, my constitution, my liberty, and you can keep the "change" rand paul 2016.

  7. Danny Bianchi

    Scott Needle Not sure if doing google hangouts and easter egg rolls is what you call "qualifications" to be VP.

  8. Jonnie Broadway

    Look at how the husbands of these two ran the Country! Why would anyone get excited about that Duo running the Country? What a joke!

  9. Danny Bianchi

    Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Fun fact: the word Democracy is not mentioned in the entire constitution or bill of rights? why you might ask? Because our founders knew it wouldn't work. Rome started out as a republic (like America) and slowly turned into a democracy, where the government got to big and crumbled. 1984 was not an instruction manual.

  10. Patricia Kelly

    If there is a God in Heaven, this will NOT happen. Otherwise, we are more than doomed.

  11. Danny Bianchi

    Look at Ron Paul's voting record. Your argument about Hillary's voting record is invalid.

  12. Jason Barlow

    Will never happen. Michelle would be the Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party. I liked Hillary until her comments about Benghazi.

  13. Danny Bianchi

    >tells people to buy shotgun and shoot through door
    >someone does what he says.

  14. Jeff Scharfenberg

    If Michelle is president ever in my life…i'll just kill myself as the entire Country gets even worse than it already is under her moron husband!

  15. Luke Pascale

    I hope they do run, so anyone that ran against them would kick their asses. And the writer should proof read his title or learn how to spell "excited".

  16. Luke Pascale

    You don't have to worry Wendy. The liberal media loves the dems and spins every story in their favor. Hillary is as evil as they come but you hear very little about it.

  17. Luke Pascale

    Marco A. Torres ….no he didn't. Bill Clinton is about 80% responsible for the housing market crash and thus the failed economy by his deregulation of the industry. Look it up, get your facts straight. We are in a world of crap now because of that idiot. But he played the saxophone on Letterman so it's okay right?

  18. Kevin Dockery

    How about Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian instead. Lohan could be the first president to serve her term on house arrest and Kardashian, well, she has a nice ass!

  19. Brian Miller

    This is hilarious as hell to me. One cries when pressure is put on and the other wants to be a glam girl. What a combo this would be…

  20. Julie Stein

    Dream ticket? You've GOT to be kidding. America deserves much much better than this.

  21. Joyce Shively Daniel

    Hey, they're as qualified as the one in office now. We've already established that the only qualifications you need to be president is that you can run a campaign. No need to be able to govern or lead, that isn't important. Oh–and a decent golf swing helps.

  22. Eric Sanders

    no luke thats bull, and it was the lenders and banks that started that interest only loan crap for home buyers not clinton un idiot…now bush was a retard but he did not create it either..the lenders never thought people would leave their homes when they could not get refinanced…they were wrong….and bush did not know how to handle it…it was a big surprise to him as it ws to the lenders and banks who thought they had people over a barrel…..and so the domino effect began….

  23. James H Watschke

    This is why the GOP seriously needs to start courting/schmoozing Condoleezza Rice for 2016. Unless Prez. Obama's camp blows it with something to make Clinton-Lewinsky look like Sunday school, those white male Republicans don't have a prayer any more.

  24. Tom Dover

    I'd move to new Zealand……..that would be absolutely crazy……2 airheads running this nation…….oh please.

  25. Mike Phillips

    THAT is a ticket I could vote for.
    We have nothing to lose by voting these two extremely intelligent and talented women.
    THEY could do it.

  26. Brenden Wallace

    A dream team? Biggest laugh I've had in a while. If that were to actual occur in 2016 I would probably have to just up and leave this country finally. Both women are not fit whatsoever to be leaders of this country.

  27. Herman Fennell


  28. Jeff Doering

    Wow, great fake news article to stir up your base. Hate on people!

  29. Joe Watson

    No the darkest day was when a loser like yourself discovered how to get on to the internet and post on message boards.

  30. Chris Holton

    NAFTA wasn't a bright spot for Bill Clinton, but then again, the long term results of Reaganomics isn't holding up so well. 2016 will probably see Rand Paul as the most viable presidential candidate, Ron Paul has been setting this up for years like the good ole' Kennedy clan.

  31. Joe Watson

    Luke Pascale – People give the President too much credit at the wrong times as well as too much blame at the wrong times. If it is a candidate they support then when things are going well he is responsible. If it is a candidate they dislike, then when things are going bad it's his fault. The president cannot single handedly cause a recession. There is a congress as well as big business, wall street and Fed Reserve Chairman. So basically your post is inaccurate.

  32. Joe Watson

    Bob Dodd Please Bob the dummy explain what exactly is so bad about Obama especially in contrast to George Bush? This ought to be good.

  33. Joe Watson

    Boris Boomington no he is not right about this and you both are dumb. Why don't the two of you shave yourselves bald and put your heads together and make and ass out of yourselves because that is how you are talking. Out of your asses

  34. Joe Watson

    The real question here is would the Obama family be comfortable going from the White house to the VP's home? I mean of course Hillary and Bill would love to move back into the home she used to live in but wouldn't Michelle want to continue living where she has raised her girls for the past 5 years?

  35. Doug Rising

    Eric, who backed the banks to allow them to create loans for those who normally couldn't get a house loan? What two big mortgage companies, started by the US government and then privatized (but still controlled by our government) backed the banks so they could create these loans that they normally would not do? Our government in their wisdom used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got banks to create these loans that they said they would back to get people to buy houses. A case where our government meddled in an area that they should of stayed cleared of.

  36. Bill Houseright

    NO, this would be a great thing because what comes along with Hillary and Michelle????? Bill and Barack! FACT… Bill Clinton had gas prices down to 70 cents a gallon in 1997!!!!!! The man was our best President ever statistically and George W. was our worst statistically!! You do the math. This would be great for our country. None of them own oil either like George W. does!!!!!!! That is why he started the war with Iraq, it was pre-meditated for you stupid Republicans that can't figure that out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Bill Houseright

    Peter you just keep on being a DICK!!!! Looks like you're pretty good at it!!!!!!

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