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6th Grade Student Brings $20K To School In Michigan, Passes It Out To Classmates [Video]

student-brings-20k-to-school taylor michigan video

Authorities say a 12-year-old student in Michigan is being investigated after she came to school Monday carrying a backpack stuffed with $20,000 in cash.

The girl, a student at the Sixth Grade Academy in Taylor, Michigan, reportedly began handing out the money to classmates and friends at the school, giving one student $200 and another $500, Yahoo! news reported.

Some bills were as large as $100. The school district contacted the police once they discovered the source of the mysterious “donations.”

“The principal became aware of it when she heard the student was giving away 100 dollar bills to classmates,” Taylor Chief of Police Mary Sclabassi said Tuesday. “They brought in the student, secured the backpack and retrieved the money she had given away. This is a real first for me.”

The generous student, whose identity has been kept anonymous due to her age, claimed she got the money from a neighborhood friend.

“The 12-year-old apparently got the money from another child who lives across the street from her the night before,” Sclabassi said.

The police chief added that her department confiscated the cash and will continue to hold it until there is a reasonable explanation provided to them as to where the money came from and why the young child was carrying it around.

The 12-year-old student reportedly was back in school on Tuesday.

Here is a video on the 6th grade Taylor student that brought $20K in cash to her school:

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6 Responses to “6th Grade Student Brings $20K To School In Michigan, Passes It Out To Classmates [Video]”

  1. Author Michael A. Lewis

    Okay the police have no right to take the money and demand an explanation. That is no different than someone coming to school with 500 lollipops and passing them out and the police taking it because they want to know where it came from. Unless they can prove it is stolen or from something illegal then they have no right to do that. Her parents need to go get it and they don't have to give them an explanation.

  2. JC Crane

    yea fucking pigs think they own the country what's is going to happen is the family wont get it back because the police will keep it like everything else they take suppose to go to evidence room but has probably already walked out in the fucking hands of pigs that use their power to control people because nobody stand up against them. it that was my money I would tell them fuck you and your explanantation and give me my shit back now or I will report it stolen. fucking pigs

  3. Dustin Schock

    just like the fucking government and local police to steal cash like this from a kid… go to the parents and find out that way… seems like the kid stoled it outta daddys safe…

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