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‘I’m Not Dying Until I Do,’ Says Valerie Harper

Valerie Harper to appear on 'The Doctors'

Valerie Harper was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer but she isn’t going to spend the rest of her life waiting to die. Nope, the famous actress said: “I’m not dying until I do.”

Harper, who is best known for playing Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and then on her own spin-off, Rhoda, was told last week that she has between three to six months to live.

Harper appeared on Today this morning and said that she was going to live “each moment fully” until her time is up.

Harper said: “It could be a week, it could be three months, it could be several years … I have an intention to live each moment fully. I’m not dying until I do.”

Harper said that when people hear words like “terminal” and “incurable” they tend to think that its a death sentence. But the actress said that she is trying not to look at her diagnosis that way. Instead, Harper is keeping her mind “open to infinite possibilities” and miracles.

Harper said: “It feels awful damn good to be open about (the illness), face it and see what you can do. If you die, you’re not a failure. You’re just somebody who had cancer, and that’s the outcome. (You have to keep) your thoughts open to infinite possibility and keep yourself open to miracles.”

Here’s a video of Valerie Harper on Today.

What do you think of Valerie Harper’s attitude? Do you find the words, “I’m not dying until I do” inspiring?

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12 Responses to “‘I’m Not Dying Until I Do,’ Says Valerie Harper”

  1. Jennifer Sisson Bennett

    It takes an amazing person to continue to live when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Dying is inevitable, living each day to the fullest is something we should all try to do.

  2. Gail Pelkey

    Valerie Harper is an amazing, inspirational woman. If I ever have to face an illness like this, I pray I will have the strength, courage and will that is moving her forward. God Bless you, Valerie!

  3. Anonymous

    Jennifer, you are quite right and Linn Lohan! Miracles do happen and I do agree with the God of my salvation. Prayers still work, faith in God`s truth, gives those who choose to believe to stand. God`s will is perfect, let us keep on praying.

  4. Richard George

    Yeah, prayers work real well. Just ask the victims of Hitler and Stalin how well they worked. The
    Tooth fairy will be by any moment.

  5. Patricia Perazzo Shermer

    Valeri please ask Jesus to be your Savior, you may not believe now but when you face Him you will know the truth. I am praying for you.

  6. Anonymous

    What do I think of this? I think Valerie Harper is a courageous, brilliant person. I also think that, to quote Bob Dylan: "Those not busy being born are busy dying…" I wish I would be this mindful about living the life I have. I'm not (& that won't affect the inevitable!).

  7. Anonymous

    Please do not insult Jewish individuals or those with faiths you don't understand to ask Jesus to be their savior. She does not need to be "saved." She sounds like she is already in a loving relationship with her Maker.

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