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Photos Of Bindi Irwin At 14 Stun Internet

bindi irwin

A photo of Bindi Irwin at 14 has stunned the internet.

Bindi was just 7-years-old when her father, legendary TV personality Steve Irwin, passed away and many people still remember as that cute pigtailed little girl. Bindi has, of course, grown up over the last seven years.

The 14-year-old teenager is still following in her father’s footsteps by promoting animal rights and working with exotic animals but she’s also taken a turn toward show business. Bindi appeared in Free Willy: Escape From Pirate’s Cove and is currently working on a new movie, Return To Nim’s Island.

Irwin said: “It has been extraordinary. We’ve been having so much fun. I love it because I go to do all of my own stunts. It’s been great because we’ve got lots of animals that are going to be filming with us on Nim’s Island.”

Bindi talked about her career, working with animals, and her new interest in boys in a recent interview with Current Affair.

Bindi said: Why make things complicated. It’s like he’s my best mate and he’s my best mate and it’s best not to complicate things. I’m happy smooching on rhinos.”

Here’s Bindi Irwin’s video blog from the set of Nim’s Island.

Here are some photos of Bindi Irwin at 14 from her Twitter account.

Return To Nim’s Island will air on the Hallmark Channel on March 17. Here’s the trailer for Bindi Irwin’s new movie.

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14 Responses to “Photos Of Bindi Irwin At 14 Stun Internet”

  1. Debbie Yeager Heffron

    You have turned into such a wonderful young lady….your Dad would be so proud of you.

  2. Marla Jade

    Crikey! What a little beauty..Look out Mom…Danger, danger, danger.

  3. Larry Leas

    I always loved what steve stood for. he is still sorely missed. good luck to her following her fathers footsteps.

  4. Anonymous

    Stay clean, walk the straight and narrow and devote yourself to what matters most to you, kiddo. Don't throw yourself in Mom and Dad's shadow if you don't want to shine in it some day. God knows that kid has the genes and the talent to excel at anything she wants, and the determination. It's good to see she's doing alright, and her little brother (and her mom).

  5. Lela Heslin

    oh my gosh she is getting more and more beautful like her mom terrylike debbie yeager heffron said your father would be so proud of what you have become.

  6. Diane E Parker

    Bindi, you are such a delight to watch, , I really enjoyed your mom and dads adventures, I really miss seeing them, but it is so nice to see you on all these programs, I know your dad is smiling down, on you , I always, wish you the best and your family, god bless, you are so very pretty and I knew, you would take, after your dad!

  7. Amanda Mason

    She and her brother are mini versions of their dad. So beautiful and proud.

  8. Shawn Emrey

    And what photo is supposed to be so bad? I haven't seen one yet that makes her look like trash. I have seen far more bad ones of other people(stars) than hers. She looks to be a nice young lady who is on her way to growing into a woman. Not a hooker.

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