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Mom Gives Toddler Bong Hit [Video]


A mom accused of allowing her toddler son to take a bong hit is facing criminal charges. The act was captured on video, according to authorities in Centralia, Washington.

24-year-old Rachelle Braaten was arrested Friday and charged with unlawfully delivering a controlled substance to a minor and manufacturing marijuana. The toddler’s father has also been arrested.

Centralia authorities were alerted to the incident when they received an anonymous cell phone video. The footage allegedly showed Braaten briefly holding a lit marijuana water pipe to the mouth of her 22-month old toddler son.

On Friday, the Centralia police department’s anti-crime team served a warrant to Braaten’s Delaware Avenue home. During an authorized search of the residence, authorities reportedly discovered firearms and 40 growing marijuana plants.

Braaten was arrested along with her fiance, 25-year-old Tyler Lee, who was charged with three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and manufacturing marijuana.

According to authorities, Lee initially claimed to investigators that he was a medicinal marijuana user. However, following his arrest he reportedly admitted to police that he also distributed the marijuana to a dispensary for profit.

When confronted by police, the 25-year-old mom reportedly admitted to giving her toddler son a bong hit as shown in the cell phone video. She allegedly expressed her regret, calling the incident a “joke and stupid mistake that wasn’t really funny.”

You can watch raw footage of the cell phone video below:

While Braaten admits to encouraging her toddler son to take a bong hit, she reportedly stated that she feels “horrible” about the incident “because he’s two and he shouldn’t have known about that. He shouldn’t have that in his body.” Tyler Lee, the boy’s father, claims he was not present when the cell phone video was taken.

The 22-month-old boy and his 5-year-old brother were reportedly removed from the home and taken into the custody of Child Protective Services.

What do you think about the Washington mom who gave her toddler son a marijuana bong hit?

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18 Responses to “Mom Gives Toddler Bong Hit [Video]”

  1. Jennifer Brooks

    Stupid irresponsible bitch! She shouldn't get her kids back nor should she be allowed to have anymore EVER!

  2. Amy Gill

    Talk about irresponsible! Don't give them back, they deserve mature parents that are responsible.

  3. Robb Cason

    definitely an idiot but so are those who give their kids a benedryl or cough medicine.

  4. Robb Cason

    definitely an idiot but so are those who give their kids a benedryl or cough medicine.

  5. Jordan Strausbaugh

    As a prop 215 patient I was pretty shocked when I read the description, but watching the video you see that there wasnt anything for him to take a hit of, he obviously wanted to imitate his parent same as any kid would and act out what he saw.

  6. Nancy McFarland

    Are you for real? Marijuana and cough medicine are very different,

  7. Dean Phillips

    Yes they are different. Cough medicine is probably worse as one could overdose on it, while even for a kid it would be very unlikely to OD on cannabis.

  8. Falon Farrar Zerbe

    come on. it's hardly something to get your kids taken away. maybe they are creeps…with all the guns, but weed is not the terrible drug everyone thinks it is. maybe the kid had a tooth ache. it's definitely better than cough syrup. what a terrible country we live in. she was just stupid to tape it. & the news is no better than her for showing the video to the entire world.

  9. Deej Smith

    You are right Robb, I have unfortunately met women who do this. You are not supposed to give benedryl to toddlers but they do it so they will go to sleep and usually the mothers who do this are not good mothers and they don't know how to parent. I know one of these crappy mothers got in big trouble for dosing her kids so she could go out and party. I call them Casey Anthony mothers because they don't know what they are doing and they could easily over dose thier kids.

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